Deep-sea diving with high concentrations of hydraulic pressure oxygen bomb

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as a kind of ideal combustion gases, widely used in the welding and cutting.Because the oxygen tank is a kind of combustion compressed gas mobile containers, high pressure, loading and unloading transportation frequently, using the environment, tends to make the use of oxygen bomb is in a state of insecurity, in the event of a cylinder explosion accident, caused huge losses to the people's life and property.
A, exist in the use and management on the oxygen tank mainly the following concerns:
1. Super JianYanQi filling.Medical oxygen cylinders GB5099 standard and the original labor department "gas cylinder safety supervision regulations".Oxygen bomb valid for 15 years, 3 years compulsory inspection time, inspection qualified rear can use.Its purpose is to timely find out the safety status of oxygen bomb, defects and hidden trouble in time to avoid accidents.But currently in use in the oxygen bomb super JianYanQi filling phenomenon is relatively serious, for use in security brought serious hidden dangers.
2. Attachment damage and loss.Oxygen bomb accessories of cylinder valves, hand wheel, bottle caps and shock aprons.Bottle cap is to prevent the cylinder valve is in the process of handling the impact and damage, and even make the gas be broken off high speed jet, push cylinder valves and casualty caused by the handwheel high-speed flying forward.Shockproof circle is in order to prevent the cylinder from the impact of a protective device that requires a certain thickness and elasticity.The gas cylinder safety supervision regulations "stipulates that the transport and loading and unloading of the cylinder, the good must be installed with helmets.But in actual use oxygen tank accessories complete rarely, most no bottle caps, hand wheel, cylinder valves scarred, knocked the stem bending, or even serious distortion, bring a serious threat to the safe use.
3. The sun exposure.The gas cylinder safety supervision regulations "regulation, transport cylinders, should prevent insolation when used in summer.Because the oxygen tank volume is limited, medium temperature exposure can make the bottle, the tension in the bottle, make the cylinders in critical condition.Some users in transit sunshade measures were not taken, when using the oxygen tank in summer sun exposure.Especially summer road temperature often reached more than 40 degrees, if the shortcomings of a cylinder, filling or excessive impact each other, it is possible to explosion accidents.
4. The safe distance is not enough.The gas cylinder safety supervision regulations "regulation, oxygen tanks must be 10 metres away from open flame, when using storage when it is strictly prohibited and acetylene bottles of room to store.Many users have to ignore the request, there is a welding operation when oxygen tank from welding point enough distance of 10 meters, the phenomenon of oxygen cylinder, acetylene bottles of room to store.Once the cylinder gas leakage, fire explosion to come, will cause irreparable damage.
5. Rough handling.Transport and use of rough handling of the phenomenon is very common, such as short distance transportation, the oxygen tank down hard, then go rolling on the ground;Vehicles don't fixed in mind, when the cylinder collide with each other, push down directly from the vehicle and so on.Such as an oxygen plant use shipment oxygen tank car to an enterprise, when unloading pushing oxygen bomb under the impact to the other cylinders, caused an explosion of the two cylinders at the same time.
6, super.Oxygen bomb when filling super due to violation of procedures or operating errors, makes the pressure inside the bottle, and more than the allowable stress, too much plastic deformation and exploded in the last.
Second, the safe usage of oxygen bottles shall abide by the following:
In order to ensure the security of the use of oxygen bomb, the state has promulgated the "regulations of gas cylinder safety supervision, the dissolved acetylene gas cylinder safety supervision regulations" permanent gas cylinder filling sets "and other laws and regulations and standards, the oxygen tank in the design, fabrication, inspection, filling and use have made scientific and clear rules.
1. The use of oxygen bottles must be national fixed-point manufacturers.A new bottle must have a certificate of approval and boiler pressure vessel inspection certificate issued by the department of safety supervision.
2. The oxygen tank must be regular inspection by the regulation.It is strictly prohibited to cylinder filling process are.
3. The oxygen tank prohibited contact with grease.The operator can't wear oil too much work clothes, can't use hand gloves, oil and oil tools contact oxygen tank and its accessories.

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