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The product has compact structure, beautiful appearance, and large traction force.
The articulated frame structure has large steering angle and small turning radius; the frame adopts box-type structure, which has longer life.
The new type steel structure cab features buffer seal, wide view, good safety and comfort, and it can be mounted with air conditioner.
The hydraulic system of working device adopts CBGj3166 pump, it features large displacement and quick lifting speed, and it greatly improves the productivity.
It adopts load sensing full hydraulic steering system, featuring convenient and quick steering, smooth operation and reliable performance.
The product adopts optimized and improved sealing structure for hydraulic pipelines, which further improves the reliability of the hydraulic system.
The unique design of closed heat dissipation system effectively reduced the engine water temperature and hydraulic system temperature, which improves the machine’s life. 


Rated bucket capacity, m33.0
Rated loading capacity, kg5000
Operating weight, kg16500
Unloading height, mm3050Unloading angle 45°
Unloading distance, mm1148
Axle base, mm2910
Wheel tread, mm2260
Min. ground clearance, mm534
Steering angle, (°)35
Length, mm7717Bucket lowers to ground
Max. length, mm5780
Max. width, mm2870
Max. total height, mm3440
Bucket width, mm3030
Distance from rear axle to articulation point, mm1920
Rear overhang length, mm2050
Departure angle, (°)28
Unloading angle, (°)45
Max. tipping angle(°)Ground position40Height of articulation pin: 264
Transport position45
Height (material carrying),mm450
Max. traction, kN160
Turning radius, mm6178
Max. gradeability, (°)30
Tipping loadkN94
Max. breakout force, kN160

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The hydraulic pump supplies the pressurised oil to the control valves, which have solenoids on them that enable oil drift by way of them when vigor is applied, which depending on utility makes a hyd cylinder or hyd power motor operate. The handles on either facet of the operaters chair have micro switches inside them that energy the solenoids on the valves. The valve physique assemblys, or sandwich valves they're known as, are equipped to be pressure ajusted independently to make more or less movement to anything it operates. On the bottom of the valve theres a cover for the valve spool, the allen wrench becoming in the base is the pressure ajuster. However don't attempt to AJUST strain ON ANY a part of THE HYDRAULIC procedure with no TRIPLE pressure REG GAUGE. PRESSURES IN method EXCEED 3000 PSI AND IF INCORRECTLY AJUSTED would motive A strain factor TO FAIL AND damage OR KILL YOUR SELF OR any one ELSE
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rite of replication. played on any ally, it's hilarity. on the excavator, it's death. archive trap- mill 13 card traumatize- mill half card
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It depends entirely on the area of the country you are in, the weather, and the excavator you have chosen. There is no average wait time. If you are building your own home, you are at a disadvantage with an excavator, and will be at a disadvantage with every subcontractor you deal with during the construction of your home. You are only building one home, while the builders they normally work for build multiple homes per year. Every subcontractor will put off your job and give priority to the builders who hire them month after month and year after year. Unfortunately, you may be a one shot deal. Good luck with your situation.

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