FUXIANG Tower Cranes TC7030A (Top-Slewing)

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Product Description:

Assembly of the cabin
on the ground
Thanks to its rotating cabin, a single rotation
and quick locking is sufficient for
the whole assembly to be ready to mount
in just a few minute

of the counter-jib
Connection is simplified by the used
of just 2 stepped pins for easy installation.

Comfort when driving
Vision Cab offering:
A panoramic windscreen (40% more visibility in  • 
relation to conventional cabins, downward visibility
and reduction of blind spots).
Thermostatically controlled heating.  • 
Ergonomically designed to reduce operator fatigue  • 
and so contribute to safety and productivity on work
The control and driving aids are enhanced   • 
with the latest innovation

All Potain’s know-how has been devoted to productivity
and comfort while driving. Concentrated centrally,
the standard-fitted variable frequency mechanisms provide
better performance.

DVF mechanisms
The jib-foot DVF mechanism is easily accessible and
completely safe.
Progressive speed variation by proportionalcontrol.
The speed depends directly on the control input by
the crane operator.
To make driving the crane easier, 2 hard spots integrated
into the controls provide better selection of the desired speed.

LVF mechanism
With three mechanisms (25, 33 and 50 LVF Optima), the MDT City Cranes
are capable of high working speeds through optimising speed in accordance with
the load hoisted, allowing for gains in productivity.
• For the first increments (approach speed, sling tension, etc.) hoisting of the load
is controlled by the safety device (Dynamometric Ring).
• For working speeds, the Optima system adapts the speed in accordance with the
load hoisted. This enables full power of the engine to always be used for optimum
The LVF Optima provides a gain of around 25% in lowering speed. For the technician there is a maintenance aid with display + keyboard incorporated
into the frequency convertor (providing auto-diagnostics, display of operating
parameters, defects, etc...).
The hoisting winch is factory pre-assembled.

RVF mechanism
The RVF Optima + slewing enables smooth movements.
Fully integrated progressive control.
Driving adapts to the behavior of the crane operator:
• Traditional driving thanks to action controlled
by stopping of the command. The slow-down phase
of the jib is managed by the frequency variator in this
• Or by reverse command in the slow down phase called 
a “counter-slewing” command.
As a result, the crane operator can control stoppage
of the movement.

Installation and Maintenance
Ease of access and
greater safety.
Improved safety conditions for all persons
coming into contact with the crane.
Walk-way on the initial components of the jib,
enabling risk-free movements on the jib.
Safe, maintenance on platforms associated
with each mechanism.
Whilst operating or transporting, the cables are integrated
and/or stored easily in the crane,
increasing the service life of the
electrical equipment and providing optimal conditions of
The trolley basket on the cabin
side provides total safety for
the technician who remains in
the crane operator’s field of vision.
Quick checking from the trolley
The design of the electric sockets allows
simple and quick
connection on all sites.

The Dialog Visu II unit is available as standard and displays on-screen all the indicators required to drive
the crane.
The Visu II display unit is an information terminal, which means that from the control console it is possible to view the parameters concerning:
- The position of the hook (height, range)
- The stresses on the machine (load, moment)
- Information on reeving
- Driving aids
- Defect codes
- Wind speed
AS AN OPTION, jib position and zone limitation are available.
Calculation of this information comes from
the processing unit via the BUS/CAN.


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Q:Emergency treatment of interrupted electricity during lifting of tower crane
The rotating gear shall be immediately inserted into the screw or wood, while the power supply shall be checked rapidly to remove the trouble.
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Zhengzhou China enterprise management consulting company, oh, my uncle company for tower crane manufacturing license is to find them, they are not only a team of professional, and service is very thoughtful, efficient.
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