LED Candle LED Lighting Christmas Light

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Remote Control Flameless Moving Wick Led Candle

1.Real moving flame

2.Natural,non-toxic no smoking and non-polluting,

3.High quality and competitve price

4.Fast delivery time


Directions for use
Candles are 3 inch diameter and use 3 AAA batteries, not included.
All Candles Use the Same Remote
All Sizes Work Together
Remote Has 17 Foot Range



1.Christmas gift ,Valentine gift, Gift presenting, valentine craft

2.Home, party, bar, office decoration

3.Birthday, valentine, wedding, christmas decoration 

4.Business gift


Product type

Remote Control Flameless Moving Wick Led Candle

Item No

Flameless Moving Wick Led Candle(MS-A037)


Paraffin Wax






box(color box or white box )

Delivery time          

30days after order confirm for Flameless Moving Wick Led Candle


2000Sets For Flameless Moving Wick Led Candle

Payment term

L/C, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram, etc


CE and RoHs


Remote wax led candle




















LED Candle LED Lighting Christmas Light

LED Candle LED Lighting Christmas Light

LED Candle LED Lighting Christmas Light

LED Candle LED Lighting Christmas Light


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Q:What is the relationship between projection and light sources?
At present, the market projector light sources may be divided into two broad categories:1, the traditional light source, namely UHP, UHE, xenon lamp, Lu Suguang and other high-pressure gas discharge light source.2, emerging light sources, the so-called LED light source, hybrid light source and laser light source.
Q:Is the LED chip SMD or COB good?
Good physique, good heat dissipation, and wick better! But too much is not enough!! 1-3 medium So we have to look at the actual situation
Q:UV LED point light source or surface light source is good?
In general, such as large areas of curing, such as touch screen, speakers, lenses, usually use UVLED surface light source or UVLED line light source, such as this is the UVLED surface light source and line light source
Q:What is the difference between LED entry and LED array? Which is better?
Direct type LED light source number in several times higher than the side. So the cost is higher, the direct type partition can realize intelligent dynamic backlight control technology, which can realize the lateral body slim (three cm), direct type usually body thickness is above three cm to five cm or more thick. This is the contradiction between the quality and the ultra-thin, want to slim, you have to sacrifice the quality of the picture, but for average users, about four or five centimeters of thickness is also very thin.
Q:Does the LED light save power than the general light source?
Durable: the LED is fully encapsulated in epoxy. It is stronger than the bulb and fluorescent tube. There is no loose part in the lamp body. These features make the LED easy to damageHigh brightness, energy saving, high efficiency, fast reaction speed, good shock resistance, long service life. In order to illustrate the characteristics of white LED, look at the light source used at present condition. Incandescent lamp and halogen lamp, the light efficiency is 12 ~ 24 LM / W; light efficiency of fluorescent lamps and HID lamps the 50 to 120 lumens / watt. On LED: in 1998, light white LED is only 5 LM / W, in 1999 has reached 15 LM / W, this index is similar to general household incandescent lamps, and in 2000, light efficiency of white LED has reached 25 lumens per watt. This indicator and the tungsten halogen lamp is nearly.2005 years, LED luminous efficiency of up to 50 LM / W, 2010, the optical efficiency of LED reached more than 100 lumens / watt. White LED working current reaches. Lighting AMP level thus the development of white LED writer, will become possible.
Q:What's the difference between LED TV and LED backlight?
LZ, the main difference between CCFL backlight and LED backlight is that the LCD panel has different backlight types. CCFL cold light tube (similar to daylight lamp), LED (LED). Backlight module from CCFL to LED can bring many benefits, can make the screen brightness more uniform, product power consumption is lower, the shape can be more light and fashionable. However, the W-LED (white light LED) backlight is widely used in the market. In fact, this backlight is only the replacement of the light-emitting components, but the display effect is very weak, not even improved. RGB-LED (Tri Color LED), which has obvious effect on LCD products, is used in high priced LCD TV because of its high production cost.
Q:What is the difference between domestic LED light source and Taiwan LED light source?
3-5, has deviated from the scope of the stability of lighting, color gap is larger, suitable for non - differential color lighting
Q:Is an energy-saving lamp a fluorescent light? What's the LED light?
In general, energy-saving lamps include both cold light sources and light sources such as iodine and tungsten
Q:Are the LED light sources of 100W and 130W different?
The difference is quite large, the good LED general 100W is equivalent to 500W's halogen spotlight, 130W is equivalent to the fish 650W halogen spotlight
Q:What is the luminous flux of the LED light source of 1W?
90-100lm, 100-110lm, 110-120lm, 120-130lm, 130-140lm, you see what is it used for lamps, 1W high power LED lamp "Guangzhou weilizi Photoelectric Technology Co. Ltd." is very stable.

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