High Strength FRP Pipe Reinforced Plastic GRP Pipe Fiberglass Pipe Price

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DIN: 100-4000

Product Description:

 The company had produced many kinds of FRP pipe with sand filler for the water-leading projects of Jiangsu Lianyungang, Taicang, Yangzhou, Nantong, Hubei Congyang, Tongshan, Hunan wangcheng, Liuyang, Liaoning Huludao, Shandong Yantai, Qingdao, Jinan, Fujian Fuqing, Qinghai Geermu etc., the diameters of pipes ranged from DN400 to DN1800, and the pipes became crucial in the projects and enjoyed the applause of the customers, for it contributed a lot to the promotion of the quality of the water transportation, reduction of the transportation cost and therefore ensured the high quality of the drinkable water.


Diameter: DN300-4000

Pressure: PN6-25

Rigidity level: SN2500-10000

Length: 6m, 12m

Qualification Testing

      Strain corrosion Testing

      Hydrostatic Design Basis

      Joint Testing

      Initial Ring Deflection

      Long-Term Ring Bending

      Potable water Approvals

Control Testing

      Raw materials

      Physical properties

      Finished pipe:visual inspection,barcol hardness,wall thickness,section length, diameter,hydrostatic leak tightness test to 1.5rated pressure


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Hyflux. I.D.E. Technologies LTD. FISIA ITALIMPIANTI , BEFESA Company

High Strength FRP Pipe Reinforced Plastic GRP Pipe Fiberglass Pipe Price

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Q:Uneven settlement of the foundation, can lead to glass fiber reinforced plastic underground water pipes burst, what is the principle?
Dislocation will cause the pipe to burst. The pressure is different, and the pipe will burst
Q:How to repair and repair the broken hole of GRE glass fiber reinforced plastic pipe?
The service will be restored in 24 hours, and I hope this will help you! Can private letter to contact is not clear!
Q:Would like to ask about the plastic lined steel pipe, steel pipe, glass steel skeleton, the advantages and disadvantages of each ceramic pipe, to know a friend told, very grateful!
Steel skeleton pipe is not corrosion resistant, often used in drainage, easy to install, the price is almost the same as fiberglass, cheap inside there is no steel skeleton
Q:Slurry circulation glass fiber reinforced plastic pipe
Slurry circulation glass fiber reinforced plastic pipeline has good corrosion resistance. FRP pipes are resistant to acid, alkaline, and non fluid erosion. In general, the service life of the steel pipe is 15 years, the cast iron pipe is 5 - 10 years, and the glass tube can be used for 50 years.
Q:Glass fiber reinforced plastic pipe to withstand 1.0MPa pressure, pipe wall to do how much thickness?
This depends on the size of the pipe diameter, the greater the diameter, the thicker the wall.
Q:What kind of epoxy resin and formula do you need for making fiberglass pipe?
By explaining the materials, tools, moulds, renovation and repair, process, structure and various products, the latest development direction, process technology and application of FRP products are described.
Q:Why more and more people choose FRP pipe?
The cost performance of FRP pipes is higher than that of PP, PVC, PE or concrete, and the strength, hardness and toughness of PP, PE and PVC are not as good as those of FRP pipes
Q:FRP pipe price
FRP prices are calculated in terms of material length and nozzle diameter.FRP duct price is: 3mm specifications 66 yuan / square meter, 4mm specifications 88 yuan / square meter, 5mm specifications 110 yuan / square meter, 6mm specifications 130 yuan / square meter, 7mm specifications 150 yuan / square meter
Q:What is the structure and function of glass fiber reinforced plastic lining?
The structure is made up of colloid + glass cloth. The construction process is like this:1, carbon steel inner wall grinding acute angle, rust removal2, brushing glue3, cloth affixed4, brushing glue5, cloth affixed
Q:Raw material and mix ratio of inorganic glass fibre reinforced plastic wind pipe
Glass, reinforced with filler, the general ratio is 1 to 0.001

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