Foundry Pig Iron Steel for Metal foundry Use

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China main port
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50 m.t
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2500 m.t/month

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Product Description:

1.Structure  Description

High Quality Pig Iron Steel for Foundry Use is for construction use.

2. Main Features

Steady and high quality

Fast shipment

Good experience for export work

For the surface, Plate uniform in thickness,uniform and smooth tin coating, without flaws,rusts,scratch,wave,nick of tin coating etc.

Price competitive


Foundry Pig Iron Steel for Metal foundry Use

4. Specification

  • Place of Origin: China (Mainland)

  • Type: Foundry

  • Weight: 15kg

  • Grade: Steel

  • Chemical Composition: C 3.5-4.5%;Si: 1.00% MAX;Mn: 0.05%

  • Fe (Min): 94.5%


A. What is the package of pig iron?

It is for seaworthy package.

B. Can you provide some inspection certificate?

Yes, we can arrange the SGS inspection and provide the certificate as customer's request.

C. If there are some loss for weight once make the delivery, how to solve this problem?

The situble loss is acceptable for bothside, if too much loss of weight once delivery or other conidition, we can discuss and make some solution together.

D. What is the dlivery?

Normally we can finish the production within 30days, if you have some special request, pls inform in advance.

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Q:Does pig iron belong to alloy?
The steel system is made from pig iron and has higher mechanical strength and toughness. It also has special properties such as heat resistance, corrosion resistance and wear resistanceThe difference between iron and steel:Iron is rich in natural reserves, accounting for 5% of the total content of the earth's crust, and occupies fourth of the earth's material. Iron is very active and easily combined with other substancesHabits often said that the steel is steel and iron in general. There is a difference between steel and iron, the iron and steel, mainly by two elements, namely iron and carbon, elemental carbon and iron in general form compounds, called the iron carbon alloy. Influence of carbon content on the properties of the maximum number of iron and steel, carbon content increased to a certain extent will cause qualitative changes. Iron atoms from the material called iron, iron impurity is less. The carbon content is the main difference between how many standard steel. Pig iron carbon content of greater than 2%; carbon steel carbon content less than 2.0%. high iron, hard and brittle, almost no plastic steel. Not only has good plasticity, and steel products with high strength, good toughness, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, impact resistance, easy processing, easy to refine the application of excellent physical and chemical properties, so it is widely used.1, other names of pig iron, commonly known as: definitionPig iron is an alloy of iron and carbon carbon content more than 2%, pig iron carbon content is generally in 2.5%--4%, including C, SI, and Mn, S, P and other elements, is the use of iron ores in blast furnace products. According to the different forms of carbon in pig iron, and can be divided into pig iron, cast iron and steel ball ductile cast iron and other types.Pig iron performance: pig iron is hard, wear-resisting, casting good, but pig iron is crisp, can not forge
Q:Red flower, leftover parts unified scrap iron which each type of iron?
Red flower iron should be more than scrap metal stamping parts, are generally of low carbon and low alloy steel, carbon and silicon content is relatively low. Pig iron should be scrap iron parts, carbon and silicon content is relatively high. Uniform scrap iron or iron, if it is, the composition is quite miscellaneous.
Q:Wrought iron can be cast iron and wrought iron mixed together? Smelting casting products make feasible?
Cast iron refers to the pig iron as the main raw material, Remelting Casting (casting) after the production of parts or supplies, the material called cast iron. Cast iron is of low strength and poor plasticity. It is generally used as parts which are not affected by shock and bear little force, such as covers, frames, bearings and so on.
Q:Is pure iron harder than iron?
Pig iron is of high hardness. The higher the carbon content in iron, the greater the hardness.
Q:Ask what is called pig iron, wrought iron is called what? How to distinguish?
Cast iron with high carbon content, brittle wrought iron, low carbon content, with toughness, ductility, iron tapping clear distinction: short and long wrought iron
Q:Is the cast iron pot / pig iron pot good?
A cast iron pot is what we usually call an iron pot. However, the difference between cast iron pot and pig iron is that the cast iron is the two processing, mostly processed into cast iron parts. Cast iron has excellent casting ability and can be made into complex parts. It has good machinability. In addition, the utility model has the advantages of good abrasion resistance, good shock resistance, low price, etc..
Q:Can magnet attract pig iron?
Magnets are magnetic and attract iron, cobalt, nickel and other substances.
Q:Are pig iron and steel synthetic materials?
Not belong to synthetic materials, metal materials. It belongs to the alloy is an alloy of iron and carbon, iron carbon content is 2%--4.3%, the carbon content of steel is 0.03%-2%. except carbon, iron also contains silicon, manganese, chromium and nickel in steel containing
Q:Pig iron and wrought iron welding with stainless steel electrode for you
Sure, no..Before welding, must first make clear the iron (i.e. cast iron), wrought iron (i.e. carbon steel) what are the specific material, to determine how to weld.
Q:Can the pig iron pipe be welded?
Can weldHowever, due to the high carbon content of pig iron, as well as impurities, manganese, sulfur, etc., conventional welding will result in rough weld, poor toughness. So it must be welded in a special way.

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