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The multifunctional amphibious dredging excavator is a combination of product research and development manufacturing technology for many years. It can work under all kinds of environments at the same time such as soft soil ground, marshes and shallow water etc.  And it is well done in amphibious operation which can not be fufilled by the traditional excavator. In detailed, for it can solve many engineering problems under the particular environment , it become more and more important in the construction of water conservancy and other relevant projects. Recent years, they are widely used in ports, river dredging, sediment removing, ship transport, sand pumping, the sewage sludge cleaning and slag tailings processing, such as extraction, slag forging, sludge, oil and tar residue cleaning and other industrial waste, aggregate, beaches, dike reinforcement and excavation of fish ponds.
After the test of practices in project applications under different working conditions, the technical performance and reliability of SD series multifunctional amphibious dredging excavator received wide recognition among customers.
Adopting the internationally famous brand engine, hydraulic pump, high-power motor, strong in power and reliable in quality.
Simple operating system, convenient and comfortable in operation, high in speed and efficiency.
Low working speed: the speed of the dredging pump is lower compared with same types of products from other brands. The low working speed can reduce wear and tear and can increase the life time of the machine.
Special pumping system: international famous brand dredging pump and matching reamer head are used together, the proportion of solid materials in the extracting materials can reach 70% of the total weight. Optional attachment of the pump: spray ring and specially made cutting head as optional attachment makes the pump fully functional.
Ability to handle solid material. The design of the pump focus on increasing the ability to handle solid material and meanwhile reduce the wear and tear of the low abrasion resistance components.
The SD series multifunctional amphibious dredging excavator can be equipped with other attachments like bucket, dredging pump, weeding machine and hammer according to requirements of different working conditions.                         


Operating Weight(T)30
Bucket Capacity(m³)0.9
Engine ModelCUMMINS 6BTAA5.9
Rated power (kw/r/min)133/2000
Fuel tank capacity (L)350
Travel speed(km/h)3.2
Swing speed(r/min)11.1
Climbing capacity(%)30
Bucket digging force (KN)146\159
Arm digging force (KN)113\123
Average grounding pressure(KPa)14
Hydraulic pump modelK3V112DT
O- Max. digging height(mm)10185
P- Max. dumping height(mm)7313
Q- Max. digging depth(mm)6000
R- Max. vertical wall digging depth(mm)4985
T- Max. digging reach(mm)10170
V- Min. swing radius(mm)3975

HY85HC Specificationof dredging pump

Conveying diameter DN/PN250/10
Delivery capacity m^3/h720/860
Head of delivery m5\7
round per minute980/1180
Rated power kw44/62
Solid treatment90
output volume cc108
Pressure min/max Bar250/300
oil mass min/max l/min1<06/130


A- Overall length (mm)11000
B- Overall width(mm)5750
D- Overall height (to top of cab)(mm)4000
E- Counterweight ground clearance(mm)1940
F- Min. ground clearance (mm)1126
G- Tail swing radius(mm)2960
J- Buoyancy tank length(mm)8250
K- Track gauge(mm)3936
M- Track shoe width(mm)1796
N- Turntable width(mm)2700
Z- Height of counterweight(mm)2995
Arm length(mm)3050
Boom length(mm)5850

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Q:inspection and maintenance of excavator?
machinery should always be inspected daily prior to commencement of work.simple walk around looking for obvious defects like leaks of hydraulic fluid from rams,oil patches underneath main body of machine.simple little things really, also get a grease gun and grease the nipples at least every 20 hrs of machine working.always check your reservoir's i.e water,fuel and hydraulic
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