New Style Printing And Handmade Cushion Hot Sale Cotton Linen

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New Style Printing And Handmade Cushion

1.Itemfloor cushion seating sofa
2.Composition100% polyester
3.Size:40*40cm,45*45cm,40*80cm,50*50cm,50"*60"cm,60*60cm, customized
4.Weight:GW:22kgs NW:21kgs
5.Colour:Black, blue, orange, brown, green
6.Certificate:ISO9001, OEKO-TEX 100
7.Quanlity:Strict quality control system of IQC,IPQC,FQC
8.Spec:Usually 288F
9.Market:All over the world
10.Logo:Print, embroidery or jacquard
14.Use:Cushion cover ,sofa cover ,yoga cushion cover and so on
15.Design:Personalized design
16.Cabinet20'FCLAbout 5500pcs
17.Cabinet40'FCLAbout 10000pcs
18.Cabinet40'HQAbout 16000pcs
20.Loading port:Shenzhen or Shanghai

Available Options:

New Style Printing And Handmade Cushion

1.Material:Fabric as your choice
2.Color:Any colours
3.Logo:make with your logo
4.Quanlity:Luxury quality, AZO Free and low Cadmium
5.Design:Over 1000 designs for you to chose, or as yours
6.Sample:Free sample
7.Certificate:Formaldehyde, tested by SGS, Meet EU Standard
8.FeatureSoft touch, durable, absorbency, AZO-free, color fastness
9.OEMOEM is available
10.Details:Talk by mail
11.Inspection:Be strict on quality control
12.Delivery Times:delivery on time

How to placing order

New Style Printing And Handmade Cushion

1. Inquiry-Professional quotation.
2. Confirm the price, lead time, artwork, payment term etc.
3. Please pay the deposit after recieve our Proforma Invoice
4. Pay 30% deposit, 70% balance against the BL copy
5. Will arange to production after approval the PP samples
6. Delivery time depends on after confirm all details
7. Can arrange inspection as your request
8. Clients make payment for balance before ship the goods.
9. Order can be say “finish” when you receive the goods and satisfy with them
10. Feedback to us about Quality, Service, Market Feedback & Suggestion. We can better



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Q:What happened to the car seat being wet?
The question is very troublesome. I once did, too. The right rear window was closed. At night it rained. Second days later, half of the row seat was soaked. I found a place to open the door facing the sun. But for a long time it was musty. Because the sun is not thorough enough.The back seats are usually removed. You don't seem to be able to pull off the co pilot. You can do it the same way. When there's time, just a few noon, just staring. Don't let anyone steal. Ha-ha。 Or find a beauty shop where they can unload their chairs and dry them
Q:Which brand is the heating cushion of the car good? Is the car heating cushion safe?
Just sit in the car seat in winter is the most cool leather seat, but with a plush cushion can be solved, because the car seat cooling is not good, so sit down for a while will be very warm, does not need electric heating, is not practical, there is not much significance, because the electric heating cushion is not just hot, wait until the fever this time, the ordinary plush cushion is warm. If you want to sit up on the heat, you need to sit before you want to open the power supply, very inconvenient. Besides, it's very hot and uncomfortable to sit in the electric heater for a long time. Therefore, it is not recommended to buy electric heating cushion.
Q:Fur integrated cushion how to wash?
Ingredients 1: special cleaning agent for fur is opened with lukewarm water. The ratio of water to water is 1:100 to 200, depending on the extent of the fur stains that need washing. The temperature is 30 degrees -40 degrees.Ingredients 2: professional softener with warm water to open, after the exchange of water. The amount of fur cushion is 100ml. Water can be made without fur. The temperature is 30 degrees -40 degrees
Q:What is the ice sand on the cushion of ice sand?
The ice pad on your car seat or office, family seat, as if in continuous use under high temperature, the refrigeration material bag has melted, can be placed in less than 25 degrees on the ground, cold, cold water or the refrigerator can, it will automatically restore the crystalline state. Remind the driver friend in the driver's seat on the best ice pad moved to sun shade out or a cotton pad cover can make the ice pad keep longer cold! When necessary to prepare the 2 change for use (note that if the indoor environment temperature greater than 25 degrees, temporarily without ice pad most seem to save ice with a thermal insulation material product package preservation to prevent it from absorbing heat from the environment melting temperature rise. When you take the car home, put the ice mat under 25 degrees below the cool environment to cool it down again.
Q:Leather sofa, do not buy sofa cushion
Before buying a sofa cushion, we must first take good measure, for the choice of the size we would rather not big small, if the cushion is large enough can be put into the corner of the sofa slit reinforced sofa cushion, if too small words will often lead to fall, when sitting also affect comfort.
Q:How to properly maintain the car's leather cushion?
Leather cushion and leather sofa maintenance1: Leather strong absorption, should pay attention to antifouling, it is best to use leather softener in spring and autumn festival. Usually wipe the sofa, do not rub vigorously, so as not to hurt the epidermis.2: every week with a clean towel dipped in water, wring dry, leather light swab, and then dry, and then special leather oil polishing.3: if the phenomenon of holes, rags and burning, should ask professional personage to fill up.4: Leather should be placed in ventilated and dry place, not water cleaning or washing, avoid damp, mildew and moth.
Q:Is the ice pack cushion good for your health?
The ice mat is not afraid of pressure, but please be careful not to stab the product surface with sharp objects. If you accidentally stabbed a hole in the surface of the product, do not have to worry, can use the home repair after the adhesive can be used normally.Ice packs are soft and plain ice packs. The soft freezing point is -18 degrees centigrade and remains soft after storage. The disadvantage is the short duration of the cooling,
Q:Does the wooden cushion of the car seat damage the seat?
First, find a good shop. Do not optimistic about the assessment rate, but to see the inside of his assessment of the difference in detail, and thus determine what the treasurer is like. Will deal with after-sale problems, will not be responsible for their mistakes, problems will not take the initiative to solve?. Because a shop does not make mistakes is almost impossible, the praise rate can be smashed money to buy, these can not buy.
Q:Excuse me, car cushion, summer that kind of material?
Some of them are ornamental, comfortable and durable. Car seat which kind of good silk materials of the car seat and soft, no sweat, personal natural antibacterial, electrostatic balance, it through the fiber surface micro cavity surface the moisture and sweat suddenly discharged, with good air permeability, sweat absorption, automatic humidity, sunshine warming up slowly and so on. Ice silk cushion can be used for 3 years or so, is selling products in the car seat. But as the cushion has the function of moisture absorption, it should be replaced and washed in time. Summer car cushion, bamboo or grass cushion, the cushion is characterized by reasonable price.
Q:Can the security level C cushion be used as a pillow?
The shape of the pillow should first conform to the normal physiological curve of the human body, so that when sleeping, regardless of supine, lateral position, cervical spine, respiratory tract restoration, normal physiological curve at ordinary times. Although said is "pillow", in fact, "pillow neck" is correct, should be pillow in the back of the head and shoulder in the middle of the neck, when sleeping soundly to support the role of the neck. In supine, the highest point should be in the middle of the neck, in order to support the neck song, to maintain the physiological curvature of the neck. The lowest point of the pillow is the back of the head; the pillow supports the side of the neck while lying on the side. To keep the front view of the spine in a straight line, from the side view is normal S (physiological curve) principle.

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