Nylon Cable Glands(Standard type)

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Thread:Metric,PG,G(PF/BSP/PS),and NPT thread

Materials:UL approved Nylon PA66 (Flammability UL94V-2) for A.C.F parts, (Accept to make flammability UL 94v-0);EPDM rubber for B.D parts,(ALso accept to rubber,resist strong acid/alkali,etc).

Working temperature:-40 to 100

Features:The claws of excellent design,to provide a fast safe connection with the tubing and to get an excellent result of the pullout strength to be the best balanced performers for cable protection system.

Color:Black(RAL9005),grey(RAL7035),other color available upon request

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Q:Understanding "connectors" and "terminals" and "connectors"
there are metal terminals, nut terminals, spring terminals, etc., in the power industry has a special terminal block, terminal box, all the above terminals, single, double , Current, voltage, ordinary, can be broken and so on.
Q:How do I distinguish the connector's male and female terminals?
If an electronic component fails, the connector can be quickly replaced when the failure of components;
Q:Front connector Removable terminal block Terminal arm is not the same thing
The interface is generally fixed and connected to the adjacent module No, with Siemens S7300 for example
Q:What is the difference between the male and female terminals of the connector?
Connector, ie CONNECTOR. Domestic also known as connectors, plugs and sockets. Generally refers to the electrical connector
Q:Cable connector terminals and other components connected
This is the insulation material, injection mold precision and molding process put forward more stringent requirements
Q:Distinguish between the "connector", "terminal", "connector" practical application
 The connector is divided into many categories, such as rectangular connectors, circular connectors, stepped connectors, etc.,
Q:From the scope of the distinction between the "connector", "terminal", "connector"
The terminal is part of the connector. Connector is a general term, in fact, we generally see the connector, usually including shell (shell) and terminal (terminal) two parts
Q:Is there a difference between the wire connector and the terminal block?
and now the domestic market this product has Very mature and universal, many brands, good and bad bad evaluation, cost-effective for their own can
Q:How are the connectors of the cable connector connected to other components?
As the contact structure design is unreasonable, the material selection error, mold instability, processing size tolerance, surface roughness, heat treatment plating and other surface treatment process is unreasonable, improper assembly,
Q:The connection of the terminals of the cable connector to other components
As the design is unreliable, material selection error, improper selection of molding process, heat treatment, mold, assembly, welding and other poor quality of the process, the assembly is not in place and so will cause a fixed bad. In addition

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