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HDMI Cable HDMI extender

HDMI 19Pin male-male Cable Multi-Color 1.3Version or 1.4V  Gold Plated or Nickel Plated

Jacket:Black or with Nylon on Request


Material:RoHS Compliance

High Speed with 1080P 

ATC RoHS Reach ISO certificate



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Q:How does the computer connect to a digital media player and a TV
Insulation punched clip mainly by the insulation shell, puncture blade, waterproof pad, torque bolts. As the cable branch connection, the branch cable into the branch cap and determine the main line branch position, with a socket wrench to tighten the clamp on the torque nut, with the torque nut tightening, clip up and down two hidden puncture blade insulator Gradually closed, at the same time, wrapped in the puncture blade around the arc seal pad closer to the cable insulation layer, puncture blade also began to puncture the cable insulation and metal conductors. When the sealing pad and insulating grease seal and the puncture blade and metal contact to achieve the best results, the torque nut automatically fall off, this time, the installation is complete and the contact point seal and electrical effect to achieve the best. Advantages: easy to install: do not need to strip the cable insulation can do cable branch, the connector completely insulated. Do not cut off the main cable, you can do any branch in the cable. Installation is simple and reliable, just use the socket wrench, can be charged installation. Use safety: joints resistant to twisting, shock, water, flame retardant, anti-electrochemical corrosion aging, no maintenance. Has been successfully used for more than 30 years. Cost savings: minimal installation space, savings of bridge and civil construction costs. Construction applications, no terminal box, distribution box, no cable back line, saving cable investment. Cable + puncture clip costs less than other power supply system, only about 40% of the plug-in bus, is about 60% of prefabricated branch cable.
Q:What is the difference between the vertical diameter of the bridge and the upper right bend?
Galvanized wire tube, buried wall can also be used flame retardant PVC pipe
Q:Macbook crash I forced to shut down after the open
To undertake: building intelligent engineering, mechanical and electrical installation works, security engineering design, construction, system integration, commissioning, maintenance and management.
Q:The machine often crashes, in addition to CPU temperature is too high, there are other reasons?
Apple's computer voltage is 100-. that is, the world standard can be. But Canada's plug is two parallel small patch, may be equipped with the domestic power extension cord is inconsistent, but you said that the same is the brick.
Q:Is it possible to use one of the lines in the network as a power cord when installing a webcam?
You add the extension line, it is best to use the old keyboard line or mouse line. Can also use four-core shielded wire. Ordinary twisted pair power cord certainly not work.
Q:Painting the PCB, some chip pin spacing is very small, the line becomes thick after the line becomes green, which is why?
the production of different formulations, the overall performance of the pipe is better, the construction conditions for the next 15 degrees Celsius above 315 for the medium-sized threading pipe, wall thickness and The application conditions and 305 the same, the production of different formulations, the overall performance of the pipe is better, the construction conditions for the next 15 degrees Celsius above the construction of 415 for the heavy threading pipe, wall thickness and application conditions and 405 the same, the production formula is different, the overall performance of the pipe is better Conditions for the next 15 degrees Celsius above the construction
Q:How about the set-top box red, green and blue?
There are wires and bulbs can try out the light bulb of a section of the socket on the other end of the line off the line is not lit
Q:Cable trench design in the design of what needs attention to the specification?
The accessories are good enough, but the board is very early chipset you want to replace the current 780G motherboard such as Gigabyte or Asus General with Onda A78GT, 128M or greater Colorful banners Colorful Broken Sword or hard drive this thing has always been to buy G a more expensive appearance is not that hard wiring do not have money money money people have to spread these display how much money is actually in dozens of G is not bad I suggest you do the studio and buy a good graphics card in addition to the big screen Sapphire 4650 generally enough to do the map, but you graphics processing large-size photos and high-definition video processing time is estimated to eat ah and 4650 is a simplified version of the 4850 has the ability to Diran Hengjin or sapphire 4850 monitor if only ordinary picture this 19-inch Samsung's enough good drive with pioneer 943 yuan hard disk or on 320G310 yuan is enough chassis power a little expensive 140 yuan great Wall chassis 140 yuan estimate how do not you sell him you buy 80 yuan in general enough reaction liquid is too bright too much trouble with the best CRT generally like to use the LCD 3D images if you do not do that the original configuration on the line 3D graphics on the motherboard replaced do to rise next
Q:Set-top box display "no signal, please check the line"
It is the open cabling system product performance parameters, system design methods and termination of the installation of parts are clearly defined
Q:What is the spacing between the bridge and the sprinkler? What is the distance between the bridge and the fire pipe?
Do you see if there are six holes, or four holes? This is the interface of the graphics card power supply. 4 hole is 4pin power interface, 6 holes is 6pin power interface, there are cable, you can 4pin to 6pin, and so on, a lot of computer city. You can also go to ask the business to buy. .2 dollars of things.

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