LONKING Brand Single Drum Road Roller CDM510B

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500 unit/month

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Product Description:

Construction Machinery CDM510B features:

Front& Rear Light for Night Operation
Panoramic Cabin / Tiltable Column
Open-loop Hydraulic Vibration System
Permco Hydraulic Components 
Wear And Impress Resistant
AC & Pad Foot Optional

Weight LoadModelCDM510B
Operating Weight (kg)10000
Distributed Weight for Drum(kg)5000
Distributed Weight for RearWheel(kg)5000
Compact  PerformanceStatic Linear Load for Drum(N/cm)235
Nominal Amplitude(mm)1.8/0.9
Centrifugal Force(kN)240/150
Maneuverability PerfomanceDiameter of Drum(mm)1520
Width of Drum(mm)  (W2)2120
Rim Thickness of Drum(mm)20
Min .Ground Clearance(mm) (h)420
Min .Steering Radius(mm)6500
Wheelbase(mm)  (L1)3135
Travel Speed(km/h)Forward1.9/3.3/9.1
Steering Angle30±1°
Swing Angle±10°
Tyre Specification17.5-25 12PR
Rated Power(kW/rpm)85/2200
Min Fuel Consumption(g/kW•h)235
CapacityStorage Battery (V/Ah)12V﹡120Ah﹡2
Fuel Tank(L)220
Hydraulic Tank(L) 220
OthersDrive TypeMechanical
Vibration SystemOpen-loop Hydraulic Vibration System
Service BrakeAir Booster Caliper Rear Axle Brake
Parking BrakeShaft Controlling Brake of Gear Box

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Q:How does the Hot Lips Magazine loader work?
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Q:I have a Maytag Neptune top loader washing machine. It is locked and will not undo, how do I unlock?
i became such as you till those days, could no longer come to a call between magnificent or front loader. i ended up getting a front loader have not regarded back. this is a splendor! Washes fairly nicely would not use lots water. this is a 7kg, lots great adequate yet i might have favourite a speedier spin velocity than 800rpm I do advise getting a device that measures the quantity of water required for the load. i visit in no way circulate back to a magnificent loader. each and all of the terrific!!!
Q:breaking a muzzle loader barrel in.?
I have found the best way to break in a muzzleloading barrel is to use a good lubricant on your patches such as Bore Butter. I wipe the bore between each shot for the first ten or so shots. By then the Bore Butter will have seasoned the bore. After that, you need to wipe the bore only when it becomes difficult to seat a ball all the way down on the powder. If you let the bore become too fouled for the ball to completely seat on the powder, you can have the barrel blow up on you. Once seasoned, you need only to flush the bore with hot water and a little soap followed by a thorough drying. Then swab the bore with Bore Butter and put the gun away. If you do this, you will find that your barrel will last quite a lo-o-o-o-ong time before it becomes shot out. Now that you have that muzzleloader, you need to join The National Muzzleloading Rifle Association (NMLRA). You will learn a LOT from the association.
Q:the new youtube loader?
Q:How can I connect 2 single spool hydraulic valves together to create up & down pressure on front-end loader?
Northern Tool sells the valve that you need. It's much easier to use the valve made for the task than it is to rig something together and live with 2 different levers for up/down on the bucket.
Q:how to upgrade icoo loader?
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All of the same mould, it is recommended to the Shahe town on-the-spot investigation
Q:How about the quality of Xinbang loader zl926
ZL926 technical parameters of model ZL926 rated load (2000 kg) rated bucket capacity (M 1 operating weight fand) (5000 kg) engine model 4102/4105 (KW) 47/60 rated power rated speed (r/min) 2400 (mm) 3200 unloading unloading height distance (mm) 700 minimum turning radius (mm) = 3500 drive mode four wheel drive, maximum speed (kw/h) 20 steering hydraulic steering dimensions (length * width * height) 5100*1900*2750 note: product improvement specifications are subject to change without prior notice, the actual product and this figure may be slightly different, whichever kind of product advantages: 1. bucket automatic flat, using computer optimization design, "Z" type turning bucket structure, to realize the enormous shovel digging force 2. gearbox, torque device has integral structure, reliable performance and high of 3. points completely discharged After loading (discharging angle greater than 45 degrees) large bucket arm falling, automatic return to the ground 3-5 of loading angle, direct shovel, 4. high efficiency full hydraulic steering system with reliable performance and convenient operation can also be.
Q:Is it okay to use front loader washing machine detergent for a top-loader machine?
I would venture to say it won't do any harm, but I'm not sure it will get your clothes as clean all the time. Front loading machines use about the half the water and a different method of cleaning (removes dirt by working the detergent through clothes using a drop and tumble process versus rubbing the center agitator). Because of that, FL's require what's called a high efficiency detergent formula -- the average amount of which might be too diluted in a top loader. I admit that's just a guess, but I don;t see any harm in it. :)

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