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Mountaineering safety ropes

Mountaineering safety ropes

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Pillars: also known as pillars, erected vertically on the floor. A straight one or two, three connections of various types.

Some pillar of the bend tube, need to connect to the wire. General material is glass fiber reinforced plastic, the general is 7 day.

Border: type warhead tents or cottage tent, with short bar shape materials synthesis pillar or beams. The top part of the building: the tent. Roof: form the parts of tent inclined plane.

Wall part of the side wall: tent. Some tents don't have. DangYuPeng: part of the roof, to open in front, with other pillar.

The door: for the tent of inward and outward.

The window can be set in the other side. Ground mat: for tents, spread on the floor mat. If it's humid place, also need to spread a layer of bamboo.

Fly pad: on the roof of the tent, and the other laid mat, under the strong sunlight.

The second main roof line: also known as the column on the rope. By separated on both ends of the pillars, pillar role to avoid tilt, and nails

A, herringbone roof tent of high strength aluminum alloy profile is used for the main structure, construction principle of aluminum box girder frame, column support connection between steel components, roof adopts steel cable suspension straps, roof and wall enclosure has the base cloth. Material selection of aluminum alloy profiles GB/T - 6063 standard, through the national quality supervision and inspection center, nonferrous metal materials is qualified.

Awning room based solid engineering, materials and structures with high integrity and security. Building structure to achieve the strict European standards.

Overall structure after professional institutions of wind test and destruction test. Second, tent is using professional PVC coating fabric. Have lasting bond properties: knife coating technology of PVC liquid and chemical bonding of fiber, blowing the slurry coating on the fabric directly; After welding the weld performance: strong fabric can bear a lot of tension, even in harsh environments such as hurricane, frequent operation, also won't affect the seal degree of welding; Durable service life: some


Q:What kind of underpants do you need to wear for outdoor long walks and camping?
Men's underwear, tight fitting, I've always advocated the triangle is good, loose requirements, then the triangle peace angle does not matter
Q:What equipment should be prepared for the hike in Tibet? When is the best time for you?
Basic equipment for hiking activities:These things are related to your key to this hike is running smoothly if you missed these things, then congratulations to you, if you are relatively poor ability to adapt with it, I advise you, or stay at home watching adventure programs more comfortable. Of course, here are some of these equipment. You can pick it up. You don't have to take it all, or you'll have to go on a train hike. By the way, if you just walk around the door, it doesn't matter if you don't look at it.
Q:What are the main functions of engineers? What engineer's spade is better for camping through? How much does it cost?
When camping, the engineer shovel is not necessary. Many people do not carry it because it is heavy.
Q:What does outdoor camping mean?
It's a comprehensive tour, covering outdoor tours, hiking camps, that is, eating and drinking are outdoors, and these activities are achieved through some outdoor equipment

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