Engine Dozer/160HP Bulldozer (SD6G)

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Product Description:

Engine  Dozer/160HP Bulldozer  (SD6G)

Product Details

Basic Info.

Model NO.:SD6G


Type:Medium-Sized Dozer

Walking Mode:Crawler


Load and Unload Method:Earthmoving

Certification:CE, ISO9001: 2000



Engine:Shangchai Engine


Export Markets:Global

Additional Info.



Packing:Nude Packing

Standard:CE, ISO9001



HS Code:84291190


Production Capacity:100units/Month

Product Description

SD6G bulldozer is 160 horsepower track-type dozer with hydraulic direct drive, semi-rigid suspended and hydraulic controls. 

It is equipped with Shangchai C6121 diesel engine manufactured under Caterpillar license. The engine has the characteristics of big torque reserve coefficient and capacity against over-load. The torque converter is a hydro-mechanical converter whose power is divided outside, which has the characteristics of wide high efficiency range. 

Steering and braking can be controlled with the same control lever. Braking system utilizes hydraulic boosting structure, which is convenient and labor-saving. 

The final drive gear has the characteristics of large displacement coefficient value. This kind of design raises bearing capacity and prolongs the useful time. 

The final drive also utilizes the structure that its bearing clearance is free of adjustment, which is convenient for service. The equalizer bar utilizes free lubricating structure to decrease service cost.

General Specifications
BladeStraight and Tilting
Operation weight:(kg)16500(without ripper)
Ground pressure:(kpa)55.23
Track gauge (mm)1880
Min. ground clearance:(mm)445
Dozing capacity:(m3)4.5
Blade width:(mm)3297
Max. digging depth:(mm)592
Overall dimensions:(L×W×H)(mm)5037×3297×3077
Undercarriage System
Type:Swing type of sprayed beam. Suspended structure of equalizer bar
Number of track rollers (each side)7
Number of carrier rollers (each side)2
Pitch (mm)203
Width of shoe (mm)560

1st            2nd3rd
Forward (Km/h)0-4.00-6.90-10.9
Backward (Km/h)0-4.80-8.40-12.9
Engine Name:Shangchai C6121ZG55
Rated revolution:(rpm)1900
Flywheel power:(kw/HP)119/162
Rated fuel consumption:(g/kw.h)≤215
Implement Hydraulic System
Max. system pressure:(Mpa)15.5
System output:(L/min)178
Pump type:Gears pump
Driving System
Torque converter:Outside separating combination
Transmission:Planetary, power shift transmission with three speeds forward and three speeds reverse, speed and direction can be quickly shifted.
Steering clutch:Multiple-disc oil power metallurgy disc compressed by spring, hydraulic operated
Braking clutch:Brake is oil two direction floating band brake operated by mechanical foot pedal.
Final drive:The final drive is double reduction with spur gear and segment sprocket.

Engine  Dozer/160HP Bulldozer  (SD6G)

Engine  Dozer/160HP Bulldozer  (SD6G)

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Q:If you found yourself on a bulldozer, and saw the Welcome to Detroit sign in front of you,?
Go ahead of the sign and bulldoze abandoned homes that are in REALLY bad condition. Many homes and businesses have wonderful architecture that should never be destroyed.
Q:A bulldozer does 72,000 J of work in 48 seconds. How much power does the bulldozer use?
Power is the rate at which energy is expended. Power = energy / time 72,000 J / 48 s = 1,500 J/s By definition, a Watt is one Joule per second 1,500 J/s = 1,500 W = 1.5 kW --- There used to be a power unit called the Horsepower (HP); however, there were different definitions of Horsepower (depending if one was talking of mechanical power, electrical power, or whatever else). In Watts, the different Horsepower go from roughly 735 W to 750 W. If we take 1 HP = 750 W, then 2 HP = 1,500 W
Q:How can i get rust off my bulldozer?
Yes. Phosphoric acid will remove rust and is a good base for paint. Car accessory stores sell it (Jenolite in the UK).
Q:Is this AMD cpu a true 6 core?
Very poorly.... AMD processors are in basic terms low priced substitutes for Intel, for people who don't understand or do not care approximately overall performance. additionally AMD helps their processors to run at ninety to ninety 5% potential, with a view to be waiting to sell quicker clock speeds (GHZ). That bills for larger temperatures and the processor being greater uncovered to failure. Intel protects their processors via proscribing the clock velocity (GHz) nicely bellow what the processor can quite handle (seventy 5 to eighty% tops). This leads to diminish temperatures and greater stable overall performance for Intel. in fact, that AMD is in basic terms a twin center processor with 4 processing threads, yet on the grounds that AMD has literary redefined the definition of a processor center, they promote it as a quad center. additionally, in basic terms thoroughly uneducated human beings could choose a processor via its clock velocity (GHz). The quad center Intel i5 is lots greater effective.
Q:A bulldozer drags a log weighing 500N along a surface. A cable is attached and makes a 30 degree angle ground?
A bunch. Do the math and finish school using your own brains. We got through it you can too.
Q:Why has McCain/Palin turned the "Straight Talk Express" into the "Straight Out Lies Bulldozer"?
Because Americn people ( the little people) arent as dumb as most of us look. It is always good in the beginning to most, but in time, the rallies begin to unfold and the truth comes out , always . But I will tell you this, because all americans put their faith in this administration, only to be taken advantage of ( tax dollars) americans will not stand for another 4 years of the Bush syndrome, that includes whites, blacks, asians, etc. It will be an uprising, but not race against race, but............... you figure it out.
Q:How about the AMD bulldozer?
Hardware theory is very good, but the actual life of software support is too little, the optimization is not good, can not play all the performance, or buy Intel bar, at least stability, good optimization.
Q:is it illegal to touch abandoned bulldozers?
they still belong to someone. if they aren't yours, leave them alone.
Q:Are bulldozers part of the motor vehicle?
But the agricultural sector approval issued national standard "please refer to the People's Republic of China classification of power driven vehicles and trailers", Standard No. GB15089-2001. This should be the most authoritative! Here's a web blackboard introduction
Q:A Maths Question, Please help me ASAP!?
Using 2 bulldozers would cut the amount of time it takes 1 bulldozer to move the soil in half, so to find how long it would take 1 bulldozer to move the soil you have to take 9 plus 9 and get 18. Using three bulldozers would take 1/3 of the time it would 1 bulldozer to move the soil. If it takes 1 bulldozer 18 hours then you would divide that by 3 and get 6. So it would take 3 bulldozers 6 hours. Everyone else is wrong. Why would it take 3 bulldozers more time to move the soil than 2?

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