Outdoor Light String Globe Patio String Lights - Light Strings w/ Clear G40 bulbs UL Edison Lights

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Item specifice:

Brand Name: CMAX Product Name: Patio Light G40 Certification: UL/CE/CSA/SAA
Lifespan: 2000hours Model Number: BW-16-81G40-25

Product Description:

Outdoor Light String Globe Patio String Lights - Light Strings w/ Clear G40 bulbs UL Edison Lights 

Outdoor Light String Globe Patio String Lights - Light Strings w/ Clear G40 bulbs UL Edison Lights

Why Choose Us

1. Reasonable price because we have our own factory;

2. Small quantity is acceptable.

3. Strict QC on products and packing.

4. On Time Delivery is ensured

5. Remarkable products because our strict requirements on quality

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Product Description:

Each bulb is securely wrapped in bubble wrap and carefully placed into its spot inside of the box. The box is then surrounded in more bubble wrap and placed into a shipping box that is sized perfectly so the bulbs won't slide around. They really went the distance to protect the bulbs!

Ideal Light bulbs for many applications, including: outdoor party or wedding receptions, patios, decks, yards, bars, restaurants, porches, store windows, gazebos, pergolas, and bistros, and so on

Product Specification:

Brand Name


Product Name

Patio Light G40

Model Number




Light Source

LED Bulbs

Power Source


Bulb Spacing

Bulb spacing 6   inch (as your special order)










1. UL listed 25 feet long string with 25 clear G40 Bulbs, end to end connectable.

2. The bulbs used are G40 with E12 bases, great lights for parties and holidays

3. 25 Ft Clear Globe G40 String Lights Set with 25 G40 Bulbs Included

4. The lights are 12 inches apart, so you will get about 25 ft useable “light” length, and about 26ft including the one foot of the initial power cord. These lights are VERY bright and produce bright, white light, similar to your household lights

5. Commercial Quality & great for indoor / outdoor lighting applications. Great for patios, decks, weddings, tents and parties. 1 year Warranty! 30days money back from us !

Outdoor Light String Globe Patio String Lights - Light Strings w/ Clear G40 bulbs UL Edison Lights


1.changing the colors what your want 
2.Flexible copper wire string lights can easily built the shape you want
4.power saving 
5.safety for kids
6. Long lasting 
7. High quality, market-proven, commercial grade LED light strings
8. IP44 waterproof
9.Reasonable Price

Product Detail Image:

Outdoor Light String Globe Patio String Lights - Light Strings w/ Clear G40 bulbs UL Edison Lights

Outdoor Light String Globe Patio String Lights - Light Strings w/ Clear G40 bulbs UL Edison Lights

Outdoor Light String Globe Patio String Lights - Light Strings w/ Clear G40 bulbs UL Edison Lights

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Outdoor Light String Globe Patio String Lights - Light Strings w/ Clear G40 bulbs UL Edison Lights

Packaging & Shipping:

Packaging Detail

Standard export carton box outside the iron   reinforcement

Pearl wool + carton + Wooden Frame/metal   frame.

Delivery Detail


Warm Tips and Help:

1. The patio lights is made of glass, so please be careful when you hanging it.

2. Each strand of 25 lights Globe string lights has end-to-end connections, so you can attach up to 3 strands to cover large areas. Even with broken or removed bulbs, remaining bulbs will continue to light up.

3. The string light would be appropriate for any outdoor tree decoration, like Easter Trees, Halloween for fall bales of straw or pumpkins, Christmas. etc. The bulbs get warm but not hot so there is no worry of setting the straw on fire. The bulbs are listed as G40 style with holiday and fun party lighting.

Our Service:

1. CMAX Company could offer you finished products. OEM & ODM also provide customized service.

2. We focus on long term relation with clients and offer good service after-sale.

3. Your inquiry related to our products or price will be replied within 24 hours.

4. We will keep secret for customer sale area, design ideas and all other private information


Q1: Sample Free?

A: Sample is free, but freight cost should be in your account.


Q2: What are your price and payment terms?

A: We accept FOB, EXW…And we accept PayPal, Western Union payment for small order.


Q3: How long does it take to deliver after order?

A: For small quantity, we arrange delivery within one week normally while for big quantity, we will arrange delivery as soon as possible according to actual situation and customer’s requirements.


Q4: What about your after-sale service?

