Mobile Aluminium Work Platform single mast (Light Duty)

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1000 unit/month
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Product Description:


Safe working loadkg125
Maximum working heightmm850010000
Maximum platform heightmm65008000
Overall lengthmm1280
Overall widthmm690
Overall heightmm1980
Working platform sizemm600x600
Minimum ground clearancemm60
Lift motorAC110-230VAC/0.75KW
Lift/falling speedsec75/7085/81
Rear wheelmmФ250x75
Front wheelin6
Overall weightkg310(AC)/365(DC)340(AC)/390(DC)

Standard Configuration
-Emergency stop button
-limit switch
-Emergency descending button
-Dual controller
-Level indicator
-Overload limit
-Adjustable supporter

It is only for personal working and loading in exhibition hall, warehouse, supermarket, airport, port, etc. CE certified.
The product adopts the design of aluminum mast which is light and smart.

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