Earth pressure balance shield machine

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It cuts soil by the rotary cutter, the cut soil entering sealing soiltank, where the soil pressure inside keeps balance with the soil of the workingsurface, so as to control the surface subsidence effectively. The screwconveyor and leather conveyor carry out the soil continuously, and the segmentmachine supports and builds the wall, the entire surface of tunnel forms duringone time. The earth pressure balance shield machine is a set of tunnelconstruction equipment combined by mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, sensingand informatics technology, including characteristics of high efficiency,safety and reliable and high quality. It is widely used in tunnel projects suchas water conservancy, electricity, transportation and municipal pipelines. Itowns the fabrication capacity for different diameters from 3.5 to 15 meters.

Performance and parameters(take Chinese city subway’s normal cave diameter for instance)

Excavation diameter: Φ6.18m      

Host length:8.64m    

Moving forwardspeed: 100mm/min    

Driving power:550kw

Cutter speed:0-1.42rpm

Maximum torque:7300kN-m

Shield thrust:38500kN

Articulationangle: ±2⁰
Excavated volume of screw machine: 300m3/h

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