A: We fully guarantee our product quality and will provide free technical guidance on operations.

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Q:Different color photography lighting??
You can get just about any shade you want out of lights... either by changing bulbs or adding filters (called gels) to the light. walmart is not a real photo store... you probably have incandescent bulbs in the wally world set. If you put the same bulbs in all your lights, you won't have this problem. Mixed light sources (such as florescent mixed with incandescent) are the worst way to do things, and the hardest to fix. By using the same bulbs in all your lights, you can set your camera white balance and forget it.
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What do you intend to measure? Light has several different properties: brightness (intensity), color, speed, spatial shape. All of these can be measured when the light interacts with materials. The most common method uses the CCD chip inside a digital camera. Each pixel on the chip is a stack of semiconductor layers that give off electricity when hit by light. This photoelectric effect measures the intensity of the light. The color of the light is measured by placing filters in front of the pixels and measuring the relative intensity of different colors. the spatial pattern is measured by having a grid of these pixels that measure the light's intensity and color as a function of spatial location. The phrase faster than 100ps does not make sense. Picoseconds are a measure of time, not speed. Light always travels about 300,000,000 meters per second in vacuum. If you are referring to frequency, then frequency is measured in Herz, which is inverse seconds. Perhaps you are referring to short pulses of light and the time refers to how long the emitter is turned on. In this context, picosecond pulsed lasers are called ultrafast lasers. It is the laser that is fast, that is, it can turn on and off quickly. The light itself is not fast or slow, but always travels at the same speed. A pulse of light that is created by a picosecond laser is more accurately referred to as a short pulse. Detecting short pulses is done the same way as regular light: having it interact with matter. The tricky part is if you want the high resolution that short short pulses offer, you have to have high-speed electronic circuits to process the high-speed interaction of the pulse with the detector's material.
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Seeing (and for that matter any sensor deployed to detect a signal) must have a contrast. 'Contrast' puts a signal 'stand' against a low-contrast background. It is the cardinal rule of any 'Instrumentation' technique. The lower limit is set by noise. If the ambient noise level is low even a weak (or faint) signal will stand out against a low-noise backdrop. But if the noise level (we are dealing with energies here) is relatively high, signal needs to be higher than it, to be noticeable. In other words a weak signal gets drowned (or buried) in noise. During night the atmosphere has less light to scatter spreading nothing (like light). In day, the overpowering Sunlight gets scattered uniformly raising the ambient (noise) level high failing to bring out the contrast of faint object. City lights and its excessive street lighting bestows it day-light ambiance, similar to day where we don't see any stars. On Moon where there is no atmosphere worth the name to scatter Sunlight, even in a Lunar day, the sky (other than the Sun's disc) looks pitch-dark with stars standing out (I was told). For good viewing from Earth, it is necessary that the city lights should be shunned that cause 'light pollution'. 'Light pollution' can be defined in terms of ambient 'light' (energy) that sets the threshold noise above which an object like the star Sirius can be observed. Or it can be set in 'energy' (or 'power' which is energy per unit time) units.
Q:does a red light filter produce infrared light?
It can produce some infrared. All light contains some infrared. The filter is just allowing you to see the part of light that is transitioning from white toward infrared. There is some light passing into the infrared spectrum. Infrared goes from a dim visible red to invisible. People get confused by this and think infrared can only be invisible to the human eye. While most of the spectrum falls within the invisible a small portion is visible. Infrared means below red. As the spectrum changes from red it becomes infrared. Light is always in the light spectrum. It just happens that some light sources are better at emitting infrared frequencies. 0.7 - 300 micrometers is the infrared spectrum. Some red light can fall close to or in to this spectrum. The heating bulbs you can see in some restaurant kitchens are using infrared for heat. This is visible to the eye. This an incomplete picture of infrared but the point is red spotlights are producing it like all spotlights are producing it, it's just not, with a filter, entering into the spectrum of infrared at any greater frequency than white light is. It merely shows the spectrum closest to infrared. It just won't happen to have more. So to answer the question, yes and no. Really close but no big cigar.
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buy a new 1 dollar lighter
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A yellow light is a transition light. It tells you that the light is going to turn red anywhere from 2-7 seconds from now. Treat it like this. If you can't come to a stop without a panic stop, then drive through the light. If you have plenty of room to stop, you should stop. Don't guess, don't be aggressive, do what's smart.

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