pe foam ,sheet polyethylene foam sheet board roll block float ,pe plastic sheet

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China main port
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500 pc
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10000 pc/month

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Elongation at Break: ≥10%

Product Description:


For Products Character: 








Laminating temperature :
Working condition 
Environmental humidity lower than 60% .
Laminate after drying of the ink .

Keep away from water and moisture .
Keep away from direct sunlight .
Keep horizontally 
Keep airproofed, no opening before usage.

Product biggest characteristic:

1.  Common digital inkjet printing PVC sheet: 
2.  Simpler production process, no plate making or traditional printing process required. 
      Clear image, vivid color 
Low investment, low cost solution for indvidualited cards, and short run cards making.

Digital inkjet printing sheets series 
1.  Include common digital inkjet printing PVC sheet, water resistant inkjet printing PVC sheet and transparent inkjet printing PVC sheet,


2.  surface of the sheet is printable with colour inkjet printers, meantime it can be screen printed and offset printed, when laminated, strong bonding strength is created between sheets digital sheet surface and coated film as well as between sheets, as a breakthrough of individualized card making and short run card production,



 Thickness  by sheet
























1. If the products have some quality problem ,how will you deal with it?


Answer :  If the quality problem caused by us, we will provide a replacement service,and we must keep in mind.

Take measures to control quality strictly,we adhere to the principle: “ quality first”.


2. Is free design assistance available  for clients?


Answer : If you have problems in designing or beautifying the customized product,

we will offer you the best design assistance.Pictures



pe foam ,sheet polyethylene foam sheet board roll block float ,pe plastic sheet

pe foam ,sheet polyethylene foam sheet board roll block float ,pe plastic sheet

pe foam ,sheet polyethylene foam sheet board roll block float ,pe plastic sheet

pe foam ,sheet polyethylene foam sheet board roll block float ,pe plastic sheet

pe foam ,sheet polyethylene foam sheet board roll block float ,pe plastic sheet

pe foam ,sheet polyethylene foam sheet board roll block float ,pe plastic sheet

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Q:How to check the depth of plastic drainage plate inserted into soil
Plastic drainage plate is mainly used to filter ultrasonic vibration method of cladding core plate, it is more conducive to the integration of solid material and membrane, has good strength and ductility, therefore, can well adapt to the deformation of foundation can not affect the drainage performance.
Q:Where can i buy acrylic plastic sheets?
try craft shops
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Disadvantages: 1. plastic boards are not resistant to high temperature, easy deformation. 2. textured plastic boards, easy to cut out the plastic powder, the powder into the human body harm. Plastic board for its beautiful delicate appearance can attract a lot of women in the family. Buy plastic chopping board can not only see the appearance of exquisite beauty, can not just look at the cheaper price and then feel the benefits.
Q:Do you know how to make special effects with wall paint using 2 colors and plastic sheeting?
I've been in the buisness for a long time, and no matter the paint, or even the number of colors, what your talking ab out is a faux finish. In the technique, you'd roll on a color, then apply even wax paper, saran warp, plastic drop cloth, usually wrinkled already, and gently remove it. The effect would show all the lines and creases in the finish. Work in small areas at a time,,,,no larger than 3 x 3 to maintain some control, and the patterns will be different everytime, b ut you should blend when you can, and keep the base coat wet long enough to accomplish the finish you want, whether is that, rag roll, sponge, feather, etc. There are hundreds of web sites, hundreds of books, and dozens of techniques. I use all of them. Rev. Steven An added note,,, DO NOT apply color to the sheet, always to the wall and use the remove technique not apply technique
Q:what laser will I require to cut a 10 micron plastic sheet?
You could use a 1000 watt laser and increase the processing speed (how fast the laser cuts the material) until you get the desired cut.
Q:Where to buy ink-less rewritable plastic sheet?
the front sheet is an opaque pvc over a dark blue card with blue wax over it. when you write on the pvc it presses the pvc onto the wax and the text appears, pulling the pvc away from the wax removes the image and resets the tablet.
Q:What's the name of the perforated plastic board for one board?
Plastic plate: plastic plate made of plastic sheet with high plastic compound free to change the form of plastic raw materials using monomer or condensation reaction of polymeric materials by resin and fillers, plasticizers, stabilizers, lubricants, additives such as pigment group chelating resin
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Q:a company is producing rectangular sheets of plastic. each has an area of (9x^2+30x+25) ft^2?
9x^2+30x+25 =(3x+5)^2 It is square Perimeter= 4(3x+5) At x=4 Perimeter= 4(3*4+5)= 4(12+5)=4*17=68

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