Power Bank Hot Selling Restaurant Coffee Shop Bar 20800mAh for ktv and bars with advertising poster

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100 pc
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120000 pc/month

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Item specifice:

Model Number: SCF208 Dimension: 197*110*46mm (LxWxH) Weight: 850g
Capacity: 20800mAh Input: 12V/2A Compatiable with: IOS, Android system phones
Color: black/grey/brown Battery type: Lithium ion battery material: Aluminum alloy + ABS
Charging time: 10Hrs LED Lighting indicator: Yes Output: 5V /1A & 5V/2A

Product Description:

Power Bank Hot Selling Restaurant Coffee Shop Bar 20800mAh for ktv and bars with advertising poster

Power Bank Hot Selling Restaurant Coffee Shop Bar 20800mAh for ktv and bars with advertising poster

Power Bank Hot Selling Restaurant Coffee Shop Bar 20800mAh for ktv and bars with advertising poster

Power Bank Hot Selling Restaurant Coffee Shop Bar 20800mAh for ktv and bars with advertising poster

Power Bank Hot Selling Restaurant Coffee Shop Bar 20800mAh for ktv and bars with advertising poster

Power Bank Hot Selling Restaurant Coffee Shop Bar 20800mAh for ktv and bars with advertising poster

Product Description:

Product Features
1. Light and portable, a necessary friend for outdoor traveling

2. Promotional gift Power Bank, Compact size

3. Certifications:CE FCC RoHS

4. Intelligent protection circuit/control

5. Over current/Over voltage/discharge/Short circuit/Over charging protection

6. Suitable for iphone,sumsung,sony,GPS,ipad etc with usb port digital products


1.Huge Capacity: 20800mah with UL approved Samsung Battery.

2.Charging 4 digital devices at the same time(2 2.1A USB Port

   +1 Build-in 2.1A Micro USB Cable + 1 Build-in 2.1A Iphone5/6 Cable)

3.Charging Speed fast with over 90% conversion rate.

4.6 Protection Measures, promise you a safely life

5.Colors: black/grey/brown

6.Compact size with Aluminum alloy + ABS shell

7.Input : 12V/2A .

  Dual Output: 5V /1A & 5V/2A

8.Charge Time: 10Hrs

9.Weight: 850g


Suitable for charging All smart phones, Tablet PC, IPod, iPhone,  iPad, MP3/MP4 Players, NDS, PSP GPS, PDA, PSP, etc

Accessories & Packing
1. Power Bank: 1pc
2. USB cable: 1pc 
3. User Manual

4. Packing: color box + Carton Box

Neutral Color box, 6 pcs/carton, Carton size:  44.5*28*675px, G.W.: 7.5 KGS



1)OEM design is available.  

2)This price include our standard packing, and can provide customised package service.

3)Design and Logo can be customized.   

4)Delivery time will be about 15 working days after we confirm your payment.

5)Sample can be provided

6)Payment term:L/C; 30%T/T advance, 70% balance before shipment.


8)Price base on FOB Shenzhen

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