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SC400.8LC excavator developed based on so many years experience of manufacturing large excavators, and it is designed for working at mines and other adverse conditions.
Power System
It adopts 45T excavator engine with strong power up to 216KW, little emission and excellent economy fuel. And it is of energy saving and environmental protection.
Hydraulic System
The main pump matching with the engine can achieve excellent condition. Varies of power selection model according to different work load. Fulfill the functions of automatic idle speed and power increase.
The enlarged pass diameter of the hydraulic system greatly reduces the loss of hydraulic energy and fuel consumption.
Working Device
The bucket digging force is increased by 23% for the enlarged diameter of the oil cylinder. The digging resistance reduced and the work efficiency increased for the use of new bucket. The operation stability improved by using high body and high strength steel plate welding. Thus the crawler plate of high strength steel material can withstand the impact from the external rough ground. The work environment is comfortable, safe, and the cab is sealing better. Moreover the driving seat angle can adjust greater.
The product listing to further consolidate and enhance the company's large excavators in the market, to meet the various needs of the customers and enhance the competitiveness of the company.                               


Technical Parameter
Operating weight(T)39.8
Bucket capacity(m³)1.9
Engine modelCUMMINS QSM11
Rated power(km/r/min)216/2100
Fuel tank capacity(L)650
Travel speed(km/h)4.8/2.7
Swing speed (r/min)7.6
Max. climbing degree(%)70
Bucket digging force(KN)256
Average grounding pressure(KPA)70
Hydraulic pump modelM5V180DT-H
Max. flow(L/min)320x2
Working pressure(MPA)34.3
Hydraulic oil tank capacity(L)335
O-Max. digging height(mm)10110
P-Max. dumping height(mm)7060
Q-Max. digging depth(mm)7025
R-Max. vertical wall digging depth(mm)5430
T-Max. digging reach10750
V-Min. swing radius(mm)4580

Materials and specifications are subject to change without notice. 


Dimension Figure
A-Overall length(mm)11420
B-Overall width(mm)3340
C-Overall height(to top of boom)(mm)3485
D-Overall height(to top of cab)(mm)3220
Arm length(mm)2800
Boom length(mm)6470

Materials and specifications are subject to change without notice.                               

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Q:How to remove / destroy 2 feet high brick fence?
It all depends on how much you want to spend. You CAN do it with a sledgehammer but it will take a lot of work. You could bring in an Excavator and remove it quickly with much less physical labor. Especially if you hire the excavator and operator. No labor at all other than writing a check.
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wow my dad would know so many places. where do u live if you want i can find were you live and see if my dad has any places to help you out we live in jersey but my dad owns a campground and hes got a excavator, bull dozer, 2 back hoes and a ford 1000 tractor
Q:what type of grease gun should I buy to grease excavator tracks?
A regular sized one will do just fine. You know...the one that uses tubes of grease about the size of a tube of bathroom caulk. I'd get one with a flexible hose as opposed to a fixed one. That way, you'll be able to get to the tough ones without having to maneuver the machine as much.
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Q:I have a 1995 Kamatsu excavator that wont shut off once its started?
there should be a intake shut-off for those diesels that are manual or electric ,try ,if not suffocate the engine by blocking the intake.
Q:What is the best way to move a large rock the size of a garbage can?
The boys around here just hook a chain around it and hook it on the back of a 4 x 4 pickup truck or jeep. Of course if you want to move it a greater distance than around the yard, then you use a come-along to winch it up a ramp and onto a sturdy utility trailer. But then you have to winch it back off again somewhere.
Q:The working principle of excavator air conditioner
The compressor will form a high-pressure gaseous fluorine fluorine pressure - - to - condenser into high-pressure liquid fluoride - to reservoir - dry fluorine - throttle valve evaporator (which is evaporation of fluorine,
Q:what is the advantage of dragging the dirt instead of lifting?
I am guessing that by applying force in the horizontal you are using less energy. W=F*d (Work = force * distance) So if you don't have to lift the dirt (which would add distance) the you use less force hence, less energy, to drag rather than lift dirt
Q:31 excavator factory coding rule is how, it is best to illustrate, thank you!
31 meaning of excavator number (used in 04-06):Example LSY822C19060320L: China06: year of productionSY: 310320: the production of serial number8: crawler type22: whole weightC1: Model9: check code31 meaning of excavator number (used in 06 years):06SY22210318:06: year of productionSY: 3122: whole weightType 21:C50318: the production of serial number

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