HJVV Bureau of symmetrical cable used in digital switching equipment

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Product Description:

一、application scope

The cable is mainly used in digital switching equipment internal or short section of the connection between digital switching equipment, the highest 10 MHZ transmission frequency.Can also be used as an internal or and other digital devices between the short section of the connection.Can meet the digital switching system transmission of high bit rate digital signal.With smaller diameter, ease of installation and connection.
Product the YD/T 818-818 standard design and production.Its technical indicators fully meet the standard requirements.The structure stability of products reach the international similar products level.


二、cable type

Cable type by type and specification, it said the following:





三、cable construction

1, the conductor: the nominal diameter of 0.25 mm or Φ Φ single tin round copper wire 0.5 mm.
2, insulation: use PVC insulation, conductor chromatography using monochromatic or additive color ring.
Line 3, line to: to adopt the section from twisting synthesis of crosstalk in order to meet the strict requirements, and in accordance with the provisions of chromatography in order to easy to distinguish.
4, cable conductor: line to press with twisted into cable core type or unit type.Overlap with a layer of polyester film around the package.
5, block: cable can have cable shielding.According to user requirements cable can be blocked.Shielding have single plastic coated aluminum foil overlapping winding and shielding.Tin plating round copper wire textile block, or two methods at the same time use the shielding.
6, sheath: sheath for PVC plastic, color is gray.Or the color of the user requirements.

performance (20℃)






length;converted based on KM




Single conductor dc resistance






Insulation dielectric strength 1 min
Between conductor and the conductor and shield, shielding and shielding


AC     1000

DC 1400


Each root insulated wires and the rest of the grounding and shielding of the insulation resistance between wire DC100 ~ 500 v


+20℃ ≥500

+70℃ ≥1



Shielded cable capacitance between core and shielding





Near end crosstalk attenuation





In study


In study


The characteristic impedance









Natural attenuation


















Wire disconnection, mixed line


Lines to keep, don't mix


Shielding continuity




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