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Our Exclusive outdoor pillows are the best value you can find hand down, use the classic stripe pillow to bring comfort to the great outdoors and living rooms.


woven of soft, water-proof spun polyester

lined with 100% olefin   

100% polyester fill

Cushion Item

High Quality Cushion , UV Resistance Cushion ,Outdoor Sofa Cushion

Cushion Cover Material

100% Polyester

Cushion Size


Cushion Cover Shape


Cushion Cover Techniques


Cushion Cover Sample available


Loading Port


Washing Care

Dry Clean Only / Ironing with  low temperature

Cushion  Color

Various Colors are available

Cushion  Use

Beach, Bedding, Car Seat, Chair, Christmas, Decorative, Home, Hotel, Outdoor, Seat


Q: What is the filling in the cushion?

A: The filling in the cushion is 100% polystyrene. It is safe, environmentally friendly.


Q: How can I do when the cushion is dirty?

A: You can just wash it. Don’t worry; the color of the cushion will not fade.


Q: Are these cushions poisonous?

A: No, all of our products are safe and environmentally friendly, we have OEKO certificate.


Q:The inner room of the car is beige, with what color, cushion good
Car seat cover and car interior color should be harmonious collocation, if your car interior color is mostly black, you will need to consider to choose the coverings of the illumination, the color is too dark, it will make the car driver's sense of oppression.
Q:What's a good cushion for a car?
Purchase car cushion, but also on the matching degree of cushion and a car, a good horse with a good saddle, good car seat, car seat vehicle not only affects the overall impression is not suitable, will reflect the owners own taste, who did not want to be known as "crass" advice: choose a car seat overall the color to be consistent with the whole interior color tone, focused on the host preference at the same time, try to make the harmonious collocation.
Q:How to choose sofa cushion
Look at the work, the current market sofa mat grades vary, prices vary greatly, workmanship and quality gap is also large. Good quality products, cloth surface uniform, exquisite texture, printing clear, full of luster, sewing uniform and smooth.
Q:What brand of car cushion is good, four seasons is general
Summer to pick the car seat, the most important thing is to cool and comfortable degree of certainty, the flax material and silk material is the best, these two kinds of material cushion ventilation is good, won't make you sweat soaked back, let you away from Hanta embarrassment;
Q:The leather blue sofa matches what color, the cloth of the material and cushion, cushion more good-looking, more noble
Generally paired with sub light color will be relatively better. If you want to highlight the cushion and cushion, you can match the colourful color. If you want the whole to be good, the neutral color is better. It is the living room that does not appear any color overflow in your overall vision.
Q:How can the car cushion be cleaned?
Because after washing easy to form a certain level of shrinkage, not good, there will be a little yellow. Despite the slight impact, however, the search for a successful friend, initiative or send a comparison of professional dry cleaners processing contrast. Do not bleach, and vigorously wring dry, it is best from the water indirectly put forward natural cool dry. Wash and dry, then put in airtight plastic bag and use moisture absorbing agent. If you do not want to buy special moisture absorption agent, and put a few bags, usually buy shoes to give a small bag is also able to. Cleaning notice after cleaning should not be dried in the sun, it can be dried up.
Q:The old bedsore prevention cushion how much thickness is better, and now there are two kinds of 5cm and 8cm on the market
Anti bedsore cushion can not fundamentally solve the problem, can only play a supporting role, often to help the side turning artificial massage, safflower, peach kernel, to add alcohol soaked in paint on the tail of the affected area, accelerate the blood circulation to prevent bedsore.
Q:Can the security level C cushion be used as a pillow?
It doesn't matter if the pillow chooses the right and safe level. Long term use of unsuitable pillows can cause a series of chronic strains, and even develop into cervical spondylosis.
Q:The cushion of the car is good linen. Ice or good
Natural air conditioner: linen fiber has the advantages of moisture absorption, quick wetting, breathability, antistatic and good heat dissipation. It makes the body feel 3-4 degrees lower than other fibers, and has the reputation of "natural air-conditioning".
Q:What's the advantage of a car cushion?
A wrapping stitch that prevents deformation on a cushion, usually relatively hard in order to maintain its shape. In our daily use of friction, the lower seat surface will be scratched and scratched, the loss outweighs the gain.

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