Fine Real Shooting Double Polyester Fabric and Elegant Manual Zebra Blind Curtains

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Quality check:Strict production process with quality check one by one.

Function:sunscreen,blackout light bloking, heat insulation, noise reduction, UV-anti.

Material Available:

1.Best quality back color coated and silver coated polyester fabric full blackout roller blinds.

2.Best quality back chamois suede and 100% polyester fabric full blackout roller blinds.

3.Best quality surface gauze and 100% polyester fabric adjustable sunscreen blackout light filtering day and night zebra roller blinds.

4.Best quality 100% polyester fabric printed flower patterns semi blackout roller blinds.

5.Best quality cheap polyester fabric sunscreen semi blackout roller blinds.

6.Other produce:Pvc and aluminum venetian blinds;Pleated blinds;Elegant shangri-la roller blinds;Natrual solid bamboo roller blinds;Printed pattern bamboo sliding door.

The curtain is made of cloth, hemp, yarn, aluminum, wood and metal materials, with heat insulation and indoor light adjusting function. The curtain divided according to the material of cotton gauze, polyester cloth, polyester cotton, cotton blended, non-woven fabrics, different material, texture, color and pattern are combined to form the different style of curtains, curtains with different styles of interior design.

Control of the curtain is divided into manual and electric. Manual curtain including: manual silk bead rolling curtain, curtain, and wood blinds, manual organ curtain, Rome and so on. 

Window products type and scope of application:

Product name

scope specification




office building

100/150/200/250 (width) *250cm (height) to non-woven fabrics, polyester based, other customized according to customer requirements

 Curtains with Attached Valance


home, office building, plant

60/80/100/120/140/160*160cm to non-woven, polyester based, other customized according to customer requirements

 Curtains with Attached Valance



40/50/60/70/80/90/100*130cm to non-woven fabric, polyester based, other customized according to customer requirements

 Curtains with Attached Valance


home, office building

60/80/100/120/140/160*160cm to non-woven, polyester based, other customized according to customer requirements

Curtains with Attached Valance 



1. High impact resistance and stable over high temperature 
2. Raw materials are selected with Features: High temperatures, long life 
3. Crack resistance is one of Characteristic of our blinds components/accessories 
4. We have wide range of blinds accessories to meet demand 
5. Easy clean and operate
6. Any color available for our plastic components/accessories 
7. Competitive prices 
8.  Customized design for new order



Q1:How can I get the samples?

A1: We can send sample as your requirement to you to test freely But you must pay for postage . while the freight cost can be refundable after you place order next.

Q2:How long can I expect to get the sample?

A2:The samples will get ready for in 3-5days  and will be sent via express and arrive in 4-5 days.

large cargo:

Delievery time45-60days after confirm the order(the 20GP)or within 15-45 days(less than 500 pieces). 
We can supplyAccept the logo printed and also some design of yours.
PackingPacking method can according to your request.
shippmentDHL, TNT, UPS, FEDEX.
Free sampleWe can supply you free sample after you make the order of large cargo.


1. Total Control with The Wireless Controllers;
2. Automatic limit setting;
3. AC Powered 120/240V Electric Mains Power;

4. Super Slim installing head, 12mm only, it reduces the lights to get in from the spacing against the wall.

5. Buitl-in RF receiver, More than 50 meter distance remote control.

6.Beautify your rooms

7.Control your privacy 
8.Protect your furnishings 

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Plastic sheets
Q:How can I make a platform (board or sheet of hard plastic) that will attach/screw on to my tripod head?
I've made specialty 'adapters' for several tripods to correct lens focal length (in virtual tour productions), by making a slim molding from wood, that mimics the profile of the camera 'wedge' that locks down on the tripod. The wedge can be screwed into whatever 'shelf' material you want from there. That top is then removable, but still fairly secure, provided you don't overload it. Mine was easy with the table saw (for the angles), but perhaps you could make one with a hand saw? Good luck.
Q:Why do drummers put that plastic sheet in front of them when their like on stage?
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sintheta1=1/1.95sin35.3° theta1=17.2377°
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I've been skateboarding for seven years and should be able to answer it.
Q:I want to protect some valuable wine bottles labels from sun light. Does anyone know of clear UV sheets?
Spray it with acrylic wax
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Since I was born.
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it's just a moisture barrier. ya! be fine. duct tape to mount iffin you don't have the putty. which you can get a roll of at any auto parts store. re-speakers? the barrier does nothing. nothing short of it's own little enclosure will help those. and that's not always possible. -------- speakers are no better than their enclosures. w/o one, or wrong type, might as well hang it in mid air. but don't let that stop you. it's commonly done in doors. just sayin. i have, if the door skin is close to the magnet, afixed/glued 1/8 thick section of press board to the door skin. as much as it can, cuts down on the influence the door skin *may* have on the magnet.
Q:Sheet Music and Music Book Storage Options?
First, even with VAT and shipping, they are often cheaper than paying *import* prices for foreign editions. And get on a good Yahoo group for clarinetists - the FLUTENET one for flutist is great!

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