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Adopting engine of famous brand, energy and fuel saving, strong motive power, high efficiency;

Assigning well-knitly and reasonably with elegant appearance;

Optimized design of work device, easy and simple to operate the machine in smooth condition and fast speed, strong breakout force of swing arm and high efficiency;

Articulated frame, flexible movement, big steering angle, small radius of turning circle and strong traffic ability which can adapt to different kinds of construction environment;

The complete machine adopts optimized and modified hydraulic pipeline leak-proof, which improves the tightness and reliability of the whole unit’ hydraulic system;

New type of steel structure cab, sealing and damping, spacious space, widen horizon, safe and comfortable;

Work device adopts strong wear-resistant material, which makes sure machine to be used in severe environment sturdy and durable, improves stability and reliability of the whole machine.


EngineD1022T2GFork width(mm)2400
Rated power(KW)162Max. breakout force(KN) 165
Rated load (KG)5000Max. traction (KN)145
Min. clamping diameter(mm) 520Max. gradeability (°)30
Max. clamping diameter(mm) 1740Axle base (mm)2840
Work cycle time (s)34Wheel base (mm)2260
Turning angle (°)3000L*W*H (mm)7500*2900*3300
Dump distance(mm)1850Turning angle(°)±35


Length (MM): 7915
Width (MM): 2900
Height (MM): 3300  

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