insulation paper

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Product Description:


insulation paper
1.light weight
2.good uniformity
3.low thermal conductivity
4.large thermal contact resist

insulation paper

The ordinary cryogenic insulation paper(incompatibility with oxygen):

Ordinary cryogenic insulation paper is made of a special process with high quality chemical fiber, usually compositely used with aluminum foil or single (double)aluminized polyester film. It is used in the storage container of cryogenic liquid(liquid helium, liquid nitrogen and liquid argon) and also used in dry ice storage vessels. Its advantage are lightweight, good uniformity, low thermal conductivity, large thermal contact resistance, low outgassing rate in vacuum. This product can be applied in a wide temperature range:-269°C-190°C.


Item  Unit  Index
Weight  g/m2  10±2.0
Thickness  mm   ≤0.06
Tensile Strength  KN/m  ≥0.06
Moisture  %  ≤12
Thermal Conductivity  w/mk  ≤1.35*10-4

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Q:0.3T gas steam boiler about one hour to burn a lot of natural gas
1.0T boiler for 0.7MW;1 standard gas low calorific value is about 32MJ;32* (78.75) *1000 000/3600 = 0.7*1000 000;Namely: 1.0T boiler consumes about 78.75 standard gas;The 0.3T boiler consumes about 23.63 standard gas per hour.
Q:8L of natural gas water heater, 10L,
JSQ20-10P3, in fact, these letters and numbers has his specific meaning! JS is the product code (gas water heater), Q is the way (D flue type Q strongplatoon type, G said the mandatory balanced W outdoor)
Q:How much is a liquefied natural gas?
The volume expansion ratio of liquefied petroleum gas is about 260 times. 260*30=7800L. Liquefied petroleum gas calorific value of about 25000 kcal per cubic meter, the calorific value of natural gas is about 8500 kcal per cubic meter. 7800* (25000/8500) =22941L. It's probably not the use of heat.
Q:Liquefied natural gas water heater
Safety performanceAs long as the master technology principle, the correct procedure in accordance with the operating personnel with a serious and responsible attitude, after the completion of the transformation of the safety performance inspection of gas water heater, of course you don't have to worry about security issues, a qualified after the transformation performance does not occur naturally change, you can rest assured that use. But why there are still online netizens have said "my water heater transformation winter after the water is not hot enough, a small fire cannot catch fire, and water heater repair", we analyze the three reason is that the water is not hot enough mainly because of the transformation parameters did not have a good nozzle parameters are incorrect. A small fire when the water heater cannot catch fire mainly affect the parameters of gas valve core hole, a lot of reform personnel did not notice the valve hole parameters also need to be rebuilt, or know to change because of the influence is not big but deliberately do not change the trouble, in summer, they found a small fire to beat the fire off a small fire at lower temperature. Therefore, it is very important for the transformation to be transferred to the minimum firing position to meet the requirements of ignition performance. In addition, the summer temperature can not drop down can also be tested through the smallest firepower, timely solution! Finally, it is clear that the liquefied natural gas water heater can be changed into natural gas, the natural gas water heater is also feasible to transform into liquefied petroleum gas! Shenzhen in the use of natural gas water heater 70% is the transformation of the new purchase of the 30% (to buy the use of natural gas).
Q:What is the difference between acetylene and gas?
Coal, calcium carbide acetylene, commonly known as the wind gas is in the smallest volume series of alkyne compounds.
Q:How much is the gas in the gas tank?
When the normal use of internal pressure (that is, pressure) 0.5 ~ ~ Pascal (combined with a force of 5 ~ 12 kg / cm2), the entire cross section to withstand the force of about 1000 kg
Q:The status quo of the world and China's natural gas
2, the world's natural gas industry will enter the golden period of developmentIn the next century, the world's natural gas industry will enter a "golden age"". According to the International Energy Agency forecast in Paris, from now until 2020, global primary energy demand will increase by 65%, of which the needs of the developing countries than the current double - fan. In this perspective, the world's natural gas demand will increase by 2.6% per year, when the proportion of primary energy consumption will rise from the current 20% to 30%.The development of the natural gas industry has benefited from many advantages. International Federation of natural gas industry figures show that the world has proven natural gas reserves of 152 trillion cubic meters, according to the current level of consumption can be exploited for 65 years, only proven oil for exploitation for a period of up to 43 years. If viewed from a long-term perspective, the world's largest reserves of natural gas, that is, the current technical conditions can be mined, an estimated 400 trillion cubic meters.Another advantage of natural gas is the high utilization ratio of heat energy. In a few years ago, the thermal efficiency of gas-fired power plant is less than 40%, with the progress of related technologies, today has reached more than 60%. At the same time, some of the power supply and heating gas station, the utilization rate of natural gas and even 90%. Therefore, natural gas can be said to be a considerable economic energy.
Q:As soon as the gas ran out, the gas tank was turned upside down
Like this phenomenon I have encountered before, you first clean the gas pipeline and gas tank between the remaining liquid cleaning
Q:How did the gas come out?
There are many ways to make gas, because the method is different, the gas is not the same. For example: coke oven gas, producer gas, water gas, oil and gas, artificial gas, blast furnace gas, cracking gas and so on many kinds.
Q:Why is there a component in the gas?In order to prevent
A common cause of gas poisoning(1) using a coal stove in a closed room for heating and cooking, due to poor ventilation, inadequate oxygen supply, can produce a large number of carbon monoxide in the roomThe doors and windows closed, and no ventilation, is not installed or not a correct installation.Negligence, thought paralysis, resulting in a large number of gas overflowThe installation of the chimney is unreasonable, the cylinder mouth is facing the air outlet, so that the gas is turned backWeather conditions are not good, such as wind, snow, cloudy, low pressure, gas flow is difficult to discharge

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