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> Model No. :KQ3CH-021

> Product Information
Product Code
Input Voltage(V)
Input Current(A)
Output Voleage(A)
Output Current(A)
Working Ambient Temp.(oC)
Size (mm)
MAX 30
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Packaging Specification(pcs/Carton)
Packaging Dimension(mm)

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Q:Industrial 24V switch power outlet "-" is it necessary to connect with the ground?
Industrial 24V switch power outlet "-" it is necessary to connect with the ground. The negative grounding of the power supply can prevent differential mode interference to a great extent and improve the stability of the circuit.
Q:Why is the power supply of industrial control system mostly DC24V? Why not 17V? 11V?
This is a good option in the power series of standards, standards and made this but after a long time of practice summed up, it will consider a number of factors, the first is a safety voltage on the human body, not all produce the risk of electric shock, second can be regarded as a relatively high safe voltage,
Q:What are the types of power used in industrial UPS? What type of UPS power can take the place of it?
General power monitoring software works only in one operating system. And P9120 comes with the power monitoring management software LanSafeIII/FailSafe III, can adapt to a variety of operating systems, and can work across platforms.Highlights: battery management technology ABM
Q:PIC microcontroller used in the industrial field, its power supply switching power supply and B0505 isolation module, anti-interference performance is better, feasible?
Isolation is not directly related to interference immunityIf the interference source cannot be removed and the interference source is removed, the transmission path is an effective method. The power supply interference can be considered using a power filter
Q:What are the applications of intermediate frequency power supply in industrial field?
Application in welding: intermediate frequency power supply can be used for welding, with fast welding speed, little influence on the surrounding heat, no pickling to remove the advantages of oxidation skin. The utility model can also be used for the after welding and adding (tempering) aspects, so as to greatly improve the work efficiency.The application of intermediate frequency power supply is widespread, and some applications are being developed. With the development of thyristor technology and the continuous accumulation of application experience of intermediate frequency power supply, thyristor medium frequency power supply will have a broader prospect of development
Q:What is the concept of switching power supply in electronic circuit single chip microcomputer? What's the use of industry? What is the working principle? Must adopt
According to the connection mode of switching devices in the circuit, the switching power supply, which is widely used at present, can be divided into three major categories: series switching power supply, parallel switching power supply and transformer type switching power supply. Among them, the switching power supply transformer (hereinafter referred to as the transformer switching power supply) can be further divided into: push-pull, half bridge, full bridge etc; according to the phase excitation and the output voltage of the transformer, and can be divided into: forward, flyback, single and double excitation type excitation type variety; if from the use of come, also can be divided into more types.
Q:Which brand of industrial switching power is good, including imported, not modular power?.Refuse advertising
Japan LAMBDATaiwan meanwell power switch (MW) MEANMALLShanghai Heng Fu switch power supply (HF)Shanghai Lan Fu switch power supply (LanFu)Chaoyang Power SupplyJinweiyuan powerDa Tong Tong DaJapan Kosovosiemens
Q:Is the switch power supply for industrial instrument power good or transformer good?
Switching power supply, the reasons are as follows: 1. switching power supply has EMI circuit, so that the instrument can not be affected by the power grid harmonic, the output is more accurate. 2. switch power supply has lightning protection circuit, can minimize the damage of thunderstorm to instrument. 3. the output voltage of the switching power supply is more stable, and the transformer has no voltage stabilizing function. Please adopt!
Q:How to choose UPS power supply for industry?
The UPS power supply, has been successfully applied to the more than 300 factory level customers, is committed to providing a full set of electrical energy for factory level customer solutions, 11 UPS power supply, stable performance, first-class quality, each UPS power factory, have gone through at least 40 tests of stability to ensure that the vast reaches of products the hands of customers, the UPS power supply, UPS power plant was the best partner program.
Q:Which is better to use TL494 and UC3842 as industrial power source? Mainly in terms of stability and efficiency!
UC3842 I'm using this for switching power supplies 1000W-2000W recommends full bridge with TL494.

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