Eco Solvent Inkjet Printing Reflective Sticker Material Reflective Film

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Product Description:

1. Description of Plastic Reflective Materials

Materials: PVC, PET, PMMA(Acrylic) etc.

Types: Micro Prismatic, Glass bead etc.

Final Product: reflective sheet, reflective film, reflective sticker, reflective tape, reflective TC cloth etc.

Application: Outdoor advertisement, Temporary traffic signs, Car license film etc.

Pattern: Plain, Honeycomb, Triangle etc.

Features: Inkjet printing, UV printing Silk screen, Letter cutting, Metallized, seamless, Compression molding etc.




Durability: one year, 3-5 years, 10 years etc.


2. Specification of Plastic Reflective Materials 

PET 3100

120g release paper+ 100 micrron film

 untearable, easy operation, easy cutting, can be silk screen printed by PET type ink

Acrylic 3200

120g /140g release paper+100 micrron film 

good quality in surface, tearable, good effect for silk screen printing.

White Printable

120g release paper +160 micrron film 

Un-tearable, easy operation, for eco solvent printing, good ink obsorbation.

3. Images of Plastic Reflective Materials

Eco Solvent Inkjet Printing Reflective Sticker Material Reflective Film

Eco Solvent Inkjet Printing Reflective Sticker Material Reflective Film

Eco Solvent Inkjet Printing Reflective Sticker Material Reflective Film

4. Packaging & Shipping Plastic Reflective Materials

All the single product will be packaged in a hard paper tube to prevent bruising and scratch, 25 rolls in one pallet, 500 rolls in one container.

Optional packaging is provided. When you send us an enquiry, please tell us the packing method you prefer or we can give you the suggestion


We have our own factory with mold production workshop:

Same design, better quality; Same quality, better price; Same price, better after-sale service.


Quality control: we execute strictly according to ISO9001:2001 quality control system, with experienced technician help us reduce the defective percentage effectively, control the quality.

Delivery on time: Professional machine, excellent technology, experienced workers, good management ensure us delivery on time.

After-sale service: We believe order is not the end of enquiry, conversely, after-sale is the beginning of contraction. We pay attention to customer’s experience, hope to establish long-term cooperative relationship.

Various Style & Capacity, suitable for customers' demand

 We can do OEM&ODM, produce according to your original sample or pictures or artwork


5. FAQ of Plastic Reflective Materials

Q: How to get a quotation and start business relationship with your company?

     A: Please send us email and our sales representive will contact you as soon as we receive your email. 

Q: How to receive a price quotaion in the shortest time?

     A: When you send us an enquiry, please kindly make sure all the details, such as the mateiral, product size, surface treatment and packaging are mentioned. 

Q: How to start a custom project with your company?

     A: Please send us your design drawings or original samples so that we can offer a quotation first. If all details are confirmed, we will arrange the sample making.

Q: What types of payment terms do you accept?

     A: Currently, the payment terms we accept are T/T (30% before production, 70% against B/L copy) and irrevocable L/C at sight.

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