High Quality Low Carbon stone 004

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1000 sq.m. m²
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400000 sq.m. Per Month m²/month

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Product Description:

General information of low carbon stone


Raw material

Sawdust, corn-straw and tailing, can be recycled after using.


Utilizing molecular structure of crystalline-state solidification, shaping under normal temperature and pressure with low  carbon emission.


Stitching, wet-sticking and dry-fasten connecting


Favorable corrosion resistance, non-ignitable, water-proof, UV-resistant, high resistance to fire, water and insects. 

Lead time

30 days after receiving buyer's original L/C or Prepayment


Seaworthy Export Standard Wooden Pallet

Four breakthroughs

Comprehensive utilization of natural resources: Be recyclable, using sawdust, corn-straw and tailing as materials. The product can be recycled after using. 

Low carbon and energy saving in the course of production: Adopting the independent individual property’s technology, utilizing molecular structure of crystalline-state solidification, shaping under normal temperature and pressure with low carbon emission.

Environmental and healthy in the course of construction and using: Synthesized by natural inorganic raw materials, nontoxic, odorless and non-radiative simple installation, which could save energy cost and reduce and waste emission, raise efficiency and reduce erection time.

From nature, beyond nature: Full realization of the natural texture, high resistance to fire, water and insects. Do not rot or fade after long time usage. Super self-cleaning needs low maintenance cost. Vivid color and appearance provides a wide space to designers.

Six advantages

Lower more than 50% cost, enhance building's performance to price ratio.

Cutting at will, Fixing easy, Shorting project time.

Good performance in resistance to elements, corrosion-resistant ,resistance to termite, fire resistance and water-resistant, far from distortion and discolorations in 30 years. 

Well self-cleaning, low cost in later maintenance: Don't need professional maintenance in 30s(Cleaning with water only), saving much cost. 

Customize the color, showing individuation: Beyond 400 kinds of colors, designers could exhibit their imagination. 

Compound with natural inorganic materials: Without formaldehyde and toluol, sustained releasing negative oxygen ion, forming nature oxygen bar.

Special specifications are available on customers' requirements.


Technical information of low carbon stone



1.23 g/m3        

Folding strength             

15.4 Mpa                 

Wet expansion rate


Shear strength


Frost resistance

Thaw-freeze cycle after 25 times, no slip crack and peeling off

Formaldehyde release

0.014mg/(m2·h)  (GB/T 18587-2001)


Specification of low carbon stone


Standard: 2400mm/3000mm(L)×1200mm(W)×12mm/20mm(T)

Standard length: 2400mm/3000mm

Standard width:300mm,400mm,600mm(including 3mm kerf width)

Standard thickness: 12mm/20mm


Product exhibition of low carbon stone


Low carbon stone with hole rock


 Low carbon stone with holw rock-1   Low carbon stone with hole rock-2   ow carbon stone with hole rock-3   Low carbon stone with hole rock-4   Low carbon stone with hole rock-5      


Low carbon stone 


 Low carbon stone-1   Low carbon stone-2   Low carbon stone-3   Low carbon stone-4    Low carbon stone-5


The  project picture of low carbon stone



 The project picture of low carbon stone     


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Q:Whether the table is made of natural marble or man-made marble
Artificial marble is usually made of natural marble or granite gravel as a filler, with cement, gypsum and unsaturated polyester resin as a binder, by mixing molding, grinding and polishing made, so artificial marble has many natural marble Of the characteristics, such as artificial marble can be manually adjusted, so many colors, flexibility is better, convergence treatment is not obvious, the overall sense is very strong, and colorful, with ceramic luster, high hardness, easy to damage, corrosion resistance, High temperature, and very easy to clean.
Q:Artificial marble hazards
It is because the artificial marble is made by man-made, so there are many uncontrollable elements, some manufacturers in order to reduce costs in the manufacturing process using inferior materials, the application of formaldehyde, benzene and other harmful substances, and some even directly add organic solvents , The use of heavy metal materials, to create a large number of "toxic marble", and artificial marble damage is mainly reflected in the pollution caused by poor quality materials.
Q:Window artificially made of nanometer stone
Nano stone do not know, but artificial stone sun will be faded for a long time, but also easy to bend
Q:Highlight artificial stone cleaning method
For those stubborn dirt, you need special care. Sponge and non-abrasive brightener. Especially difficult to remove the dirt, can be used 1200 mesh sandpaper polished, and then use soft cloth and light agent to make it bright. Artificial stone sink: with decontamination detergent and water. Often use 1: 1 bleach solution soak 10-15 minutes, then wash the bottom with water and around.
Q:What are the shortcomings of man-made stone granite countertops? What are the differences between quartz stone and stone stone?
Gang: stone is relatively soft, the method is relatively simple, with a wallpaper knife knife scratched up on the out. Quartz stone: because it is too hard wallpaper can not move, it is easy to wear blunt blunt, stone surface will leave a wallpaper knife worn iron, iron like chalk will be in the quartz stone on the blackboard left iron end.
Q:What is artificial stone?
Artificial stone is usually referred to as artificial stone solid surface material, artificial stone quartz stone, artificial stone stone and so on. Artificial stone type is different, its composition is not the same. Ingredients are mainly resin, aluminum powder, pigments and curing agent. Application of polymer practical building materials, the manufacturing process is a chemical material reaction process, is with the progress of human social science and technology and continue to improve a practical scientific materials artificial stone is mainly used in the building decoration industry it Is a new type of environmentally friendly composite materials. Compared to stainless steel, ceramics and other traditional building materials, artificial stone is not only versatile, rich colors, the scope of application is more extensive. Artificial stone non-toxic, radioactive, flame retardant, non-stick oil, non-seepage, antibacterial mold, wear, impact resistance, easy maintenance, seamless stitching, modeling Variety.
Q:What are the good brands of artificial stone?
Artificial stone is the last year or the year before they come out of the new products, with stone powder plus glue to suppress the production process from the fake jade evolved, the cost is very low, there is no scientific and technological content, no good brand one that the cheap That house is good
Q:Artificial marble on the stains, how to clean up?
With a ceramic tile cleaning agent can get, hot towel rub, heavy on the use of detergent, and then not on the use of gasoline wash
Q:What is the difference between artificial stone and quartz stone?
Ordinary artificial stone feeling "powder" a little, no quartz stone thick Quartz stone has a small bright particles, ordinary artificial stone is a white point, light distinction is obvious Quartz stone color pure Surface without plastic glue texture, positive no pores No irritation The surface is smooth and smooth There is no obvious traces of the instrument 2 pieces of each other do not break Soy sauce and other stained after 24 hours can be washed without obvious traces Not burn Formal products are quality system certification, quality inspection reports, security signs, maintenance manuals
Q:Is the sill plate good for man-made stone or marble?
Everything is different. Artificial stone has a seamless stitching technology, can be a large area of paving and no gap; marble is the length of the size, had to match the size, can not be seamless. Artificial stone thin, with acrylic and aluminum oxide composition, expansion coefficient, easy to deformation; marble thick, containing a small amount of radioactive elements, not easily deformed; artificial stone pattern, color and more; marble color, texture is not much, but very natural , Polished and polished better than artificial stone. Choose it yourself.

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Location Tianjin,China
Year Established 2009
Annual Output Value Below US$1 Million
Main Markets North America
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3. Manufacturer Capability

a)Trade Capacity  
Nearest Port Tianjin
Export Percentage 11% - 20%
No.of Employees in Trade Department
Language Spoken: English;Chinese
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Factory Size: Above 500,000 square meters
No. of Production Lines
Contract Manufacturing
Product Price Range High;Average