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Q:Which of the following statements is NOT true about lockout/tagout?
D is not true - a lock out tage is used whenever applying electricity to the circuit would result in dangerous conditions. When repair work is being done on the circuit equipment for example. Lock out tage are used for more then just electrical too.
Q:Shop selling dangerous electrical equipment who do I contact?
Trading standards, local council. Local newspaper maybe if you are really unhappy about it they will for sure close the place down
Q:Please help me. i cant find anything about it.?
.WHAT equipment?
Q:Impala trunk electrical equipment?
On Star receiver/ broadcaster GPS tracking for crash assistance.
Q:What is car owners legal responsibility, when selling their vehicle to an individual?
No state has any return period for a private party vehicle sale. None. Not 3 days, 3 hours, 3 minutes, etc. If return periods existed on vehicle sales, we'd have people buying convertibles on Friday, returning them on Monday. If the 80-year old man did not have the van inspected by a mechanic beforehand, it's his loss. Any used vehicle transaction is as is unless noted to the contrary in writing. The seller doesn't have to say anything about the condition, and anything said is called puffery and holds no water in court. However, yes, karma will come around and kick this guy in the nutsack. **ADD -- I lived in TX and was in the business for awhile. No, it is not illegal for the seller to not disclose issues. The ONLY thing would be if the seller (private or dealer) did not disclose a salvage-branded title.
Q:What causes electrical blackouts and brownouts?
Blackout: Total loss of utility power. CAUSE - Blackouts are caused by excessive demand on the power grid, lightning storms, ice on power lines, car accidents, backhoes, earthquakes and other catastrophies. Sag or Brownout - Sags or brownouts can be caused by heavy equipment coming on-line, short circuits, undersized electrical circuitry, or when the utility company deliberately decreases voltage levels in order to cope with peak load times (rolling brownouts). Brownouts generally occur during the summer heat waves.
Q:Computer Help?
Used electrical equipment is always a gamble for most people. Your system will be no different. You can look at the prices at many web sites and see what it is brand new, then figure that 60-75% of that would be your system used. So far, in my experiance, I would say that your system would be around the $400-$600 mark. Again, it is a ballpark figure and also depends on the demand, especially on OKorder. Good Luck
Q:240 volt to 220 volt?
No, you don't need a step down transformer. It's the same with the standard 115 volt wall outlet. if you use a voltmeter to read a standard wall outlet, very rarely will it be precisely 115 volt. Normally you get readings of between 110 volt to 120 volt. In North America we use 2 phase 240 volt (splits to form 2x 120 volt @ 60Hz) In most of Europe use 1 phase 240 @ 50 Hz. So if you're planning to use a European piece of equipment (single phase, 240 volt, 50 Hz) on North American (two phase, 240 volt, 60 Hz[x2]), don't because you'll risk damaging your equipment.
Q:When is my electrical equipment really off?
When you turn off modern Tvs from the remote, it will go to standby mode, there's still electricity on the circuit enough for the memory to remember your settings, like volume, time, the channel you've last watch before turning it off. When you turn off the switch from the wall or unplugging it, the Tv is now completely disconnected from the power source. You may loose personal settings, and when you plug it back on then it may function in the default settings. Leaving it plugged has advantages but surge, lighting, sudden voltage changes may damage it. So when you'll be out for days then unplug it from the AC outlet to play safe.
Q:how we can design the power rating of any equipment.?
Most equipment involves loadings on all the materials used and these materials have various load-carrying limitations. Design essentially balances these against each other whereby the materials' limitations often interact on the design. For existing design variation much empirical data and experience data will be available which will accelerate the design process but for a competely new design, the process may be iterative and toward the end may even need several prototypes to be built and tested. You can't merely change the resistance of a winding in a motor and get a higher rating. Things like core flux density and temperature-rise of insulation (affected by cooling, whatever type that may be) must all be checked. Lamp filament resistance is indeed lower for a higher rating but filament surface area (to get the radiation) and temperature will have to be decided which involves knowing and designing how the lamp radiates light and how it is cooled. The lifetime of a bulb can be quite precisely designed in, largely by the design temperature choice.

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