High strength standard diving world buckle

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Halogen lamp deep-water exploration disaster salvage lighting problem are as follows;A, inadequate illumination to looking for underwater target.
Two, in order to improve the intensity of illumination only increases lamp power, increase the rate of light can achieve soon no battery orders, but because power consumption is too large (lighting time is short),
Magnetic control switch, open the barrier pressure is limited, and vulnerable to the impurity of the water seepage, some o-ring seal even susceptible to corrosion, so the diving depth, generally within 30 meters, and the service life of the very limited!
There is no switch, rotary switch, equivalent to strictly is basic to eliminate open Achilles' heel of the mark, is one of the high-end and depth of waterproof diving flashlight universal use, waterproof depth is more than 100 metres.
The second: a torch light source
Currently widely used CREE LED series, is the most used Q5 / R5 / T6 / SWC100W, lumen is a kind of light units, 100 lumens is approximately equal to high power 1 w!
CREE Q5, brightness can reach below 230 lumens
CREE R5, brightness can reach about 350 lumens
CREE T6, brightness can reach 1000 lumens
SWC100W, brightness can be up to 10000 lumens
Third: use the flashlight batteries, the brightness of the different types of rival battery and battery life have influence!The same number of different batteries also have very big concern, at the current market popular diving flashlight note ARCHON (the pupil) as an example.
Note ARCHON D20, using two 18650 batteries, battery life under 1000 lumens highlighted in 1.8 hours!!!
Note ARCHON D22, using two 26650 batteries, battery life under 1000 lumens highlighted in about 4.0 hours!!!
Note ARCHON D33, using three 26650 batteries, battery life under low light of 1000 lumens in about 9.0 hours!!!
Fourth: tube body materials
Plastic tube body, light weight and flexible, but easy ageing, the time is long easy to seawater corrosion, and if not careful fall on the ground, scrapped a high probability of tube body, not durable.
: aluminum alloy cylinder body weight is a bit heavier than plastic tube body, flexibility is a bit poor, but very corrosion resistant, resistant to impact.Price is more expensive, high-end brand aluminum alloy 1.5 meters diving flashlight can free fall, catch level 3 hard anodized and appearance!
Fifth: the flashlight lens
Glass lenses, good pervious to light, but not resistant to impact, so use to be very careful when!
Poor acrylic lenses, pervious to light and impact resistance than glass, also is not ideal!
Good bulletproof PC lens, pervious to light, and very resistant to impact, the hammer hit not bad!But the price is expensive, flashlight cost increases, is the ideal diving flashlight lens!
(60 meters diving HID flashlight) special xenon scuba diving flashlight to solve this problem It not only small volume light weight and long using time Is 3 times of halogen lamp, brightness at the same time also is three times as much as the halogen lamp. Power has 24-35 to 50 w much money, discharge time, 90-120 minutes (battery can be replaced rapidly).Color temperature 4000-4300 k.Diving 60 meters work, is currently the world's most high-end energy-saving light xenon flashlight.
This kind of xenon HID flashlight not only widely used in civil and in the army, the police armed police frontier...Also comes in.

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