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1 introduction
Auxiliary line length in accordance with the requirements of regional activities, there is no unified specifications, the rope is 6 -- 7 mm in diameter, weight per meter is less than 0.04 kg, applied for not less than 1200 kg, raw material is the same as the main line, used for self-protection and various auxiliary knot in the main line used for protection, and take a rope bridge crossing the river, to transport goods by traction rope bridge, etc.
Two major indicatorreview
It is well known that the UIAA certification DYNAMIC power line there are two main indexes of IMPACT for the first time (IMPACT FORCE) and the UIAA falling number (UIAA FALLS), but most domestic climbers didn't know there are three indicators was the key to choose climbing power cord.These three indicators are: cutting index, wear-resisting, waterproof.According to the statistics of domestic explorers, more than 90% of the climbing rope is still far from reaching targets the UIAA FALLS, life has been worn skin.Thus choosing mountaineering wear resistance and the waterproof degree is factors must be considered.
The index of cutting
Sharp Angle of the rope of transverse cutting can produce fatal consequences.Can very easily when the rope bearing with sharp
Cut the ropes object.UIAA standards in the cutting tests, the request will be a 80 kg weight from 5 meters height, the rope cutting in a horizontal placed a radius of 5 mm sharp edges, in the first such experiments of the rope can't there is any breakage.In this way can we through the cutting index test.Different brands of mountaineering production of cutting index difference is very big, such as Austria EDEIWEISS rope can bear the same test of up to 6 to 7 times, some models of EDELWEISS mountaineering can even bear the sharp edge cutting experiments of radius 0.75 MM, and most other mountaineering in the same circumstances be cut out.
Wear resistant index
With 10 kilograms of weight
Mountaineering cutting marks
In mountaineering, longitudinal friction on the sand round, straight to the rope outside the network being touch bad (thief) climbers often say's rope, the rope is worn time directly reflects the wear resistance of the vertical of the rope.Generally speaking, with PERDUR logo climbing power cord to the same type of test is longer than other rope anti-wear time by more than 30%.
Waterproof rope is what we call dry rope, this kind of rope, net generally through TEFLON waterproof processing.The rope in the wate
After wet strength will reduce more than 20%.The snow is soaked in mountaineering china-africa waterproof rope to be frozen hard intensity will drop dramatically, this is very dangerous.Practice shows that line has the following obvious advantages: (1) not only prevent water from entering the inner core, and after soaking by water outside the network will soon become dry.(2) the weight change after the water is very small.(3) after the water will seldom be frozen hard.(4) the longer service life.
In addition, the power cord of UIAA1 from 9.9 to 11 mm in diameter, and the rope in use also is very different.In general, 11 MM or 10.5 MM rope used for BIG WALL or rock climbing, 10 MM or 9.9 MM rope weight is lighter, mostly used for climbing.Mountain climbing, the BIG WALL or ice climbing it is best to use dry rope.
The purpose of the detailed mountaineering each manufacturer's product manual or CATALOG for reference.In a word, not necessarily the most expensive is the best, only climbing with you
Mountaineering is waterproof
Consistent way is the best for your choice.

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