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Material:                                                          CPE/LDPE/HDPE
Size:                                                                Universal
Color:                                                              Blue/White/Pink
Surface:                                                           Smooth/Embossed
Certificates:                                                     FDA

Minimum Order Quantity:                                 10,000 Piece/Pieces
Port:                                                                Shanghai, Wuhan
Packaging Details:                                           100pcs/bag,20bags/case
Delivery Time:                                                   20-30 Days
Payment Terms:                                                 L/C,T/T
Supply Ability:                                                   40,000 Piece/Pieces per Day

Plastic Disposable Apron

Standard Aprons
-    Made from a mixture of 65% Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE) and 35% Linear Low Density Polyethylene (LLDPE)
-    Excellent resistance to chemical corrosion
-    Effective against dirt, moisture and oil
-    Length 120 or 140 cm
-    Width 80cm
-    Regular thickness: 0.018mm, 0.02mm, 0.025mm..

Foodservice / Healthcare / Dental / Homecare

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Q:How to choose and use respiratory protection properly
High haze or harmful dust environment, it is recommended to choose a high protection rate of the mask. Different brand models are not the same, but the certification level, leakage rate, respiratory resistance is the final reference to select the mask data. Now the mask fully uses the principle of electrostatic adsorption, even the KN100 level, KP100 level masks, and some use double-sided, double-piece design, breathing is also smooth. Especially silicone masks, although the high unit price, due to long service life, the use of low cost.
Q:I would like to ask, respiratory protection products is not every year in the relevant state agencies to detect?
In addition: the state of special labor protection products to implement the safety mark management system, must only obtain "special labor protection products safety signs" enterprises have the production of such special labor protection supplies qualification, specifically you can look at the "special labor protection products safety signs Implementing Regulations".
Q:How to do the supervision and management of labor protection products
  (5) supervisor training         The company is equipped with labor protection supplies supervisors, supervise and guide the employees of enterprises to wear and use labor protection products according to regulations, and carry out supervision and inspection on the implementation of labor protection products management system. The establishment of all-round, multi-channel labor protection products regulatory system; production safety department is responsible for the scope of labor protection supplies and the use of conditions for supervision and inspection.         Enterprises in accordance with the product specification requirements, timely replacement, expired and expired labor protection products. Such as dust masks valid for three years, more than three years of storage should be re-inspection, failure should be timely scrapped. Insulated gloves and insulated shoes should be done before each time to do the insulation performance of the inspection and semi-annual insulation performance for a re-test. And the use of seat belts after two years, should be purchased by batch sampling time, if no rupture can continue to use.         In short, labor protection products is the enterprise workers in the production process of the umbrella and safety valve. And labor protection supplies management work is to protect the safety and health of employees of the important work, is an important part of safety management. Enterprises should establish and improve the use of labor protection products and management system, the implementation of responsibility, the labor protection supplies distribution and management work done better!
Q:Electrical safety protection supplies which
Electrical safety protection products are: insulation hood - helmet, insulation clothing, insulated gloves, insulated shoes - boots, insulated foot pads, seat belts, safety rope, safe ground. In addition there are many safety insulation tools.
Q:Why do you have to wear work clothes and work with good protective equipment before work?
Put on work clothes and work with good protective equipment, work clothing, reflects your personal image,
Q:What should I pay attention to when using personal labor protection products?
(5) foot protection: wear anti-smashing, anti-corrosion, anti-penetration, anti-skid, fire protection shoes, suitable for objects where the object can be smashed, to wear anti-smashing protective shoes; may contact chemical liquid operating environment To prevent chemical liquids; pay attention to shoes in a particular environment to wear non-slip or insulated or fireproof. (6) protective clothing: insulation, waterproof, anti-chemical corrosion, fire-retardant, anti-static, anti-ray, etc., suitable for high temperature or low temperature operation to be able to heat; wet or immersion environment to be waterproof; may contact chemical liquid to have chemical protection Use; in special circumstances pay attention to flame retardant, anti-static, anti-ray and so on. (7) hearing protection: according to "industrial enterprise workers hearing protection norms" selection of ear protection device; to provide suitable communication equipment. (8) respiratory protection: according to GB / T18664-2002 "respiratory protection supplies selection, use and maintenance" selection. To consider whether the lack of oxygen, whether flammable and explosive gases, whether there is air pollution, type, characteristics and concentration and other factors, select the appropriate respiratory protection products. The following are the same as the "
Q:What safety equipment should the welders have?
Welders should have the following security equipment: 1, welding for the protection of uniforms, gloves and shoes. 2, welding workers must wear insulated shoes, wearing special insulated gloves. 3, welding, the welder and other people around should wear dust masks, reduce the smoke inhaled the body.
Q:How do you buy a blasting project?
Since the advent of products, China's water conservancy and hydropower, in the cross and the blasting sector recognition. In addition, the company has a sound logistics line picking sector, transport fast and convenient. The unit to pursue quality, reputation first!
Q:What are the protective equipment for the acid and alkali operator
Acid and alkali protective equipment Acid and alkali personal protection, according to the violation of the human body parts, generally can be divided into respiratory protection and skin and eye protection in two parts. First, the respiratory protection Respiratory protection is mainly to prevent respiratory inhalation of acid mist, acid vapor acid gas and alkaline dust, can be used as follows protective equipment. Acid gas protection products. Shanghai collars and recommendations According to the nature and concentration of acid gas can be used anti-acid masks and gas masks. In the acid mist is too high and at the same time there are acid and alkali liquid splash of the place to use anti-acid mask or anti-acid mask dress. ② alkali dust protection supplies. According to the nature and concentration of alkaline dust, choose a different dust masks. Second, skin, eye protection Skin, eye protection is mainly to stop, reduce the skin directly contact with acid and alkali liquid, acid mist, acid gas and alkaline dust and other harmful substances, to avoid acid and alkali droplets, acid mist, alkaline dust harm the eyes.
Q:What kind of protective equipment is needed for hydropower plants?
"Labor protective equipment with the standard of the relevant instructions" Article XII insulated gloves and insulated shoes in addition to regular replacement generally do not need regular testing, manufacturers need to provide labor insurance products logo certificate. Special protective equipment such as respirators

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