Surgeon Cap

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Material                                      SPP
Color                                          White/Blue/Green
Style                                          With Back Ties
Certificates                                FDA

Minimum Order Quantity:           50,000 Piece/Pieces
Port:                                           Shanghai, Wuhan
Packaging Details:                     100pcs per bag, 1000pcs per case
Delivery Time:                            20-30 Days
Payment Terms:                         L/C,T/T
Supply Ability:                            500,000 Piece/Pieces per Day

Surgeon Cap

- Soft and absorbent SMS material, ventilated crown and adjustable ties or elastic band
- Comfortable and Breathable
- Class One flammability rating
- Latex-free

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Q:How many degrees of hot water must wear protective equipment
The human body in a dry air environment can tolerate the maximum temperature done experiments: the human body in the 71 ℃ environment, can persist for 1 hour; at 82 ℃, can hold 49 minutes; at 93 ℃, can adhere to 33 Minute; at 104 ° C, it can only persist for 26 minutes.
Q:What is the system of special labor protection products?
Security mark management Labor protection products refer to personal protective equipment provided by the production and operation units for employees who are exempted from or detrimental to accidental injury and occupational hazards during the course of labor. It is divided into special labor protection products and general labor protection products. The state implements a safety mark management system for special labor protection products.
Q:Occupational disease protection facilities and occupational disease prevention supplies management approach when to implement
Has not been implemented, the implementation will be published in the online newspaper. Chapter VI Supplementary Provisions    Article 33 (Interpretation Department)    The Measures shall be interpreted by the Health Administration of the State Council.     Article 34 (Implementation Time) These Measures shall be implemented on the date of the day.
Q:The scope of labor protection, what is labor protection supplies
(5) protective shoes, to prevent foot injury, anti-skid shoes, anti-skid shoes sets, anti-static safety shoes, steel head anti-smashing shoes and so on. (6) protective gloves. For hand protection, mainly acid and alkali gloves, electrical insulation in the sets, welding gloves, anti-X-ray gloves, asbestos gloves, nitrile gloves and so on. (7) protective clothing. Used to protect workers from the physical and chemical factors in the labor environment. Protective clothing is divided into special protective clothing and general operating clothing two categories. (8) anti-fall protective gear. Used to prevent falling accidents. Mainly with safety belts, safety ropes and safety nets. (9) skin care products. For the protection of exposed skin. Divided into skin care cream and detergent.
Q:Personal protective equipment specific introduction
Head protection Head protection is only from 2m ~ 3m above the height of the damage caused by the head, as well as daily work on the head of the injury, the main products are helmets, safety helmets. According to the material is divided into glass steel helmets, ABS helmets, PE helmets. Respiratory protection Mainly divided into filter and isolated two categories Filter respirator is based on the principle of filter absorption, the use of filter material to filter out the air of toxic and harmful substances, will be converted into clean air for the air to breathe a class of breathing aids. Such as dust masks, anti-virus masks and filter gas masks. Isolated breathing protection products are based on the principle of isolation, so that personnel breathing organs, eyes and face with the outside world contaminated air isolation, relying on their own air or by the introduction of air pollution by the airway outside the clean air for the gas supply, Protection personnel normal breathing and respiratory protection products, also known as isolated gas masks, oxygen-type gas masks, long tube respirator and diving mask. The use of filter respirators is subject to environmental restrictions. When there is a hazardous substance in the environment that can not be filtered by the filter material, or if the oxygen content is less than 18%, or if the concentration of toxic and hazardous substances is high (> 1%), Use, in this environment the use of isolated breathing protection products. Eye protection To protect the eyes of the operator, the face, to prevent external damage. It is divided into protective glasses for protective welding, protective glasses for kiln, anti-impact protective glasses, microwave protective glasses, laser goggles and anti-X-ray, anti-chemical, dustproof and other protective glasses.
Q:Construction site workers operating safety equipment mainly refers to what
Sambo: helmets, seat belts, safety nets, Goggles, insulated gloves, non-slip shoes
Q:List of hydrogen sulfide testing equipment and protective equipment
When the equipment involved in hydrogen sulfide inspection and maintenance operations, the competent departments should organize the workshop and construction units to participate in the processing (construction) safety technology programs and contingency plans. The operation time, the implementation process, the implementation method and so on a comprehensive and systematic risk analysis, its safety and reliability and compliance with the regulatory system to fully demonstrate. In the safety scheme, the regulations and arrangements should be made for safety preparation, purging and replacement, safety isolation, sampling analysis, dynamic detection, safety protection, safety supervision, safety contact, evacuation evacuation, first aid and other rescue.
Q:The importance of wearing labor protection supplies
Labor protection supplies look nothing special, but it is to protect workers in the production process of labor safety and health, to avoid all kinds of accidents and occupational hazards occurred in the auxiliary protective equipment, it can be said to wear good labor insurance products is to do a good job A security barrier.
Q:Dangerous goods transport vehicles should be carried with the car which labor protection supplies and on-site first aid appliances
first aid appliances, including medical boxes, medical gloves, medical masks and so on.
Q:What is LA security certification?
 "Special labor protection products safety label" as a whole is a green "ancient shield shape", the middle of the shield has a white "LA" letter. The whole mark is taken from the shield "protection", "LA" represents the "labor safety".

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