Hen houses air outlet /air inlet/air window

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Advantage of air inlet

1.Made of excellent quality engineering plastic by injection molding, higher density and more firmly.

2.With UV resistant additive, air inlet has stronger anti-aging ability, longer service life, better sealing, flexible opening, with anti-bird nets.

3. With two pulleys design, easy opening, reduce friction, strengthen rope service life.

4. Air inlet door uses the pulley device firstly to reduce friction and strengthen the rope’s service life.

5. Air guide plate for option which efficiently control the air direction. If need it, please notice.

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Q:How should the disinfection and sterilization equipment needed for factory aquaculture be selected?
Aquaculture disinfection should be based on the characteristics of aquaculture, in the choice of disinfectant
Q:What kind of equipment are needed for breeding boars?
Pig feed production feed is not generally, pig, pigs, sows, boars!
Q:What are the bad aspects of the automated breeding hens?
The market outlook is not very optimistic. Eggs are a consumer necessity, but that's the reason
Q:How to manage broiler farm equipment?
Pipe laying hens or broiler farming equipment, the principle of the equipment is the same.
Q:What are the equipment for laying hens (small)?
Feeding equipment. Feeding machine and trough. Feed machinery chain feeder and plug disc feeder trough; common has long trough and bucket type circular trough
Q:What is facility farming?
The modernization of pig farm facilities focuses on pig farms, automated farming facilities and feed bulk distribution equipment
Q:What equipment do you need for breeding foxes?
The fox farming equipment needed a cage, box, food box, automatic feeding, automatic car drinking equipment etc.
Q:What equipment should be needed for tropical fish culture?
It includes water, feeding, heat preservation, it requires to master life habits of different varieties of tropical fish, targeted to improve the living environment of tropical fish
Q:How many breeds of pet lizards, feeding conditions and equipment are very simple?
Just pad the sand, take the bottle cap, and put 1 caps on the water to make sure the temperature is on. Don't forget to make a small escape hole
Q:What kind of equipment installation is needed in the indoor recirculating aquaculture system?
Biological filter, deoxidizing and sterilizing integrated processor,

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