Foundry Pig Iron Steel for Metal foundry Use

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China main port
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50 m.t
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2500 m.t/month
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Product Description:

1.Structure  Description

High Quality Pig Iron Steel for Foundry Use is for construction use.

2. Main Features

Steady and high quality

Fast shipment

Good experience for export work

For the surface, Plate uniform in thickness,uniform and smooth tin coating, without flaws,rusts,scratch,wave,nick of tin coating etc.

Price competitive


Foundry Pig Iron Steel for Metal foundry Use

4. Specification

  • Place of Origin: China (Mainland)

  • Type: Foundry

  • Weight: 15kg

  • Grade: Steel

  • Chemical Composition: C 3.5-4.5%;Si: 1.00% MAX;Mn: 0.05%

  • Fe (Min): 94.5%


A. What is the package of pig iron?

It is for seaworthy package.

B. Can you provide some inspection certificate?

Yes, we can arrange the SGS inspection and provide the certificate as customer's request.

C. If there are some loss for weight once make the delivery, how to solve this problem?

The situble loss is acceptable for bothside, if too much loss of weight once delivery or other conidition, we can discuss and make some solution together.

D. What is the dlivery?

Normally we can finish the production within 30days, if you have some special request, pls inform in advance.

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Q:How shall we repair the cracks in the sewer pipe of the cast iron?
There is a product called the liquid metal, the gap of 0.5 cm can be used, I know that Germany is imported, Wu and peculiar to the metal, estimation of Loctite (locite) also have this kind of products are expensive, you want to use the method in accordance with the instructions, there should be a period of 24 hours of solidification
Q:What type of blade is used to cut cast iron?
Cutting silicon cast iron with silicon nitride ceramics is generally more efficient than cutting with carbide.
Q:How can the iron pipe drain be filled?
1. Welding repair with cast iron welding rod.In 2, the majority of people without water time, there will be cracks and local infiltration Water Leakage polished clean, with epoxy resin coated in a crack, and then use the white ribbon or glass ribbon wrapped in a layer, and then coated with a layer of epoxy resin, can be mended.
Q:Is not iron welding, welding of wrought iron
Iron is generally referred to as iron ingots, casting pig iron should be called iron; while cooked pig iron is of pure iron or commonly known as low carbon steel.
Q:How can the cast iron pot remove the smell of pig iron?
Iron pot use about 5 days later, the wall will appear spots, 10 days or so will appear white scale, this is normal. If it's serious, wipe it off gently with a sponge or soft towel.
Q:SUPOR cast iron is cast iron or wrought iron
Zhejiang SUPOR Limited by Share Ltd is China's largest and second largest manufacturer of cookware in the world. It is the leading brand of small kitchen appliances in China. It is the first listed company in China's cooking utensils industry (stock code 002032). At present, there are 5 R & D and manufacturing bases, located in Hangzhou, Yuhuan, Shaoxing, Wuhan and vietnam. Zhejiang SUPOR Limited by Share Ltd is China's largest and second largest manufacturer of kitchenware in the world. It is a leading brand of small kitchen appliances in china.
Q:The advantages and disadvantages of wrought iron and cast iron
A lot of carbon containing iron, hard and brittle, almost no plastic; steel pig iron and wrought iron with two kinds of advantages, widely used for human beings.
Q:How can the cast iron black surface be removed?
Iron blackening is due to prolonged exposure to moist environments. Because the iron in general becomes mostly red or brown rust in a humid environment.
Q:Pig iron and our usual iron plate, that iron plate?
Usually said instant pig iron, the iron Teppanyaki do best, followed by the plate when you say you're not the best of wrought iron, stainless steel plate.
Q:Ask what is called pig iron, wrought iron is called what? How to distinguish?
Cast iron with high carbon content, brittle wrought iron, low carbon content, with toughness, ductility, iron tapping clear distinction: short and long wrought iron

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