Plastic Nursery Seedling Trays for Agriculture

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Product Description:

Product Description


---Cheap Factory Price

---Different Cells of Trays Available

---Good Intensity & Water Retention

---Can Customize The Tray As Your Request


1,Our seeding trays are with good intensity, strong enough and suitable for long distance transportation and mechanization of transplanting and they have good abilities of water retention.

2, If our seed tray don’t meet your request , we can also develop new mould for the seed tray you need .

3,Our seeding tray is high quality with competitive price ,and they are Eco-Friendly , Recyclable and Reuse.

4,Fast delivery : we can finish your order with in 10-20 days according to your order quantity .

- Various thickness

We can offer thickness from 0.6mm-1.9mm, helping maximize the potential of different usages- disposable and multiple use. 

Plastic Nursery Seedling Trays for Agriculture


Nursery Seedling Tray For Sale

1.for 10 years 

2.size and color:black 

3.protect vegetables nursery


Can it be customized?

We have quite different models of seeding trays, such as the 32 cells, 50 cells,72 cells, 98cells, 105 cells, 128 cells ,200 cells . And they are made of HIPS or PVC , being used extensively in horticulture field , like cultivating Propagating Vegetable , flowers and other plant from seed.


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Biodegradable plastics are made from plant products. I have some corn plastic cups and bags. Plastics were made from petroleum .
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Banning plastic bags is ridiculous. Have you seen some of the filthy cloth bags people bring into the grocery store? If I were a grocery bagger, I wouldn't want to touch those nasty things. And what about cross contamination? Chicken and meat juices are absorbed in the cloth, requiring frequent washing - thereby using more water and more electricity. Plus, if you are doing a large shopping that week, one would need a large number of those bags, so those inexpensive bags, end up being not so inexpensive when one needs to purchase large quantities. Paper bags may be biodegradable, but how many more trees will we lose to produce more paper? And how many times has a paper bag broken while carrying in your groceries, breaking glass containers and spilling stuff all over the place? Boxes are big and cumbersome - think Costco! I purchase four little items and I get this gigantic box to carry them home in. Let's think this through, people! Plastic bags are recyclable and people DO recycle them. Just check out the drop boxes at the grocery stores. Plastic bags have multiple uses that the other bags do not, as Randall pointed out earllier. We are over banning in this country. You may think you are doing the environmentally and politically correct thing, but try looking at the large picture. We are losing more of our freedoms every day. Just look all the NO signs when you go to the beach! We want to keep our little recyclable plastic bags and if you see them in the water or on the ground, instead of complaining and yelling ban them, pick them up! I seldom see them, but when I do, I pick them up, as I do with soda cans and bottles (not biodegradable, either), paper trash (tons of that!) Get a grip - get real!
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The nets are much better. They're generally bigger, and allow for better water circulation since they're all net. The sides are also soft so if the fish swims into it, there is less chance of damage.
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Once it hits the water, with the reel in freespool, let it sink. Once it hits bottom, let the worm sit for a few seconds just in case a bass followed it down. Bounce the worm in very, very, v-e-r-y slow by using subtle movements of the rod tip. You can also reel it in slowly, dragging it along the bottom. Colors for soft plastics depends on water clarity... lighter colors for clear water, darker colors for muddy or stained water. Black is the obvious color for night fishing. When you get bit, wait until you feel the weight of the fish before you set the hook.
Q:What's more toxic having left out in the heat: a plastic water bottle or a glass water bottle?
plastic and glass are both stable and don't contaminate your water , Plastic will contaminate only if it melts which is quite rare
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-- lots of good grades and science in HS -- a good college with a lot of science and math, and very good scores on the MCAT (med school entrance), 4 years/. Actually, some architecture or design courses are good electives for going into plastic surgery. -
Q:Gold fish aquariums plastic=harmful?
If it was made for housing animals it is safe.
Q:What on earth is compostable plastic?
It is a plastic made from corn starch or like the previous answerer stated, hemp. It won't disintegrate in your drawer, but it can break down over time (some plastics about a year), which regular plastics don't (half life of closer to 300 years).

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