HDMI Cable - Supports Ethernet, 3D,4K [Newest Standard]

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Product Description:


High Speed HDMI® Cable with Ethernet - Supports 3D, Audio Return Channel and Up To 4K Resolution 

Quality Construction:

HDMI combines both audio and video into one cable so it's all you need to connect your HDTV to your Blu-Ray Player, 3D Television, Roku, Boxee, Xbox360, PS3, Apple TV, Streaming Player, HD Cable Box, PC or any HD device with an HDMI output.


- Supports 3D Content
- 4K, 1440p, 1080p, 1080i, 720p, 480p, and 480i Resolutions
- Audio Return Channel
- Supports Highest Refresh Rates Available
- Transfer Rates of Up to 340Mhz or 10.2gbps
- True HD Dolby 7.1 and DTS-HD Master Audio
- HDCP Compliant
- Ethernet Channel For Sharing Internet Between HDMI Devices

Warranty and Technical Support:


All HDMI Cables from Jiehua carry a 5 years warranty and life time Technical Support

We can produce HDMI cables as long as 30 meters which pass 3D and full HD tests, with RedMere chip technology.

We can also design according to your specifications without any mould opening charges

If you don't find the design you like, we can always create more designs for you without any extra charges



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Q:I beat my dog and I regret it now. The The
. in the installation of cable TV set-top box, you need to connect one end of the white cable TV line in the cable TV terminal box, and the other end of the need to connect the set-top box in the RF output port. . simply connect one end of the audio and video lines (audio cable (red and white), video cable (yellow)) to the "right channel", "left channel", "video" (red, White and yellow) ports, while the other end is inserted into the audio and video input of the TV using the same method. If you are using high-definition multimedia interface cable (referred to as HDMI cable) to connect the set-top box and LCD TV, just high-definition multimedia interface line end of the set-top box, the other end into the TV's high-definition multimedia interface. 3: the corresponding line connection is correct, you need to check the cable TV set-top box in the smart card has been properly placed in the set-top box inside, when the smart card is placed in the time, when the smart card is connected to the set- It should be noted that the smart card color face up, the red arrow inward, in front of the set-top box has a card interface, then the smart card position can be placed correctly. . after the installation of the TV and set-top box to open the power, then use the TV remote control to convert the signal source to the corresponding set-top box input video. . wait until the TV screen appears in the set-top box after the contents of the broadcast, according to the set-top box of the TV manual for program search can be normal to watch.
Q:Electrical construction, the cable pipe laying, the nozzle protection cable what way? Thank you!
First, the composition of the patch panel, the role of patch panels by the connection module, lightning protection device, line connection line. The connection relationship of a pair of subscriber lines is shown in the following figure: The connection line connecting the wiring module on the switchboard side of the switch and the wiring module on the user's telephone side. Cable connection module: points along the card slot and the next along the card slot, the corresponding up and down along the card slot in the card knife is connected (belong to the same conductor). The main role: to facilitate the circuit (line) distribution and scheduling. to facilitate the maintenance and management of the switch. is conducive to the neat and beautiful room. Second, the wiring information is mainly what the main content: . the user (including free users) Device number: the user's physical location on the switch, the user's user board in the switch location and the user on the user board position two Part of the composition; for example: SSU12A machine a device number for the 5-4-.5 meaning for the fifth user terminal port rack, 4 for the user board where the channel number, 6 for the user board user serial number ( Corresponding to the user board seventh user); MSX-50 device number from the channel number and the user board on the location of two parts. . the user (including free users) in the patch panel of the physical location consists of two physical location: the user in the "switch side of the user board wiring cabinet (rack)" on the physical location, corresponding to a wiring cabinet the user in the "user side of the terminal terminal frame (frame)" on the physical location, corresponding to a wiring cabinet a wiring module a card slot; . the user phone number . the user's telephone number, User name . the user level and the user has the function . cable core chromatography (not important).
Q:Harness industry production scheduling scheduling What are the difficulties, APS advanced planning scheduling system application situation, there are no success stories?
HDMI (video and audio output) for the assassination of the old train, or VGA (video output only) line, everywhere sold, generally in the electronics market has, but also cheap, dozens of dollars, you will Bargain, about ten can get a
Q:I would like to know the control cable RVVP2 * 0.75 * 10 is what does that mean? The The
First, the harness industry production scheduling scheduling difficulties product categories and standards, production planning difficult to coordinate the production of wire harness industry, although the raw material is not much, but the wiring harness products are as many as tens of thousands
Q:TV and computer how to change home with KTV
There are a lot of ah, such as CEFR, CEFRP, voltage does not wait, depending on what you need,
Q:Cable laying buried laying how to do lightning protection grounding?
If you can, if the steel pipe and the grounding network can be connected to your pvc how even ah reason is very simple ah, pvc non-conductive! The The
Q:Who knows the patch panel and telephone exchange related knowledge, how should I pass the telephone line, the two devices connected, for example.
Hello: - ★ . first exclude the video signal line and the power line between the interference. Because the AC power supply interference, the screen shows the 50Hz scroll bar, not a big stripes interference, and interference only appears in the fault elevator screen. - . irregular, very large stripes interference, should be bad contact reaction, 12V power cord (including 220V primary side), video cable bad contact, there will be such a phenomenon. - . "replaced by a centralized power supply, 12V electric elevator and 220V electric elevator anti-interference is the same?" ... ... regardless of 220V power supply, or 12V models power supply, the effect not much differences. Elevator of the camera are 220V transformer power supply, are placed at the top of the car. Other camera normal, it should focus on checking the cause of the fault camera itself.
Q:The difference between high voltage overhead cables and high voltage cables
Up and down the parallel row of red and white yellow jack is the audio and video input and output, yellow is the video, red and white is the audio are about the channel. You want to connect the player to the TV, only need a video cable and TV connection (yellow to yellow, white dialogue, red to red). (If you do not know that the three are typing, you can see it's marked, the English is the subject: IN drawing the text is an arrow inserted into a circle. If still not, you can Try to insert, do not insert the following, insert a sound and image so far) there is a socket like a honeycomb is the S terminal, if your player has S terminal output, you can also find an S terminal cable to the TV , And then find two audio lines connected to the TV audio input hole and then press the remote control video or AV conversion button to the TV to the AV state on the OK.
Q:How does the SDH device connect to the DDF patch panel?
. set-top boxes and routers connected with the network cable, so that the network signal stability, speed. . set-top boxes and TV with high-definition line connection, signal quality is good, more stable.
Q:What is the spacing between the bridge and the sprinkler? What is the distance between the bridge and the fire pipe?
First look at your account is not a commonly used account, if it is, then enter the safe mode to see if? Still no, redo the system

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