Folha de folha de flandres para uso em latas de aerossol

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Item specifice:

Standard: AISI,ASTM,JIS,GB,BS,DIN,API,EN Technique: Hot Rolled,Cold Rolled,Cold Drawn,ERW,Forged,Saw,Extruded,EFW,Spring Shape: C Channel,Square,U Channel,Oval,Rectangular,Round,Hexagonal,LTZ
Surface Treatment: Galvanized,Coated,Copper Coated,Color Coated,Oiled,Dry,Chromed Passivation,Polished,Bright,Black,PVDF Coated Steel Grade: Q195,Q215,Q235,Q215B,Q235B,RHB335,HRB400,200 Series,300 Series,400 Series,600 Series,SS400-SS490,10#,20#,A53(A,B) Certification: UL,BSI,API,CE,ISO,SGS,BV,IBR,RoHS
Thickness: 0.31MM Length: 600MM~1000MM Net Weight: 12MT

Product Description:

Descrição do Produto:

1. Principais características

Folha de folha de flandres de primeira qualidade para fazer Cansis um dos materiais de embalagem de metal, que é amplamente usado para fazer latas de pintura, latas de embalagens químicas, cabos elétricos, bateria e impressão de metal, etc.

Folha de folha de flandres para uso em latas de aerossol

2. Vantagens

a). Estável e de alta qualidade

b). Rápido de entrega

c). Rica experiência e boa reputação de trabalho de exportação

4). Para a superfície, chapa de espessura uniforme, revestimento de estanho uniforme e liso, sem defeitos, ferrugem, arranhões, ondas, corte de revestimento de estanho etc.

5). O preço competitivo do mercado 

Folha de folha de flandres para uso em latas de aerossolFolha de folha de flandres para uso em latas de aerossol

3. Especificações

Padrão : GB2520-2000 ,JIS G3303

Tipo : SPCC

Revestimento : 2.8/2.8

Acabamento de superfície: Bright, Stone ,


Largura :600MM~1000MM

Temper : T1~T5

Embalagem: folha-de-flandres envolvida totalmente com capa interna de plástico ou papéis impermeáveis com cantos protegidos com anjos de metal. 

Folha de folha de flandres para uso em latas de aerossol

4.Perguntas frequentes sobre folha de flandres 

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Q:What is tin plate
The two is the substrate thickness of tin, Kunshan Ming Jing Da metal materials Co. Ltd. is a domestic joint-stock enterprises, the company main products: precision stainless steel strip SUS304, SUS301, SUS430; tin (SPTE) (SPCC); cold rolled, galvanized, hot galvanized (SECC) (SGCC) and other metal materials. The company's wholesale, retail, processing, distribution and integration of business models to better meet customer needs.
Q:What is the difference between Maguchi Tetsu tinplate and galvanized board
Tin plated steel sheet and strip, also known as tinplate, the steel plate (belt) surface tin plated, has good corrosion resistance, non-toxic, can be used as packaging material cans, inside and outside the cable sheath, telecommunications instrument parts, flashlight and other hardware.
Q:Tin plated tin plated?
Galvanized steel / strip is easy to retreat, the damage to the substrate is very small, but also to ensure the production of rust in the stamping process, you can use.
Q:How many kinds of tinplate are there? What is the code number?
Tinplate, also known as tin plated iron, is the common name for tin plated steel sheet. The English abbreviation is SPTE. It is a cold-rolled low carbon steel sheet or strip coated with commercially pure tin on both sides. Tin plays a major role in preventing corrosion and rusting. It will be the steel strength and formability and corrosion resistance of tin soldering, and beautiful appearance with a material, corrosion resistant, non-toxic, high strength and good ductility properties.
Q:Cookie with tinplate packaging has what advantage
Tinplate has obvious superiority compared with other packaging materials.
Q:What is the tin plated iron?
Galvanized iron. Daily necessities with tin. Such as boxes, pipes, etc..Tinplate: tin plated iron. Generally used in food packaging. Canned goods.
Q:What kind of metal material is tinplate? How much is the current price per ton?
Tinplate is a tin covered with tin, it is not easy to rust, also known as tin iron.
Q:Can you tell me how to deal with the recycling of tinplate?
General tinplate packaging waste, as long as the rust is not serious, can be converted into hardware products, to achieve the best use of materials. The consumption of tinplate in our country is relatively large (600 thousand tons / year), and 125 tons of tin packing waste can be recovered 1 tons of tin.
Q:How to open cans
A tin can be opened, the handle is separated, and the canned fruit can be clamped by the head, and the rotating knob and the tin can be opened. Remember, when you turn the knob, you can only rotate clockwise and turn counterclockwise clockwise.
Q:What details should I pay attention to when purchasing tinplate packing boxes?
Long engaged in procurement can know, when custom cans tends to care about is the first mold, mold it all if there is to say, if there is no mold that must face mold, mold cost is between the price of tin supplier are not much different from what. The key is really quantity.

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