Impact Crusher Machine,Mining stone impact crusher

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Impact crusher is generally used as secondary crusher, and by changing rotor and crushing cavity, it can also be used as primary crusher according to the customer’s requirements. It is widely used in highway, reservoir, railway, airport and other fields that need rock with cubic shape. It features high capacity, high performance, high reduction ratio, cubic shape and low flakiness.

Technical Paremeters:

ModelSpec of Rotor
Opening Size
(mm )
Max. Feed
Motor Power
Overall Dimensions
PF-1620 Vφ1640×2000800×2020 400400~550250×2393505×3740×3085

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Q:Waste rock wool how to deal with, there can be recycled?
Rock wool board can be recycled, but because rock wool density is lighter, resulting in higher transport costs, if you can focus on recycling, reduce recovery costs, it is feasible. The recycled rock wool board can be made of double shaft crusher (three shaft crusher), which is broken into 6*6cm size, and then can be obtained by crushing the superfine crusher. The rock wool fiber will be re mixed into production.

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