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SC360.8 excavator has higher performance, higher quality, higher power, super power, and extra large bucket capacity. The product has the largest engine horse power among similar products in the world, featuring higher reliability, low fuel consumption, and more environmental care. The sturdy and durable working device ensures the most powerful excavating capability. The arm is mounted with impingement plate, which prolongs the service life. It adopts large volume rock bucket with reinforced and thickened plate, which improves the structural strength and durability. The advanced and reliable hydraulic control system brings the engine and main pump power into full play, featuring automatic idling and self-diagnosis of power increase. Safe, comfortable and relaxed operation environment, ergonomically designed cab with homelike operation environment and good vision, low noise, full view front and side windows ensuring good vision from all the directions. The cab is installed with automatic air conditioning system as standard configuration. In 2011, the 36t excavator won the title of “National Key New Product”.                             


Weight (T)34.8
Bucket capacity (m3)1.6
Engine modelCUMMINS 6CTAA8.3
Power (kw/r/min)198/2000
Travel speed (km/h)4.6/2.6
Slewing speed (r/min)8.5
Gradeability (%)70
Bucket digging force (KN)245
Ground pressure (KPa)70.8
Max. flow (L/min)300*2+30
Fuel tank capacity (L)595
Hydraulic tank volume (L)310
O- Max. digging height (mm)10200
P- Max. dumping height (mm)7135
Q- Max. digging depth (mm)7370
R- Max. vertical digging depth (mm)6380
V- Min. slewing radius (mm)4265


A- Overall length (mm)11080
B- Overall width (mm)3190
C- Overall height (boom top) (mm)3180
D- Overall height (cab top) (mm)3280
Boom length (mm)6470
Arm length (mm)

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Q:Where is the regular second-hand excavator market in Shanghai? Does anyone know?
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Q:What kind of industry does excavator belong to? Ten
This industry is called Earth and stone machinery construction industry.
Q:what's the best brand of excavator bucket ?
I work part time as a heavy equipment operator for my families construction buisness and we have tried a couple buckets but we never had luck with them the only buckets we use now are hensley buckets.
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Q:Are earth excavators permitted to carrying or lifting materials like pipes or drums in construction indystry?
Typically no. It's a matter of safety. The object being carried can spill out of the bucket and injure someone. For heavy loads you use a forklift and the objects should be securely held on a pallet. For odd shaped objects a sling may be used but it must be inspected for nicks and tears prior to every use.
Q:how can I get an oporators manual for a Hokuetsu AIRMAN excavator?
this is their web site. hope this helps.

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