exterior brick panel siding wall panel VD100101-VDC109

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Vida faux brick wall panel is an ideal way to create the look and beauty of brick without the time, cost and long installation process of actual brick. Vida faux brick wall panel can enchance many types of residential and commerical projects. Easy to clean and easy to install. We can offer wall panels with many colors that look great and can dramatically turn your home or building around overnight wherever you are.


Specifications of Brick Wall Panel:




Brick (with embossed patterns)





Edge Type


Production Time




Overall Dimensions

112 cm wide*48cm high*2.2cm thick

Coverage Dimensions

100cm wide*45cm high

Brick Dimensions

19cm wide*6.5cm high


0.5264sq. m


Approx 3.0kg/sq. m

Exterior Use

Weather proof, near zero UV degradation

Main Accessories

Start strip, decorative strip, exterior corner, interior corner

Needed for installation

Nails for all plus plastic fasteners for start strip


Free sample, but freight collect


1. The weight are approximate, sometimes the raw material and the formulation differs.

2. For samples, we can at most offer one piece per design. We can cut small pieces if needed.

3. We have color chart for you to choose color. It may have a slight color difference for different batch.

4. Besides polypropylene, we have added some other special chemical accessory materials

to enhance wall panels with a very good weather resisting property (+60°C to -50°C)

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Q:What is a curtain wall?
A non bearing wall within a building.
Q:what colour is suit for my wall with cream curtain?
What colour are the rest of the things in the room? I would say a medium gray will be good....
Q:what curtain colour goes with medium pink walls with brown wooden furniture and one wall is dark pink?
Hi Payal, Color Curtains: Sheer lightweight fabric in White. Style: simple rod top or tab top. Length: 84 inches. I know that this may seem like a safe answer to your question. But in all honesty it is the best solution and will look perfect. You may need to consider a blind or window shade for underneath the curtains to provide you privacy. Choose a pure white curtain. Not off white or bone. The sheer white fabric will add some lightness to your room. The colors you have chosen for your room are very nice, and my favorites!
Q:what color curtain should i use for my bedroom with beige color walls and light wood color furniture?
Hey there! If you like earthy tones, I feel that you should go with lush chocolatey brown curtains. It will compliment the beige walls that have a slight brown tone to them as well as contrast with your lighter colored flooring. I also think it will go well with your dark red accents, especially at this time of year, burgundy, mossy greens, and browns are really in and look fantastic.
Q:How to take fire protection measures for high temperature welding of curtain wall
Then the use of fire, fire cloth laying under the splash of Mars. Do a piece of firebrock to block both sides and meet the welding construction distance, the workers with a protective protective equipment when the eyes, welder gloves, insulated shoes, the ground doing fire extinguishers, buckets, see fire people.
Q:Is it safe to hang a decorative curtain in front of a wall vent?
you can hang a curtain in front of an air vent, BUT --you ll have to buy one that has been treated with a fire retardant finish, also never hang a plastic curtain in front of it, most air vents do not put out enough heat to start a fire, but the hot air will discolor the curtain over time
Q:I have pink curtains, what do I color my walls?
It depends on your style, the room and the rest of your house: If your house is neutral, then you may want to opt for a soft cream. (stick to flat paints on any of these colors if you live in an older home because they will hide imperfections better). If you like trendy, pink and chocolate brown are a good combo. It is best to go with a shade that best matches the tone of the pink (the lightness or darkness / color saturation). If you like a little more adult look, try a light charcoal gray. It will make the room look more tailored. This may not be the best option if you have a lot of frilly items in your room because it is a little more refined. Also, may not be the best choice if the room is dark to begin with. Finally, if you would like to go a little more adventurous, try a Tiffany box blue or aqua. It could go anywhere from classic Miami chic to cutting edge depending on the shade you choose and your furniture and accessories. If you go this route and you want to make it more modern than retro, find some darker saturated pink and blue/aqua accessories to scatter around the room such as vases or art pieces. No matter what you choose, have fun with it. Afterall, it is just paint, so you can easily change it up. Good luck! :)
Q:Will the curtain wall glass warranty period is generally a few years?
Curtain wall warranty period of two years, waterproof for 5 years; curtain wall structure of the useful life of not less than 25 years. As for the curtain wall tempered glass, blasting rate of not more than three thousandths, after hot-dip treatment does not exceed one thousandth.
Q:Curtain Rod not Staying in Wall?
Take it down and polifill the hole.Then go to the hard ware store and get a bigger wall stud and another anchor.By doing this you will distribute the weight of the curtain rod better.then put it back and it should stay.
Q:What glass is the glass curtain wall for building buildings?
The glass curtain wall of the modern high-rise building adopts the insulating glass which is filled with the dry glass or the inert gas by the combination of the mirror glass and the ordinary glass, and the insulating glass has two layers and three layers. The two layers of insulating glass are sealed by two layers of glass Frame, forming a sandwich space;

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