LONKING Brand Single Drum Road Roller CDM514D

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Product Description:

Construction Machinery CDM514D features:

Front & Rear Light for Night Operation
Panoramic Cabin / Tiltable Column
Close-loop Hydraulic Vibration System
Wear and Impress Resistant
Powerful DF Cummins Engine

Model                  CDM514D


Operating Weight (kg)14000

Length*Width*Height (mm)5978*2280*3220

Weight Burden on Front Drum (kg)7500

Weight Burden on Rear Wheel (kg)6500

Static Linear Load (N/cm)373

Min. Turning Radius (mm)6500

Travel Speed (km/h)0-10.8

Gradeability (%)40

Vibration Frequency (Hz)30/36

Nominal Amplitude (mm)1.8/0.9

Centrifugal Force (kN)290/200

Engine (DF Cummins) Model6BTA5.9-C150

Min. Fuel Consumption (g/kWh)206

Rated Power (kW/ rpm)112/2200

Fuel Tank Capacity (L)280

Vibration Pump Imported Variable Piston Type
Vibration Motor Imported Variable Piston Type
Steering Model Hydraulic Steering
Axle TypeFront Reduce + Middle Reduce + Wheel Hub
Tyre23.1-26 8PR

Service Brake Type Hydraulic Lock Front and Rear Brake
Parking Brake Type:Oil Cut Front and Rear Wheel Brake
Hydraulic Oil Tank Capacity (L)90

A/C ModelGK15-5.0Y2

A/C Refrigerating Capacity (w)4500

A/C Heating Capacity (w)5800

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Q:Should I keep my front loader or return it and get a new top loader?
Keep it! I am a former owner of the original Maytag Neptune (yes, the one with all of the problems). When it was running, it cleaned everything wonderfully! Front loaders are the best at removing spots that would otherwise become stains. You can also fit a much larger load in the front loaders, and still save money on water, heating the water, and laundry products. We finally gave up on the Neptune after 10 years of headaches, and when we went to replace it, we decided that since Maytag was now owned by Whirlpool, and the Maytag name was about $300 less than the Whirlpool (since they are trying to repair the Maytag brand image), we would go for the Maytag Epic. Though I am unfamiliar with the Samsung, here are my recommendations for all front loaders: 1. Always leave the door cracked so it can dry properly; 2. Make sure you use only HE detergents - others don't rinse out properly, and can cause their own set of problems; 3. Whirlpool makes a cleaner specifically designed for front loaders that works very well; 4. Once a month, in addition to cleaning the machine with a cleaner designed for it, also run a cycle with hot water and a cup of vinegar. This will help with any lingering odor problems. Good Luck! -Still loves the front loader after 11.5 years and a Maytag Neptune
Q:Which Usb loader to use for Wii?
i have tried gx, cfg, and wiiflow. wii flow clearly is better.
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Q:What it is the etiquette for tipping loaders at Home depot?
No tip is required or expected as that is a service of Home Depot. Fill out a comment card expressing appreciation for the loader, by name. Home Depot has prizes for such things.
Q:Considering buying a front loader washing machine?
If you are considering purchsing a front loader, you will have more things to consider such as wiping down the door seals once a month with bleach water solution to avoid mildew. And leaving the door ajar to prevent ths since they seal so tightly. Also, you will have to purchase the more expensive HE (High Efficiency) Detergent since normal detergnts are higher in suds and will cause error issues and slow drain in the hoses. 3.5 is HUGE. Most front loaders are around 3.1. That's all I can tell you, but the more bells and whistles you get, the more issues you may have to contend with. You may want to consider getting an extended warranty after the frst year. Read a Users Guide/Manual before you buy one just to see some of the things you will have to keep up with. I can't give any advice on Fridgidaire, but Maytag and Whirlpool are good suggestions and their customer service is great.
Q:Need to buy a new washer should I stick with a top loader or go with a front loader? Any particular brand?
Front okorder.com/... Then when I moved I bought a Frigidaire set thinking it would be as good as my last one. No such luck. It was awful but fortunately Lowes let me return the set after 4 months. I never felt like the washer got my clothes clean, and the dryer wouldn't dry all the way. After I returned the Frigidaire I got a Bosch set thinking that top of the line was the way to go to avoid frustration. I do love my Bosch set, but it's really annoying that the washer doesn't have a Spin Only cycle because sometimes the load gets off balance and won't completely spin out at the end of the cycle. My neighbor has an LG set and loves it. And she has a Spin Only cycle.
Q:with a front loader, can I soak whites?
A front load machine does not put enough water in the machine to soak like a tradional top loader. You can buy a machine that has a soak cycle and it will slowly keep the clothes moving in the water. Mine has a cycle called prewash and that is what I use to soak my whites-i put extra bleach and soap and hit the button for 2nd rinse.
Q:which washing machine shoud i buy? which is better? a front loader or top loader with out the agitator?
I would pick the top loader without the agitator. The reason is that if you find something to add to a load once a front loader is going you cannot open it to add anything because the water will spill out.
Q:What would happen if an m1a2 abrams loader dies?
All crew members are cross-trained in all positions

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