High Quality Low Carbon stone 001

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Product Description:

General information of low carbon stone


Raw material

Sawdust, corn-straw and tailing, can be recycled after using.


Utilizing molecular structure of crystalline-state solidification, shaping under normal temperature and pressure with low  carbon emission.


Stitching, wet-sticking and dry-fasten connecting


Favorable corrosion resistance, non-ignitable, water-proof, UV-resistant, high resistance to fire, water and insects. 

Lead time

30 days after receiving buyer's original L/C or Prepayment


Seaworthy Export Standard Wooden Pallet

Four breakthroughs

Comprehensive utilization of natural resources: Be recyclable, using sawdust, corn-straw and tailing as materials. The product can be recycled after using. 

Low carbon and energy saving in the course of production: Adopting the independent individual property’s technology, utilizing molecular structure of crystalline-state solidification, shaping under normal temperature and pressure with low carbon emission.

Environmental and healthy in the course of construction and using: Synthesized by natural inorganic raw materials, nontoxic, odorless and non-radiative simple installation, which could save energy cost and reduce and waste emission, raise efficiency and reduce erection time.

From nature, beyond nature: Full realization of the natural texture, high resistance to fire, water and insects. Do not rot or fade after long time usage. Super self-cleaning needs low maintenance cost. Vivid color and appearance provides a wide space to designers.

Six advantages

Lower more than 50% cost, enhance building's performance to price ratio.

Cutting at will, Fixing easy, Shorting project time.

Good performance in resistance to elements, corrosion-resistant ,resistance to termite, fire resistance and water-resistant, far from distortion and discolorations in 30 years. 

Well self-cleaning, low cost in later maintenance: Don't need professional maintenance in 30s(Cleaning with water only), saving much cost. 

Customize the color, showing individuation: Beyond 400 kinds of colors, designers could exhibit their imagination. 

Compound with natural inorganic materials: Without formaldehyde and toluol, sustained releasing negative oxygen ion, forming nature oxygen bar.

Special specifications are available on customers' requirements.


Technical information of low carbon stone



1.23 g/m3        

Folding strength             

15.4 Mpa                 

Wet expansion rate


Shear strength


Frost resistance

Thaw-freeze cycle after 25 times, no slip crack and peeling off

Formaldehyde release

0.014mg/(m2·h)  (GB/T 18587-2001)


Specification of low carbon stone


Standard: 2400mm/3000mm(L)×1200mm(W)×12mm/20mm(T)

Standard length: 2400mm/3000mm

Standard width:300mm,400mm,600mm(including 3mm kerf width)

Standard thickness: 12mm/20mm


Product exhibition of low carbon stone


Low carbon stone with hole rock


 Low Carbon stone    Low Carbon stone    Low Carbon stone   Low Carbon stone    Low Carbon stone       


Low carbon stone 


 Low Carbon stone    Low Carbon stone    Low Carbon stone    Low Carbon stone     Low Carbon stone


The project picture of low carbon stone





 The project picture of low carbon stone ~1     


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Q:Artificial stone bubble how to exclude
Using vibration method The most common way to eliminate the surface of the artificial stone bubble is to use vibration to remove the bubble method. In fact, this method mainly relies on vibration equipment, to shake the artificial stone, making the surface of artificial stone flat, and finally squeeze the bubble.
Q:Do the kitchen countertop with what stone, good ?? (natural stone / artificial stone)
Stainless steel countertops - Stainless steel is a traditional raw material for household kitchen cabinets and kitchen workstations. Stainless steel is rugged, easy to clean and practical. 5 years ago had a dominant market share, but its vision is "hard", giving "cold" feeling, and difficult to change. In the kitchen countertops of the corner of the corner and the Department of the lack of reasonable and effective means of treatment, not adapted to the civilian kitchen pipe cross and other special. In recent years, due to the "European and American integration" of the new concept of modern kitchen cabinet strong impact, stainless steel countertops do not conform to the development of a combination of beautiful and practical use of the kitchen, the market supply and demand trends are obvious. For the emphasis on "practical" considerations of consumers, buy stainless steel countertops are also not a bad idea, but the best choice is "beautiful and practical combination of" products. The material of the table directly affects the cost of the "whole kitchen". The "whole kitchen" of about 20,000 yuan will usually use seamless artificial stone countertops, highlighting the kitchen grade and decoration effect. About ten thousand yuan of the "whole kitchen" is more than with fire board. After some performance and price ratio, combined with the overall kitchen decoration budget, reasonable arrangements, I believe you will have a satisfactory kitchen facilities
Q:How did the man with marble?
The threshold of stone or natural good, the best use of the grade of granite, strong and beautiful and beautiful, like blue and green stars are good, pattern looks good, without losing the grade, the marble density is not granite, hardness is not good granite hope this helps.
Q:What is the use of artificial stone
Artificial stone can produce sanitary equipment, toilet, bathtub, countertops, vegetable pool, kitchen equipment, office equipment, coffee table, decorative lines and other products. Material can be imitation marble, granite, sprayed granite, agate. Patterns can be based on design, and may maintain the color and pattern consistent, to overcome the natural stone can not solve the color problem, which is a great breakthrough.
Q:About the decoration of the kitchen, your cabinet is made of artificial stone or stainless steel, and recommended
In general, the cabinet material is made of solid wood ecological board as the cabinet, the table with natural stone to do stove stone. This is a very popular choice. As for the stainless steel, the hotel is generally used in the kitchen, and not beautiful. At the same time, the market is rarely sold
Q:What is the man-made stone of the countertops?
Acrylic stone and quartz stone is the two main types of artificial stone classification, quartz stone density is hard and hard, it is said that its hardness after the diamond, so good wear resistance, and beautiful texture, low cost. But there are shortcomings such as easy accumulation of grease, can not be formed, the gap is easy to breed bacteria and so on. In addition, man-made stone is made of non-natural mixture, such as resin, cement, glass beads, alumina powder, etc. plus gravel adhesive. Advantages are acid, high temperature, impact resistance, rich color. More important feature is easy to shape the whole.
Q:How to identify the quality of artificial stone?
Poor quality calcium carbonate artificial stone will not only appear color, deformation of poor signs, due to process defects, will also cause the polymerization after the hair plate, volatile harmful gases on the human body.
Q:Artificial marble railings how to make
Artificial stone is based on the actual use of natural stone problems and research out, it is moisture, acid, high temperature, piecks have made great progress. Of course, man-made things naturally have man-made shortcomings, man-made stone is generally lack of natural nature, texture is relatively false, so much used for cabinets and other places for practical requirements, as well as some harsh environments, such as kitchen, ; Windowsill, the ground and other places to emphasize the decorative, the use of less. Another factor that hinders the use of artificial stone is human factors.
Q:Artificial stone table how to be seamless stitching, there is no standard?
This splicing is common in stone, quartz, acrylic and other soft texture of the artificial stone, they will be used in the stitching and smear the corresponding color of the glue to achieve a seamless effect, such as microcrystalline stone and other hard Artificial stone is generally difficult to achieve the effect of seamless stitching, mainly depends on the level of workers and the corresponding processing equipment support
Q:Artificial stone terrazzo advantages
Bright color bright and clean, if you need to improve the light to play ordinary floor wax (does not affect its anti-static performance);

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