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> Model No. :KQ3CH-006

> Product Information
Product Code
Input Voltage(V)
Input Current(A)
Output Voleage(A)
Output Current(A)
Working Ambient Temp.(oC)
Size (mm)
MAX 2Ax3
> Packaging Information
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Packaging Specification(pcs/Carton)
Packaging Dimension(mm)

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Q:Industrial 24V switch power outlet "-" is it necessary to connect with the ground?
Is the 24V direct current? Direct current cannot connect with the earth. If the 24V AC is not necessary to connect, if the ground, there is a single-phase grounding fault. So it can't connect with the earth.
Q:Why is the power supply of industrial control system mostly DC24V? Why not 17V? 11V?
At the same time can reduce the current power, and is a common multiple of the majority of the 24, the standard of course should be considered and a variety of battery, either 2V or lead-acid batteries commonly used 1.2V, 1.5V and 3V batteries are good combination. With a series of standards, it's good to swap everything at the critical moment.
Q:What are the types of power used in industrial UPS? What type of UPS power can take the place of it?
OUTPUT:208/220/230/240V, 50/60Hz1000VA/700WThe AC output voltage is the power frequency 220V voltage, and the device with the power 1000VA can be considered,To replace it, a lot more, Santak's UPS can be, the key is how long you want to spare time, batteries should not buy again?.
Q:PIC microcontroller used in the industrial field, its power supply switching power supply and B0505 isolation module, anti-interference performance is better, feasible?
Definitely better. What about someone else developing this power module? Directly with the switching power supply!
Q:What are the applications of intermediate frequency power supply in industrial field?
Application in welding: intermediate frequency power supply can be used for welding, with fast welding speed, little influence on the surrounding heat, no pickling to remove the advantages of oxidation skin. The utility model can also be used for the after welding and adding (tempering) aspects, so as to greatly improve the work efficiency.The application of intermediate frequency power supply is widespread, and some applications are being developed. With the development of thyristor technology and the continuous accumulation of application experience of intermediate frequency power supply, thyristor medium frequency power supply will have a broader prospect of development
Q:What is the concept of switching power supply in electronic circuit single chip microcomputer? What's the use of industry? What is the working principle? Must adopt
Because of the high power factor of the switching power supply and less impact on the power grid (without power factor compensation), it is widely used.
Q:What is the allowable fluctuation range of industrial standard 380V power supply voltage?
220V single-phase power supply voltage deviation is nominal, called system voltage +7%, - 10%.Users with special requirements for the allowable voltage deviation of the supply voltage shall be determined by agreement between the supplier and the power supplier.
Q:What is the difference between computer power supply and industrial switching power supply? My points run out, thank you enlighten prawns. Thank you
The working conditions of industry are poor, and the temperature is too high. The computer power is slightly lower. Almost anything else
Q:Is the switch power supply for industrial instrument power good or transformer good?
Switch power supply for industrial instrument power supply is good or transformer is good. It needs to be determined according to the use.Switching power supply and transformer power supply have their respective advantages and advantages. In the power supply fluctuations or industrial instrumentation is long-term needs of the power for 24 hours, using a transformer power supply is reliable, because it is very durable, not easy to damage. The switching power supply is cheap, low cost, high power efficiency relative to the transformer power supply. It is not the industrial instrument that needs to work online for a long time, but naturally it is better to use switching power supply.
Q:Which is better to use TL494 and UC3842 as industrial power source? Mainly in terms of stability and efficiency!
In terms of stability and efficiency, there is no way to distinguish between, depending on the specific parameters you do power, 100W, including the proposed UC3842 flyback, 100W-500W proposed to use UC3842 forward, 500W-1000W suggested using TL494 half bridge

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