Point light / C2000-W

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Item specifice:

IP Rating: IP65 Power(W): 3 Body material: die-cast aluminum
Certification: other Input voltage(V): AC 85~264 Working Temperature(℃): -40~+55
Warranty: three years

Product Description:

Product Features


●Composed of die-cast aluminum


No UV/IR. Polycarbonate cover. Soft light


Low power consumption, long lifespan , high reliability


Wide range of application and brilliant color output


AC85~264V wide input voltage range


Operating Temp -40℃~+55℃




Types of Application



●Shopping malls, office buildings, hotels, landscape lining,


extensive bridges and overpass, other decorative purposes.


Point light     /       C2000-W     Point light     /       C2000-W






Technical Parameters



       ModelPower WattageLuminous Flux        CCTCRI  IPDimension(mm)
C2000-W-3W          3W     270lm4000K/5000K≥65IP65L71×W59×H44.5



Size Chart (mm)     C2000-W


Point light     /       C2000-W



Light Distribution  Curve           C2000-W


Point light     /       C2000-W         Point light     /       C2000-W



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Q:How did the LED white light source come into being?
LED is very rich in color, through the use of different materials, you can achieve a variety of luminous colors. Such as using GaP:ZnO or GaAaP material red LED, GaAaP material orange, yellow LED, and GaN, blue, LED and so on. In addition, the panchromatic process can be realized by combining the red, green and blue primary colors.
Q:What's the color index in the LED lamp, please? Is the greater the value, the better the quality?
The color rendering index of a ed lamp is the degree to which an LED light source is rendered to an object, called a color rendering. For LED lamps, the average color index of the three primary colors is high, and the color index of the blue and yellow phosphors is not as high as the three primary colors of the LED.
Q:How do you correctly distinguish between LED, LED, backlight, and OLED?
LED display in microelectronics technology, computer technology and information processing in one, with its advantages of bright color, wide dynamic range, high brightness, long life, stable and reliable work, become the most advantage of the public media, at present, the LED display has been widely used in large squares, commercial advertising, stadiums, and dissemination of information news release, securities trading, can meet the needs of different environments.
Q:Can the LED light source be certified by 3C? What certification does light source need to be certified?
Application foreground of white light LED lighting new light source.In order to explain the characteristics of white light LED, first look at the current situation of the lighting source. The incandescent lamp and halogen tungsten lamp have a luminous efficiency of 12~24 lumens / watt, and the luminous efficiency of fluorescent lamp and HID lamp is 50~120 lumens / watt. The white LED: in 1998, light white LED is only 5 LM / W, in 1999 has reached 15 LM / W, this index is similar to general household incandescent lamps, and in 2000, light efficiency of white LED has reached 25 LM / W, the index and the tungsten halogen lamp is similar. The company predicted that by 2005, the LED luminous efficiency of up to 50 LM / W, such as kvidi opto Electronics (http://www.kvidi.com) 1W white light production has reached 60 LM / W, by 2015, the optical efficiency of LED is expected to reach 150 to 200 LM / W. At that time, the working current of white light LED can reach ampere level. Thus, the development of white LED writers using lighting sources, will become possible reality.
Q:What is the difference between the LED backlight screen and the LED screen? (detailed description)
LED display is divided into graphic display and video display, all composed of LED matrix blocks. Graphic display can be displayed Chinese characters, English text and graphics and computer synchronization; video screen using microcomputer control, graphic, image, play all kinds of information in real-time, synchronization, clear information dissemination way, but also shows 2D, 3D animation, video, TV VCD programs and live. The LED display screen display bright colors, stereo sense is strong, such as oil, such as films, widely used in finance, taxation, industry and commerce, telecommunications, sports, advertising, industrial enterprises, transportation, education system, station, wharf, airport, shopping malls, hospitals, hotels, banks, securities market, the construction market, auction management, industrial enterprises and other public places.
Q:On the cob light source lamp and LED lamp light on which good
It must be LED, and LED, through several light spots, with the help of organic plastic, realizes the whole light bandThe point is that the distance is about the same brightness, so that the light source can be diffused longerCOB is lit entirely by light spots, and there is no route of transmission
Q:What's the difference between LED TV and LED backlight LED light emitting diode?
In strict sense, LED TV is a TV set that uses LED (LED) as a display device, and is generally used in low precision display or outdoor large screen. At present, China's home appliance industry generally refers to the LED TV strict name is "LED backlight LCD TV", refers to LED as a backlight LCD TV, is still a kind of LCD. Instead of the traditional fluorescent tube, the LED light source has better picture quality, longer theoretical life, more environment-friendly manufacturing process and thinner liquid crystal display panel.LCD is the LCD screen, so you can't simply equate LED TV with LCD TV, but it doesn't have nothing to do with it.
Q:What's the difference between a LED bulb and a light bulb?
LED light source, long service life, incandescent lamp, fluorescent lamp, halogen lamp by using electronic light radiation emitting filament burnability, thermal deposition, light attenuation, and the LED lamp has the advantages of small size, light weight, epoxy resin packaging, can withstand high mechanical shock and vibration, not easily broken, the average life expectancy up to 100 thousand hours, LED lamp life of up to 5-10 years, the maintenance cost of the lamp can avoid frequent lamp replacement pain decreased greatly.
Q:Will the Led light decay very soon?
The brightness of the Led light source does not decay very quickly. The use of current is best at 80% of the rated current value, so that it can greatly prolong the life, but not easy to damage, brightness will not drop much,
Q:Is an energy-saving lamp a fluorescent light? What's the LED light?
Energy saving lamps are popular terms and have no standards

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