insulation paper

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Product Description:


insulation paper
1.light weight
2.good uniformity
3.low thermal conductivity
4.large thermal contact resist

insulation paper

The ordinary cryogenic insulation paper(incompatibility with oxygen):

Ordinary cryogenic insulation paper is made of a special process with high quality chemical fiber, usually compositely used with aluminum foil or single (double)aluminized polyester film. It is used in the storage container of cryogenic liquid(liquid helium, liquid nitrogen and liquid argon) and also used in dry ice storage vessels. Its advantage are lightweight, good uniformity, low thermal conductivity, large thermal contact resistance, low outgassing rate in vacuum. This product can be applied in a wide temperature range:-269°C-190°C.


Item  Unit  Index
Weight  g/m2  10±2.0
Thickness  mm   ≤0.06
Tensile Strength  KN/m  ≥0.06
Moisture  %  ≤12
Thermal Conductivity  w/mk  ≤1.35*10-4

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