FRP Auto Composite Filament Winding Pipe Machine on Hot Sale

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Product Description:

FRP Auto Composite Filament Winding Pipe Machine on Hot Sale

Product Applications:

1)Used composite material to winding pipe for energy transport, industrial water and irrigation system,

2)The machine high automatic  control,

3)Production speed high, raw material utilization high and cost low,

4)Good working condition and stable performance,

5)Stable pipe quality and easy connection of sleeve coupler.

Product Advantages:

1) Convenient and reliable installation, low construction expenses
2) Excellent heat-insulation property from minimum thermal conductivity
3) Lightweight, convenient to transport and handle, good for labor-saving.
4) Sound insulation (reduced by 40% compared to galvanized steel pipes)
5) Recyclable, environment-friendly, accords with GBM standards

Main Product Features:

1)Used composite material to winding pipe for energy transport, industrial water and irrigation system,

2)The machine high automatic and SIEMENS PLC control,

3)Adopts continuous winding technology and own mechanical patant of invention,

4)Stable pipe quality and easy connection of sleeve coupler.

Product Parameter:


FRP Auto Composite Filament Winding Pipe Machine on Hot Sale


Filament Winding Pipe Machine






Within 30-45 days


Fiberglas Reinforced Plastic




12 Months


FRP Auto Composite Filament Winding Pipe Machine on Hot Sale

FRP Auto Composite Filament Winding Pipe Machine on Hot Sale

FRP Auto Composite Filament Winding Pipe Machine on Hot Sale

FRP Auto Composite Filament Winding Pipe Machine on Hot Sale

FRP Auto Composite Filament Winding Pipe Machine on Hot Sale

FRP Auto Composite Filament Winding Pipe Machine on Hot Sale


Q1:How Can I Get A Sample?

A1:You can get samples by communicate with our export sales.

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A2:Delivery time will be within 30-45 days according to order quantity.

Q3:What Is The MOQ?

A3:MOQ depends on different items.

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Q:I would like to open a waste plastics processing granules factory, to those techniques and attention. What are the processes?
Two, how to purchase, buy what kind of machine?.1, with a machine, double screw feed2 、 the gear box is better, the gears inside must be treated by heat treatment, and the bearings can be adjusted3, gear box, screw, barrel and die and wear parts to the strength of life, to ensure that more than 1 years4. The main parts should be made of standard material5, reducer and motor purchase, professional manufacturers, production kits, do not buy granulator manufacturers to assemble their own6, to have power distribution cabinet7, the equipment is the most critical screw and barrel, good quality8, washing machine must be continuous production, without stopping water change, cleaning pool, otherwise the efficiency is very low9, heating to subsection, paragraph heating to uniform control10, there should be a matching waste plastic cleaning machine, the use of recycled water, do not waste water11, electricity saving, not more than 300 degrees per ton12, the machine's length diameter ratio can not exceed 20 (in 16:1 - 20:1 is appropriate), that is to say, the screw length is 16 to 20 times the diameter of the screw13, the model may not be small 100, the greater the output14, should have double exhaust15, the heating power of the flange (die head) of the granulator is very important, and it should be designed according to 2.5W per square centimeter (sectional area)
Q:Why is the dimensional accuracy of molded plastic parts much lower than the accuracy of machined products?
Therefore, the precision of plastic products is lower than that of machined products by 1~2 grades.
Q:How will the state deal with small recycled plastic particle processing enterprises,
Environmental protection recycling plant, this is a systematic project, the use of granulation machine is usually used granulator, need to be matched with waste water filtration, sedimentation, purification treatment pond, waste gas purification equipment.
Q:What kind of equipment does the groove on the PP plastic board work on?
It can be machined with a shaper or engraving machine
Q:What kind of production equipment will be needed for plastic processing plants for daily necessities?
1, the main equipment is injection molding machine, there are many auxiliary machines, such as drying hopper, grinder, mixer, processing products, such as mold.2, plastic products are made of plastic as the main raw materials processed from daily necessities, industrial supplies collectively. Including plastic, raw materials, injection molding, plastic and other products.3, plastic is a kind of synthetic polymer material with plasticity. With synthetic rubber and synthetic fiber, it has become the three most important synthetic materials in daily life. Specifically, the plastic is made of natural or synthetic resin as the main ingredient, adding various additives, in certain conditions such as temperature and pressure can be made into a certain shape, keep shape materials at room temperature.
Q:Which kind of plastic is good for machining?
Generally can be processed, mainly in the tool and process control
Q:What are the features of the mechanical cutting tools for engineering plastics 20
Angle of feed, generally use 60 degrees bevel angle, the amount of cutting does not exceed 1MM. Also, adjust the cutting speed.
Q:What kind of problems do we need to know about the new waste plastics recycling process?
There is, HDPE, LDPE, PP membrane is not clear, PET, PVC bottles are not clear, and so on.When the quality is not up to standard, or the production is low, or the production rate is low, I don't know what to do next. It is not easy to ask for advice, but some of them are still conservative and ask for advice.The above situation is often encountered by the company friends ask questions, of course, vary from person to person, can not be generalized. However, there are still some representativeness. In view of the above problems, we put forward some suggestions for reference only, and we welcome colleagues to discuss together, to help the new line of friends, that is, our future counterparts better development.
Q:Waste plastics processingExcuse me?
Q:Want to open a waste plastics recycling, processing into plastic particles factory 10
If you don't know where your friends are, the coastal areas are the ones that sell well and the rest is not the problem. Inside the road area on the raw materials, you can not get rid of the market competition, brother did not coast?. Start doing general Kazakhstan, is to do PP, PE and other general plastic raw materials, use more widely, but profits must be low. Engineering plastics use limitations, raw materials are not so good, technical requirements are also high. Such as PC, PMMA and so on, 1-2 tons in case of no technical careless, really made waste!

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