High quality recycle Rubber desulfurizer rubber products

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Product Description:

Quick Details

  • Classification: Chemical Auxiliary Agent

  • CAS No.: A-1901

  • Other Names: Reclaimed Rubber Softener

  • MF: CH3C

  • EINECS No.: 8551132

  • Purity: 99%

  • Type: Other

  • Usage: Plastic Auxiliary Agents

  • Model Number: COST-RRSA

  • hot searching word: High quality rubber products

  • key words: rubber oil

  • color: semi solid or liquid or solid

  • Proportion (20℃), g/cm3: 1.12-1.20

  • Engler viscosity (E80): ≤4.0

  • Softening point(Ring & Core)℃: Softening point(Ring & Core)

  • Ash %: 0.12-0.15

  • Elongation at break %: 450--560

  • Suggest adding quantity: Around 15%

  • Cadmium (Cd) Mg/kg: Not check out N.D.

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details:it is generally packed in plastic weave bags (50 kg / bag), or within the plastic outer carton or iron drum / plastic drum
Delivery Detail:About 10 days after receive payment


1.Rubber Auxiliary Agents Usage Softener
2.To increase production rate 70%.
3. aid in the rubber production

                               High quality recycle Rubber desulfurizer  rubber products




Product Description



Reclaimed rubber softening agent is made of biomass of oil with Natural vegetable oil. It is a new multiple product formed by continuous refined tower and high temperature and high pressure, low temperature and low pressure. It is an important aid in the desufluration and production process of the reclaimed rubber. The formation temperature is at about 500 degrees with a black oily liquid, and after condensation and crystallization, it becomes black solid block. The softening point of reclaimed rubber softening agent is blew 60 degrees. Our reclaimed rubber softening agent has passed the Pony test, and get to the REACH environmental protection Standard, and also get through the CQC of China Quality Certification Centre. It is an environmentally friendly softener, no special odor, which can instead of traditional coal tar( pitch), pine tar oil, waste oil or any other softener do bad to environment and health.

Product characteristics technical specifications
According to it’s softening point, it is divided into two types:
One is a semi-solid form which has a softening point at 35-45 degrees Celsius.It is soft viscous paste;
Another wholly solid form has a softening point 45-60 degrees Celsius. It is block-shaped or disk-shaped

Project indicators/ appearance

Shining black semi-solid

Shiny black solid

Proportion (20°C), g/cm3 



Engler viscosity (E80)



Softening point(Ring & Core)°C



Ash         %



Elongation at break %



Lead(Pb)        Mg/kg

Not check out  N.D.

Not check out  N.D.

Mercury (Hg)       Mg/kg

Not check out  N.D.

Not check out  N.D.

Cadmium (Cd)      Mg/kg

Not check out  N.D.

Not check out  N.D.

Hexavalent chromium 

(Cr) Mg/kg

Not check out  N.D.

Not check out  N.D.

Suggest adding quantity

(100kg Rubber material)%


Around 15%

Product property
1.This softening agent has the characteristics of none special odor, none stimulation to nose and eyes while desulfurization of produce reclaimed rubber, improving the operating workshop. It’s a environment friendly softening agent.
2.As a reclaimed rubber softening agent, it can accelerate the softening rate of rubber powder and the rate of desulfurization. It can also reduce more than 25% energy consumption,significantly improve the work efficiency.
In the production process of reclaimed rubber,nearly 70% of effective ingredients of this softener can be directly transformed into reclaimed rubber, achieving the effect of increase production.
4.By using this softening, can significantly improve the performance and increasing the intensity of the reclaimed rubber. While use good quality’s rubber powder, it can increase 2-3MPa, such as the top of reclaimed tire rubber powder can be reach 14-17 MPa easily. while use relatively poor quality’s rubber powder, it can also increase 1-1.5 Mpa, such as the general reclaimed tire tread rubber powder can be reach 12-14 MPa easily.  

Product Purpose
1. As softening agent, in the high temperature and pressure desulfurization tank, the recycled rubber powder can osmose quickly into the space of rubber molecular chains, not only reducing the force between molecular chains, but also decreasing the possibility of rubber structuring. Thus, it can be effective in softening rubber material.

2. Meanwhile, under high temperature and pressure and after desulfurized, the softening molecular can still remain in rubber material molecular, for this reason, it can act on strengthening the level and ductility of rubber material, thereby strengthening the strength and extension rate. So this softening agent also called reclaimed rubber special strengh type softening agent.

This product is oily enough. 


Packaging & Shipping


This softening agent has the heat absorption and heat flow nature, the best storage temperature is below 25 degrees Celsius, shelf life is 6 months.Finished product warehouses should be ground clean, cool and ventilated, the goods must be far away from the fire source of heat. Do not place the product exposure in the sun or rain.The goods must be placed neatly, generally the carton placed the height is limited to 8 layers. Light light discharge when handling to prevent damage to the packing. Before use softening agent, it should be put in the heating barrel heat conduction oil or steam medium for indirect heating, and stir well before use. Do not use direct baking type rapid heating, so as not to affect the performance of the softener. This softening agent adopts iron drum or carton packaging, transportation process is not affected by the weather temperature. No flowing, no sticking, not be damaged by the extrusion flow, convenient for reclaimed rubber factory to storage and factory workers to quantitative feeding. The iron drum packing: 250 kg/barrel. 20 'container can hold 80 barrels, with the quantity of 20 tons/container. Carton packaging: 30 kg/carton,each carton placed in four plastic bags,, each contans 7.5 kg. 20 'container can hold 650 cartons, with the quantity of 19.5 tons/container.





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