Egg Roll Fry Machine for Home Use

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Product Description:

This is a very popular magical snack machine all over the world. It can toast all kinds of snacks and fry eggs!

Make it by yourself, choose food materials, put them into the machine, connect power, wait several minutes with red light and green light conversion one to two times, then fully cooked food will rise from the machine.



Item No.





Product name

Toaster (Egg frying machine)

People might call it egg master, egg cup, egg boiler, food processor, breakfast machine.



Home use, toast all kinds of foods

Design mainly for frying eggs, it can also toast all kinds of foods.


Cooking time

Within 10 minutes

Be different among different foods.


Main creative

After fully cooked, food can auto rise from the grill tube; bottom plug can be departed.

Bottom sealed, steam push food rise.


Main component material

Housing: PP, grill tube: aluminum painted with non-stick coating.

Non-stick coating has passed sanitary inspection, it is same with electric rice cooker.


Grill tube dimension

Bore: 32 mm diameter, 180mm height.

2 eggs at most or other food with same volume.


Heating method

Heating wire embrace outside wall of the grill tube heating

Save the trouble to cook the food from one side to another side by using frying pan.



220V or 110V

Can be customized.




Can be adjusted according to customer’s requirement.


Power socket

8 type or plum blossom end socket

Can be customized.


Product dimension

235mm height, top 80mm diameter, bottom 90 mm diameter


Product net weight


0.8Kg with packing materials



1  auxiliary rod + 1 cleaning brush + 5 bamboo sticks + 1 power cord + 1 user manual + 1 recipe


Color box size

133×97× 245 mm

1 unit in 1 color box with full set of accessories.


Carton size

600×410×270 mm

18 units 1 carton


Carton net weight

12.1 Kg


Carton gross weight

13.2 Kg


Container full load qty.

8000 units for 20GP, 15000 units for 40GP, 17000 units for 40HQ.


Delivery period

20 days


Patents acquired

Utility model and outlook design



China CCC, Korea KC


Product usage method

Clean before use, unlock the plug, pull it out, clean the product with cleaning brush, add cleaning liquid if necessary, then rinse. After cleaning, put back the plug, lock it.

Connect power, let the machine preheat, when red light turns to green light, it means preheating finish.

After preheating, you can add oil. Suggest using auxiliary rod to help, pour some oil onto the small round plate, then take it into the tube and move up and down several times, the oil will be even on the inside wall. You can also try oil free, but it might cause the food not rise. Our bottom can be taken away, in this case, you can easily take the food out.

Put egg or other food into the grill tube, this step is based on your creation, you can try egg, powder, rice powder, glutinous rice powder, corn powder, cereal grain powder, meat, vegetables, fruits and all kinds of sauce.

Note: Don’t add full of the tube, the upper side should be 3cm lower than the tube, because the food will expand after heating. If you fry eggs, don’t stir the eggs, this will add too much air into the eggs and the eggs will rise quickly, it might be still raw.


After adding food, next is waiting. Time is not long, just several minutes.

Note: During this process, when the first time red light turns to green light, the food might not be fully cooked, and it won’t rise. When the green light turns to red light again, the food is now fully cooked, and it will rise. If some foods need longer time, you can repeat this process.

It’s time to witness the miracle, delicious food will automatically rise from the machine. It’s a surprise.

After use, remember to clean the machine. The clean method has written above. Note don’t put the whole machine into water, just little water is ok.


Different kinds of choice

This product can make one delicious food one time, if you have a family of three, who eat first might be a problem, be harmonious is important, we suggest you buy one more this machine, our product has many kinds of colors, you can choose whatever you like. We also have 2 in 1 one unit.



Features and advantages

This product has acquired utility model and outlook design patents. Two main contents protected by the utility model patent are heating system and bottom departable design.

The heating system is using special equipment to bend 40 circles heating wires outside the 18cm height grill tube, meanwhile, adopts double – insulated technology to insure more uniform heating, higher heat efficiency and safer. Many like products in the market generally use spiral metal heating tube, due to one line contact area between heating tube and grill tube, heat conduction efficiency is low, it must increase power. Increasing power will make the housing hot, the product inside should add insulated foam, and add silicon insulated cover outside the housing, insulated foam will give off bad smells, and the housing cover will effect outlook and is not good for cleaning.

The power of the like products in the market is generally 210W, ours is 140W, 1/3 lower than the like ones. Silicon insulated cover outside the housing and insulated foam needless, so our size is smaller, weight is lighter.

You can see whether our outlook design is good or not.


 Accessories, package and guarantee

The product accessories and package is as below, please check carefully when you got the goods. The guarantee is one year, any quality problem within one year, you can send back to factory and repair, we bear double trip express fees.





Q1: How do you care for your kitchen appliances?

A: Keep good Ventilation indoor. Open the doors of the kitchen appliances, if not. There will be some mildew on cutting board and other kitchenware, because the water vapor can not evaporate easily.

Keep clean of all the appliances. Each kitchen has its special cleaning fluid,please go to Kitchen cleaning stores buy some clean them on time.


Q2: Which one do you use the most of kitchen appliances?

A: Assuming you mean small appliances .I say too many! At one time we would buy every one that came along; including a hot dog machine, pizza maker, elec. carving knife, elec., toaster oven,. Most have been garaged sale (sold) or are stored in the garage. Most used; coffee maker, microwave, blender and mini food processor. OK?


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