Natural Granite 600*600 for construction C-BLACK

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natural granite for construction

Granite tile with its high hardness, wear resistance, difficult to be acid or weathering erosion. Perfect for quick and easy remodels n Obtain the durability of natural granite. Save time and money! These granite tiles are easy to install and fit directly for the project.

Type: Granite

Place of Origin: Fujian

Color: Grey,Pink,Red,Black

Density(g/cm3): 2.6-2.8

Surface Finished

Polished,Honed,Flamed,Bushhammered,SandBlasted,Chisselled, Or As Your Requirement

Random Length Slab
























Cut To Size













All special size can be made according to client's demand


2. Our Strength:

Our Mining

We have owner mining of granite G640,G603,G681,G635 till 2021 year.

Our Factory

Let you get rid of Middle agent who is always draining your profit

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Each Processing have our owner QC under control,ensure to good quality

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After confirm order,we can offer you delivery timely.

Our Serivce

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Our Services

1. Our own quarry and factory can offer you the granite, marble ,basalt with good quality and competitive price.

2. We have experienced team including production, inspection, design, after-sale service.

3. We exported our goods to different kinds of markets such as USA, Europe, Mid-East, South America, etc

4. We attend the China Xiamen International Stone Fair every year.

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Q:How to fix the sandstone on the wall
It is generally the shape of the brick, paste the effect of the formation of the whole, so the brick and paste the hair is the same
Q:Sandstone relief how much a square
Indoor than outdoor is slightly more expensive, because many of the details of the outdoor requirements are not too high, the room is different, we must first have a certain artistic ornamental, it must have many details to deal in place, which increased the difficulty. General indoor relief to more than 1800, indoor sculpture not cheap, otherwise manufacturers will squeeze cost space, hire some skills are relatively poor sculptor and sculpture mold division, result is not allowed, appreciative, and details should be treated are ignored, the final results of this should become the highlight of the relief. It will make people look very awkward. I am engaged in the design, before such a thing happened, so want to
Q:Begged Marco Polo CZ6613 diamond sand suitable for TV wall
If you stand a little, can be used to make jade TV background wall, the effect will be better.
Q:Hornfels and metasandstone what is the difference?
Usually all the crystallization and thermal contact metamorphic rocks changing crystal structure and block structure known as hornfels.
Q:Why does marble grow mouldy?
The correct washing steps are:1 first remove the dust and dirt on the stone surface;2 will be diluted after the cleaning agent brushing or spraying in the macula and stains on the surface, with white pure cotton cloth or white toilet paper and other absorbent material close to the stone surface, add detergent to make it completely wet;3 cover the plastic film on the marble to maintain the cleaning agent;
Q:Natural marble and man-made stone do kitchen table which is good?
Marble is the crust in the original rock through the crust in the formation of high temperature and high pressure metamorphic rocks. The internal forces of the crust have led to changes in the quality of the original rocks, that is, the structure, tectonics and mineral composition of the original rocks have changed. The new rocks formed by qualitative change are called metamorphic rocks.
Q:How to clean the kitchen white marble countertops
Wear of the marble furniture available to handle, steel wool wipe, and then use the electric polishing machine polishing, to restore the luster.
Q:Why is the intrusive granite formed after sedimentary rocks
The overburden (sedimentary or metamorphic rocks) of the intrusive granite can have three contact relationships with granite. One is intrusion, that is, the first overlying sedimentary rocks, followed by granitic magma intruding into the formation of granite, then the sedimentary rocks formed before the granite. One is the deposition of contact, that is, the first granitic magma intruded into the overlying strata, later, crustal uplift, magmatic rock overlying strata was eroded, followed by crustal decline, and the accumulation of new debris deposited down to form sedimentary rocks Then, the sedimentary rocks are formed after granite.
Q:Limestone is used to make glass?
The glass melting process includes: formation of silicate, formation of vitreous body, clarification, homogenization and coolingLimestone, dolomite, soda, Glauber's salt will produce gas, so that it is not only the glass formation and harmless, but also conducive to the refining of glass and homogenization, factory general also added a part of clarifier, generating a lot of bubbles, bubbles in the floatation process, combined with small bubbles, this is the glass fining mechanism.
Q:Black sand belongs to marble
Granite stone: Granite stone is no color stripes, the majority only color spots, there is a pure color. The finer the mineral particles, the stronger the structure is.

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