Never run Reinforced Mechanical Connection Socket

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A brief description

Superiority reinforced rib peeling rolling straight thread connection of a new type of reinforcing bar connection socket technology, it will stay connected steel structure principle is the end of the longitudinal and transverse rib peeling off with the method of the cutting part, and then directly after rolling into ordinary straight thread, straight thread steel bar connecting sleeve connected with tailor-made, form the reinforced connection.

The advantage of this connection method is as follows:

Mechanics performance is good, safe and reliable connection: due to the steel bar end after rolling, steel material by cold working processing, thread and steel strength are improved, make up the thread bottom diameter is less than the base base circle diameter steel to weaken the impact of the intensity, make the connection joint strength is higher than the parent metal strength, can make the parent metal give full play to its strength and ductility.

Convenient connection: the arrangement of reinforcement in the narrow site density can flexible operation. Construction is convenient, high efficiency: reinforcing steel bar connecting sleeve prefabricated in the factory, quality assurance, each field rolling thread head equipment processing joint nearly 400 per class, in large quantities and basement construction such as blank has incomparable advantage, pollution-free, during the construction of the halogen-light homework, safe environmental protection, can be all-weather construction.

Facilitate testing: construction does not need to use a specific testing equipment, just look at steel exposed screw teeth can determine the quality of the joint. Applicability: applies to all of the seismic and non seismic reinforcement concrete structure engineering of steel bar connection, and the bending of reinforcement, fixed steel bar, steel reinforcement cage, super-long reinforced etc, and can not fit for the situation of rotation.

Construction technology editor 1, steel rolling straight thread connection process:

Steel cutting and rolling thread to thread head check, live wire

2, operation process:

Steel rolling straight thread connection, is to use special rolling machine for rolling steel ends, thread forming at a time. Reinforced by rolling thread, thread at the bottom of the material is not cutting off, but come out, increased the diameter of the original. Thread after rolling the material, and strength increase about 6% - 8%, has greatly reduced thread to the weakening of the parent metal, its tensile strength is 97% - 100% of the parent metal, strength performance is very stable.

1) the processing requirements

Reinforced with the connection of the processing requirements, see the table below

Code A20R -j A22R - J A25R - J A28R - J

ф (20, 22 ㎜) 25 to 28

19.6 t 19.6 M * 21.6 * 3 * 3 * 3 * 3 27.6

L (㎜) 30 32 to 35 38

Note: M - wire head straight through; T - pitch; ф - bar diameter; L - length of thread

2) the sleeve quality requirements

(1) connected set of no crack on the surface of the teeth and no other defects.

(2) the tooth type specification inspection, with a straight thread plug gauge to check the size precision.

(3) various types and specifications of the connected set of outer surface, must have a clear level and diameter steel.

(4) connected set of two end of the hole must be with plastic cover seal, in order to keep the internal clean, clean and rust.

(2) the operation points

1) steel thread processing

(1) processing of reinforcing steel bar thread thread head, tooth shape and pitch must be consistent with the connected set of conodonts, pitch, and the matching gauge inspection.

(2) reinforced thread processing, water soluble cutting lubricant should be adopted; When temperature is lower than 0 ℃, should be mixed with 15%, 20% sodium nitrite, shall not be made lubricants or without lubricant oil set of silk.

(3) the operator shall inspect steel wire head the appearance quality and make the operator of the tag.

(4) a steel wire head through self-inspection, deal with 10% random check each specification manufactured, and not less than 10, if there is a, namely the batch processing for the entire quantity inspection, unqualified silk head should be heavy processing, can be used after the inspection again.

(5) silk head has inspection, and should be protected wear protective cap, and according to specifications and classification and tidy.

2) steel bar connection

1) connection steel bar, steel specifications and connected set of specifications are consistent, reinforced thread model, pitch and overseas economic cooperation should be connected set of matching. And make sure that the steel bar connection set of thread is clean and in good condition.

(2) connected to the steel axis should be aimed at screw-in bar connection.

(3) joint stitching is completed, should make two wire head position in the middle of the sleeve cap is tight to each other, every side sleeve shall not have more than one button complete thread, the stretched joint exposed clasp with unlimited number, but there are clearly marked, to check whether the wire head into the sleeve length is meet the requirements

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