Microfiber cleaning towel with dark green

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5000000 pc/month

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Specifications of microfiber towel

1, Customized design, logo and design
2, fine water-aborbing and strong air permeability 
3, soft, safe and eco-friendly 
CE,SGS, eco-friendly,no harm to skin

5, easy to take 


Detail packing of microfiber towel

1.each in opp bag,1000pcs per carton
2.carton size:42x42x750px
3.weight:12 kgs


Shipping of microfiber towel

1.More Than 100KG: By Ocean or By Air

2.Less Than 100KG: Internation Express, Door to Door service

3.According to customer's request


Question & Answer

1.What is your MOQ?2,000 pcs (available colors in stock)
10,000 pcs with the standard size

2.How to get a sample?

3.Sample free with freight collect How to delivery the goods?

1.More Than 100KG: By Ocean or By Air
2.Less Than 100KG: Internation Express, Door to Door service
3.According to customer's request


Why choose us?

1.Factory supplier 

2.Reasonable price  

3.Design different picture depend on your idea 

4.guarantee for quality for one year 

5.Any enquiry and question can be replied in 24 hours


Customer Service:

1. Free sample for you,or according to your requirement.

2. Take photos to you before mass production and shipping.

3. Tracking number or picking documents will be emailed to you after shipping goods.


Quality control:

1.Over 5 quality inspectors each department, we have great control on quality aiming at offering you the best goods. 

2. We use the best raw material and 100% test to keep the quality best.

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Q:Silk summer cool with cotton air conditioning is which kind of better? Is the towel better with the bamboo fiber breathable blanket?
If it's hot in summer, the bamboo fiber breathable blanket will be better, covered with comfort, and it will be cooler if it rains. If the usual, it is recommended to buy cotton, I use the manual cotton is very large, warm and comfortable, like, like fuanna, Lyra have, you can surf the Internet to see, I hope to help you
Q:What brand is pure cotton towel?
Cotton towels are many different kinds, different yarn, twistless yarn feel fluffy, but easy to lose hair, I think 32 yarn towel is relatively easy to use, when the dark water wash will have floating color, I think it is good to the skin in the light, I hope to help you!
Q:How to make washed cotton towels soft?
Boil the towel with boiling water for about 10 minutes, then wash it with soap, then rinse thoroughly with water. Finally fold the towel and put it in the microwave oven for 5 minutes.
Q:How do you remove the oil Cara on the towel?
The surface of the towel is greasy and sticky. It is because of the large amount of sweat, tears and other secretions on the surface of the towel. Clean the surface of creamy towels, in addition to the above methods can be used, can also be cooking or washing towels in brine.
Q:Tatami embroidery and towel embroidery is like?
Tatami embroidery is a computer embroidery needle plate. The effect is like... Feel hard, stereo sense is not strong in large area when used with a needle to fill out a pair of specific heat transfer printing is made in the clothes printed on the glue and then covered with gold film heating
Q:Towel blanket stored in the wooden box at home for a long time, above the macula, how to remove?
Towel Meidian, be little bean sprouts in Meidian rub, then rinse with water, to remove mildew.
Q:How to remove the sweat of the towel?
It's easy to remove the sweat from the towel. Use the salt in your home to solve the problem.
Q:Why do athletes wear towels when they come down?
It is cold, sweating after lifting, down after the wind blows, the body cools down, while no explosive force. Stay in shape and keep your body cold, just as a basketball player will wear a dress when he comes out
Q:With hot towels deposited, and then use suction blackhead film, and then use cold towels deposited this way, right?
The correct way to black and steps:1, thoroughly clean the skinBefore use, be sure to thoroughly clean the skin, you can use some deep cleansing products to clean up, and can not leave any stains on the skin.2, steamFitted with the basin with hot water, steam steam for about 5 minutes, so that the pores of the face can be opened, the effect will be more good to the black. You can also use hot towels in the black parts of the deposited.3, black export liquidWill be exported liquid onto the make-up cotton above, pay attention to be sure to dip Oh, and then put cotton pads on the nose, ten minutes later you can get it down, you will find that there will be a lot of make-up cotton blackhead and whitehead.4, black adsorption film / remove blackhead maskTo black mask posted about fifteen, you can tear it off. It's time for special attention. Go to the mask when you want to pull from the bottom, the action should be quick, can have the desired effect. But also pay attention not to force too much, otherwise it will strain the skin.5 pore Firming EssenceFinally, use warm water to clean the local residual, apply the frozen astringent water or pore Firming Essence, apply and apply the nose according to the position of the nose, help to shrink the large pores, and at the same time, play the role of calming the skin. Only then can let go black effect to maintain for a long time. You can also use cold towels ice deposited, to prevent large pores, shrink pores to play the effect.
Q:What harm does towel fading bring to people?
Most of the towels are pure cotton, and the dye is only insoluble azo dyes or vat dyes, as long as the process is reasonable, after the reduction of dye cleaning in place, it will not fade. But it can not guarantee that all towel factories will operate in accordance with the rules and regulations carefully, so some of them should have been washed off by the towel factory, and the result has been pushed to the hands of consumers.

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