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YC Mechanism Meat Grinder is specially designed to chop the frozen meat at -18℃ and -24℃, can produce different sizes of minced meat and slices by changing the cutter. No obvious temperature rise can be made on the products, so the minimum bacteria level can be maintained for your products while the hemoglobin can be properly preserved, greatly improving the shelf life of your products. It also boasts of easy operation and high productivity and efficiency.

Frozen Meat Mincer Advantages:
        Easy cleaning  
        Surface & Hopper stainless steel  
        Ejecting device for meat worm and cutting unit, manually operated
        Hardly noticeable temperature rise with the final product
        Drive shaft stainless steel, seated in special seals and ball bearings
        Worm housing, meat worm and cutting unit stainless steel


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Q:What's the difference between a meat grinder and a wall breaker?
Broken wall cooking machine is a juicer, with soybean milk machine, ice cream machine, cooking machine, grinding machine and other product features, and fully achieve a single machine multi-purpose function. The working principle is that the motor drives the rotary knife to rotate at high speed, and the juice is separated from the mixture of the juice residue by centrifugal force.
Q:What's the difference between the size of the meat grinder and the motor?
The main difference is power. Popular point of view, the power of great strength.
Q:How to clean domestic meat grinder?
Clean domestic meat grinder steps are as follows:1, first clean toothbrush, test tube brush and other auxiliary supplies;2. Unplug the power of the meat grinder;3. Use tools to separate the cutter and the cup body of the domestic meat grinder;
Q:What meat grinder is good for making meatballs?
With meat pulp Suihua Rice-meat dumplings beater processing made of Rice-meat dumplings, delicate, low-fat, crisp taste, good elasticity, good toughness, is the ideal equipment for producing Rice-meat dumplings.
Q:What's the name of the meat grinder?
The meat grinder is a meat processing enterprise. In the process of production, the raw meat is filled with granulated meat according to different process requirements and processing specifications, so as to be fully blended with other auxiliary materials to meet the needs of different products.
Q:Taobao is a meat grinder of a Royalstar, not bad 3 days, return after the seller said packaging not reject, how to do?
The quality of the goods is out of order, and the seller should be responsible for the after-saleWhether it is repair or change, this is the seller's own problemsNone of your businessTherefore, the seller asked for freight and wear and tear charges, are unreasonable demands, the pro can ignoreIf the seller refuses to accept the goods, the pro can find Taobao customer service to help solveIn the rights of complaints insidePro, you can send a chat record screenshotPS: Pro remember not to unscrupulous businesses to take advantage of, big things do not, and let him full refund, the store has made a margin, so that customer service in the bond inside buckle ~!There are questions that can continue to be pursued
Q:The meat grinder blade to repair, please enlighten master. Thank you
We use the flat grinding machine, grinding machine, very easy to use
Q:Operation regulation of meat grinder and flour mixer
And noodle machine operation rules (1) clean the flour and flour machine before use, add flour and water, don't overdose, so as not to damage the machine, if need and have more noodles, need to be divided into 2 or more times to stir. Surface water, place, off on board, and then power. (2) and when facing, take two positive and negative directions to stir, so as to make the surface and the uniform. (3) if the mixing is uneven or falling into the dirt, you must turn off the power supply when you need to adjust or take the surface by hand. (4) after mixing, turn off the power supply and take the surface after stopping. Clean up the residue every time. (usually a small amount of noodles can be placed in the tank, and must be thoroughly cleaned on Saturday, Sunday and holidays). (5) not to dilute the flour and flour in order to prevent corrosion and flour machine. (6) if the leakage is found, the power shall be cut off immediately, the electrician shall be repaired, and the power shall not be repaired without permission. (7) before use, refer to the instruction manual. Not in strict accordance with the operating procedures, problems arise, the consequences of their own.
Q:The beauty of the buckle meat grinder blade with leaf blade or clover good good
Family of more than 2.5 liters, four pages of good use of blades.
Q:The newly bought meat grinder is twisted with fish oil
It should be cleaned several times, but it doesn't taste a few times.

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